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  1. One of Santa Ana’s most famous residents celebrated in Song

    The “Flying Irish Man”
    Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan celebrated in Song-for Irish American Heritage Month

    Corrigan Brothers, the Irish Band whose international hit “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” has reached ten million you tube hits and charted all over the world have written a song to celebrate Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan. Lead singer Ger Corrigan explained the inspiration for the song “ every Corrigan gets called “wrong way” at some stage in their life and we suspect that Douglas Corrigan always intended to fly to Ireland and his story was a ruse to avoid the strict regulations of the time, he perhaps should be renamed “Right Way” Corrigan. We are currently researching our family tree and are confident of finding a link to Douglas. Corrigan Brothers are currently recording their second album “Our Favourite Irish Songs” and will begin a world tour in October 2013.




    Wrongway Corrigan they called him
    Wrong Way Corrigan
    He didn’t mind the nickname
    Coz he had it planned
    Why fly to California
    When it took the same time
    To Fly across to Ireland
    And see the Emerald Isle

  2. Hi Cynthia Lambert transgender female Santa Ana California my address in 1600 West Memory Ln. apartment number 106 I have been searching for a church that is transgender friendly to us transgender females who have went from male to female I don’t have a way of getting around too much of an electric wheelchair but I have braces that I can use bars walk I think my biggest question is do you all provide transportation to you all the church for transgender females I thank you that you all are there and listed for transgender females like me Cynthia Jane Lambert who is a transgender female which is me if you do provide transportation would you please call me at telephone number 714-805-4698 I would surely appreciate it sincerely miss Cynthia Jane Lambert transgender female.

  3. Heard some reliable info about why the red light camera program was truly terminated…..A little birdie said that a couple of SA city council members got caught running red lights….When they called the SAPD to see how to “take care” of the tickets (and you know what I mean), they were told to show up to court on the date given as everyone else does…Apparently, they didn’t like the SAPD response and worked towards terminating the program……I am pretty sure that the traffic division can confirm that info…..

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  4. Hello I’m Aimee and I lost my job 2 years ago and my husband lost his job a month ago and we been homeless ever since that day . We sleep in the park every night with our kids emma 6 yrs old and Michael 7 yrs old and Rachel 11 yrs old. They all cry when mommy will we have a warm bed to sleep on and a roof over our heads and warm food to eat ? I can’t answer the right answer to my children. We are homeless and .suffering more then we can handle. Help us both get jobs so we can get our first apartment. We rented rooms before and now we want to get stable jobs and give our kids a stable environment and home they could call home. Can you help us get into transitional housing and Hut and find jobs and childcare so we could both hold a stable job. To top it off I am pregnant. Please open your heart and doors to our family of 5…bless you and thank you ahead of time…..

  5. FROM: Dr. Tom Staszewski, Teacher Advocate & Public School Proponent

    RE: OP ED: Teachers Deserve Thanks, NOT Blame

    Please consider placing this article on your website or in
    your member newsletter. A PRO-Teacher, PRO Public Schools
    OP ED column I wrote, thank you:


    by Dr. Tom Staszewski tomstasz@neo.rr.com

    As our public schools begin another school year, it’s time to stop blaming and
    criticizing teachers and start thanking and acknowledging them.

    Our schools reflect society, and society has undergone a dramatic shift from
    previous generations. A typical classroom today consists of many students with
    severe behavioral problems, limited knowledge of English usage, emotional and
    psychological difficulties, learning disabilities and attention-deficit
    disorders. And many suffer from abuse and other adverse home and socioeconomic

    Unlike previous generations, many parents today send their kids to school unfed,
    unprepared and with little or no basic skills nor social skills. In many
    neighborhoods, it’s the school building, not the child’s home, that provides a
    safe, secure and predictable haven. Despite these societal problems, we need to
    focus on the success stories of what’s right with our schools rather than what’s
    wrong with our schools.

    In my previous work as a motivational speaker and professional development
    trainer, I have personally worked with thousands of teachers nationwide. I have
    found them to be caring, hardworking, dedicated, industrious and sincerely
    committed to the success of their students.

    Teachers’ duties have now grown to the added dimensions of counselor, mentor,
    coach, resource person, mediator, motivator, enforcer and adviser.
    Instead of acknowledging that teaching is a demanding profession, critics will
    often focus on the supposedly shortened workday of teachers. Still others claim,
    “Yes, teachers are busy, but at least they get a planning period each day to
    help get things done.” In reality, the so-called planning period is really a
    misnomer. A typical teacher is so involved with the day’s activities that
    usually there is no time to stop and plan. Those minutes that are supposed to be
    devoted to planning are often filled with endless amounts of paperwork,
    meetings, interruptions, schedule changes, extra assigned duties, phone calls,
    conferences, gathering missed work for absent students, completing forms,
    submitting required data and on and on. Maybe they call it a planning period,
    because there’s NO time left for planning…period!

    Most teachers leave the building long after the students’ dismissal time and
    usually with plenty of paperwork and tests to correct. Evenings are spent
    reviewing homework assignments and planning for the next day of teaching.

