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Robert Hammond got 34.5% of the vote in 2010, when he ran for the 69th Assembly District as the Republican nominee.  Incumbent Jose Solorio blew him out with 65.5% of the vote, according to Smart Voter.  Undeterred, Hammond is at it again this year.  This time he is running for the Orange County Board of Education, Area One, after he quit the race for the 69th Assembly District.  I believe he is also running for the 69th Assembly District OC GOP Central Committee.

Hammond has centered his campaign around gay-bashing.  He has an incomplete campaign website, and you can click here to see his Facebook page.

Hammond was recently revealed as the key vote in denying the OC GOP endorsement to U.S. Rep. John Campbell, even though Campbell had graciously endorsed Hammond.  That makes Hammond an honorary Agranista, as Campbell is running against liberal Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang.  Click here to read about this.

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16 thoughts on “Who is Robert Hammond?”
  1. “[D]angerous left-wing labor hack Julio Perez”

    Is this just because he has held Jose Solorio’s feet to the fire over the years, or is there another lesser crime to consider? I love the phrase, though; I may start using the acronym. Don’t ever come back down from over the top, Artmin!

  2. Latino is White according to the Census. Let me check I think I still got one of the forms here.

    …… ///// ……

    question 8 asks if you are Latino with 3 sub cat’s and a write in cat.

    question 9 asks what is your race and Latino is not one of the choices.

  3. LOL cook, here is nice article about the root-canal Q8 and Q9 for Dr. Amalgam.

    This is all socialist-liberal-progressive-communistic and bolshevist’s crapola.

    That is why I have developed a substitute test for the obvious commenting racists and haters here, who themselves scream racism and hate, to show how racist they are and to make them stop intimidating and stigmatizing others; like: “you are anti-Semitic” what a Jewish crapola that is.

  4. Yep, the government people stress over the smallest things. If you go back into the past you can see the same issue as to Irish and others.

    Life goes on.

  5. “If you go back into the past you can see the same issue as to Irish and others”…… Hmmmmmm

    Sure, but then you dint have to press #1 when dialing to speak English on the phone.

    1. You know Fiala that this country almost ended up being a German speaking country. There was a vote among the early settlers and the German backers missed by uno…

  6. “You know Fiala that this country almost ended up being a German speaking country”…… Hmmmmm

    But it did not!

    California could have being Mexico too but then we wouldn’t have Silicon Vally and PCs and iPhones.

    It would be same no man’s land as is Baja California with thousands of headless bodies laying around.

    If there wouldn’t be for Hernán Cortés, you would still running around in feathers.

    There is old Bohemian cliche, freely translated as follows: “If the fish could swim in the ass there wouldn’t be need for the fishpond”.

    I do not thing that it is prudent for Americans to listen 30 sec. of Spanish crapola every tine you dial the phone.

    Multiply it by 300M of people and you will see how much time is wasted in America just to accommodate Latinos.

    All that bilingualism adds to the non productivity and the poverty.

    May be soon we all will be speaking Chines!

  7. “The French are paying the price for their occupation of many Arab and African countries”…… Hmmmmm

    The issue is that, if you want to be French behave like one and leave your culture in Arabia and Africa.

    So should Latinos!

    What is a purpose of the emigrating if you bring with you your self defeating non-prosperous culture?

    You just change one pissing-ground for the other.

    1. But we do Fiala. You know that. Children of Mexican immigrants, who are raised here, become Americans. Quickly. By the third generation their ability to speak Spanish is usually gone. They are assimilating just as the Irish and the Italians did.

      But that is no reason to lose their culture. Besides, Americans love our food. And our women. Just look at who you married Fiala – a Mexican!

  8. “But that is no reason to lose their culture. Besides, Americans love our food. And our women. Just look at who you married Fiala – a Mexican!”


    The Mexican beer is German and Czech (Bohemia), the Banda music is is German and Czech (umpa pa pa)

    Virtually everything which you consider to be your culture came from the Europe, except for feathers.

    That is why I have married a girl from the Austrian-Hungarian empire via the Habsburg Maximiliano.


    1. It is true that Germans settled in Mexico, in Ensenada if I recall, where they ran a casino and introduced their music and beer to Mexico. But Mexican culture includes corn and tortillas, chilis, cocoa (which the Aztecs brewed into the nectar of the Gods) and their own dance – ballet folklorico, and much much more.

      The French did leave behind many ideas that also were influential – I suspect they had a lot to do with our pan dulce.

      But Fiala you come from a country, Czechoslovakia, that was conquered by EVERYONE. Is there any true Bohemian culture after all that?

  9. “Is there any true Bohemian culture after all that?”…. Hmmmmm


    My native language is still Czech and not German or Russian however your Aztec language is gone!

    As I told you many times it was Czech king who stopped the expansion of Mongolians in Europe in battle of Vienna.

    You have been conquered by EVERYONE Admin, especially by biggest losers from Europe like Spain which is as broke as is Mexico.

    Czech and Germans must fiance these Latino losers over there, same as Anglos must here.

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