Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Santa Ana Council Member Sal Tinajero has dropped out of the Santa Ana Mayor’s race.  The remaining candidates include:

  • Mayor Miguel Pulido
  • Council Member David Benavides
  • Analyst/Production Manager George Collins
  • Minuteman/Office Specialist Lupe Moreno
  • Retired engineer Roy Alvarado
  • CSUF student Miguel Angel Briseno

Click here for ongoing updates on the candidates, from our City Clerk, Maria Huizar.

With Tinajero out of the Mayor’s race, I am all in with Mayor Pulido.  I am looking forward to doing to Benavides what we did to Amezcua two years ago.  And in two years I can guarantee that Benavides will lose his seat on the City Council.


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14 thoughts on “Update: Tinajero drops out of the Santa Ana Mayor’s race”
  1. Kudos to whoever talked Amezcua out of race for ward III! Buen Hecho! We didn’t need another Latino there and now have just one which will mean victory for our community choice…Alderete.

  2. “Tinajero drops out of the Santa Ana Mayor’s race”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    This is the second Tinajero’s drop. First he drop down from the Moon when he pull the papers.

    Obviously he stud no chance.

  3. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

    I read that Tinajero is backing Benavides with a / the council majority.

    How fickle we voters are.

    1. Benavides and Moreno are longtime friends. How awkward that they are now opponents.

      We will by the way be posting the identities of those who signed Benavides’ nomination forms. Should be a Who’s Who of Usual Suspects.

  4. Editor,

    What exactly is your problem with Benavides? Why the hate? It must sting that all of his fellow council members are endorsing him. Please explain your hang up? I wonder if he wins and becomes our next mayor, you will do the classic flip flop like you did with Pulido. You used to have vitriolic posts about the current mayor until something happened and you started to kiss his behind in all of your posts. Did Pulido finally invite you to eat lunch at the popular kids’ table or something?


    1. My problem with Benavides has been the same since the beginning. He is the Usual Suspect’s candidate. Pulido eventually cut them loose, but not Benavides.

      Benavides’ ideas are uniformly lame. Every one of them is an unfunded scheme.

      I met with Amezcua before he ran, back in 2009. But he too drifted to the Usual Suspects.I simply won’t back anyone associated with people who bash Mexicans.

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