    In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate/license,
    once teachers begin to work in the classroom, they need to immediately continue
    their own education. During summertime, they are constantly updating their
    education, earning a graduate degree or two and making sure their teaching
    certificates are active and valid.

    Too many people have the mistaken notion that anyone can teach. They think that
    they could teach because they have seen other people teach. Yet, when looking at
    other professions and occupations, these same people understand that they can’t
    perform those jobs. They may have briefly seen the
    cockpit of an airplane, but they don’t assume they can fly it. They may have
    spent an hour in a courtroom but don’t believe that they can practice law. They
    certainly don’t think they are able to perform surgery.

    Every day, teachers are making a significant difference. At any given moment,
    teachers are influencing children in positive and meaningful ways. Many societal
    problems exist, such as violence, drugs, broken homes, poverty, economic crises
    and a variety of other woes. Teachers struggle with the turmoil of society while
    trying to offset the negative influences outside of school. As they roll up
    their sleeves and take strides to improve the lives of their students, teachers
    are the real heroes.

    Today’s teacher is more than a transmitter of knowledge; the demands of the
    profession are ever-increasing. Many parents and taxpayers have an expectation
    that a school system should be the do all and be all in their children’s lives.
    Some parents have a notion that they can drop off their child at the schoolhouse
    door, and behold, 12 years later, they will be able to pick up a perfect
    specimen of a human being — well-rounded, academically proficient, emotionally
    sound, physically fit and ready to meet the next phase of life.

    But we know that teachers cannot do it alone. A sound, safe and secure home life
    is essential. An effort on the parent’s part to prepare the child for school is
    vital. And parental involvement that results in a partnership in the child’s
    development is necessary. When that doesn’t occur, then it’s easy to scapegoat
    the classroom teacher.

    As the school year begins, our public schools welcome everyone. The
    individual classroom teacher is faced with dozens and dozens of human beings
    who come to school in varying degrees of ability, potential, maturity,
    motivation levels, and readiness to learn. Students arrive with a tremendous
    amount of baggage, with various health and nutrition factors, family
    issues, neighborhood influences and differing socioeconomic levels.

    In today’s climate of high stakes testing, business leaders and
    politicians continue to demand better results with data driven assessments
    and test scores. It is important to realize that the classroom is not a
    factory floor where uniformity and precise precision can be molded into just
    one final finished product. Unlike the manufacturing arena, teachers don’t
    select the raw materials (students). All are welcome as teachers strive to
    meet and serve all levels and all kinds of students. Test results will always
    vary from low to high ranges because schools are dealing with human beings with
    varying degrees of potential. The school is not an assembly line that can
    mass-produce exact templates of finished products meeting the same exact
    predetermined standard.

    Instead of bashing our teachers, we should be conveying recognition, accolades,
    tributes and positive acknowledgments. Teachers deserve a sincere thank-you for
    the tremendous benefits they provide society. And that’s why my all-time
    favorite bumper sticker offers a profound and important declaration: “If you can
    read this … thank a teacher!”

    In our schools today, there are thousands of success stories waiting to be told
    and there’s a need to proclaim those successes proudly and boldly. Teachers
    should stand tall and be proud of their chosen profession. Critics should not
    judge them unfairly. Together, let’s become teacher advocates and show
    admiration for the inspiring and important life-changing work they do.

    DR. TOM STASZEWSKI, a former middle school teacher, lives in Erie with his wife,
    Linda. He recently retired after a 35-year career in higher education
    administration. Doctorate from University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of
    “Total Teaching: Your Passion Makes it Happen” (tomstasz@neo.rr.com).

    Erie Times News, Erie PA OP ED Column August 30, 2015

    Tom Staszewski
    150 East 36th Street
    Erie, PA 16504


    Teachers deserve thanks, not blame: Tom Staszewski – GoErie.com …
    Aug 30, 2015 … As our public schools begin another school year, it’s time to
    stop blaming and criticizing teachers and start thanking and acknowledging them.

  6. I am an associate board member of the SA Historical Preservation Society. I wanted to let you know that the time for our open houses has been changed to 11:00am-3:00 pm. The next one will be held on Sat., April 2nd. Louise Hoffman

  7. Hello,

    Have you heard the news about how SAUSD has just gave back half the jobs you reported were gonna get cut?

    I will assume you haven’t, since there is no story about it. I would hate to think you knew about it and did not report for other reasons.

  8. Hi Art….I have been hearing from people in town that the city has been failing to pay vendors for their services in excess of 90 days. Allegedly, there are only a couple of employees working the bills with and out-of-date computer program. I heard that police wasn’t able to the gas at places where the have agreements with the city, because lack of payment over several months. Have you heard anything? Thanks.

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  10. You ran an article about how people should purchase life insurance instead of depending on GoFundMe to pay for funeral and personal expenses. Sometimes families don’t get what they ask for in donations and that is why it is important for people to purchase life insurance. Funeral expenses have doubled since the pandemic and there are two different expenses, one the funeral home and the second cemetery expense.

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