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Victims Denounce District Attorney’s Response to Dekraai Case

Victims Applaud Spitzer for his Support

In honor of the victims: Victoria Buzzo, David Caouette, Laura Elody, Randy Fannin, Michele Fast, Michelle Fournier, Lucia Kondas, Hattie Stretz and Christy Wilson.

(Orange County, CA) — In response to the recent statement made by District Attorney’s Chief of Staff Susan Krang Schroeder that, “Spitzer is running for D.A. on the graves of eight murdered people,” (A Fight They Won’t Take On, Supervisors Hesitant to Act Against D.A. Over Dekraai Case Orange County Register, March 2015) families of Dekraai’s victims stepped forward to denounce the callous and insensitive remarks made on behalf of the District Attorney.

“Finally someone is bold enough to stand up to defend our rights as victims. We appreciate that Todd Spitzer has spoken on our behalf to draw public attention to the way that we have been neglected and mistreated by the District Attorney’s Office,” said Paul Wilson, the husband of shooting victim Christy Wilson, 47. “The sarcastic and demeaning comment made by Schroeder referring to someone dancing on my murdered family member’s grave is hard to hear. It was completely disrespectful and reflective of the lack of respect and empathy that the victims’ families have received when working with this DA. It’s just plain wrong.”

“I’m completely hurt and insulted to wake up and read the paper this morning to find Susan Schroeder referring to my father’s life as a grave for Todd Spitzer to use as a campaign forum. Extremely hurtful when you’re standing in my shoes. For the sake of the other seven families and the rest of my family I truly hope they missed that article, very saddening,” said Paul Caouette whose father, David Caouette was murdered by Dekraai.

Dekraai is on trial for killing his ex-wife and seven innocent victims at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach in 2011, and potentially faces the death penalty for committing one of the state’s largest mass murder sprees in recent history, and Orange County’s largest mass murder ever.

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Todd Spitzer is known as one of the most prominent victims’ rights attorneys and public safety champions in the State of California. Spitzer was the Campaign Chair and Co-author of Marsy’s Law, which put enforceable victims’ rights into the California Constitution.


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One thought on “Victims denounce the OCDA’s lame response to the Dekraai case”
  1. The handling of Webster Guillory’s case by the DA is pathetic. It is almost like he is losing on purpose. Barnett is a good lawyer, but he is not that good? I truly wonder what Guillory assessed Tony Rackauckas’ house at prior to letting the judge reduce Guillory’s felonies to mere misdemeanors. Tony Rackauckas is either crooked or incompetent. Either way, he needs to go – bye-bye!

    Let Spitzer have a shot at actually doing a good job representing tax payers and honest citizens, and expecting more from his deputies than mediocrity. Tony Rackauckas and Guillory can sit on a porch together (most likely at Tony Rackauckas’ under assessed home) enjoying retirement together (that the taxpayers desperately need and deserve). Two peas in a pod, or just strange bedfellows?

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