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The early election results are proving that Santa Ana is not a liberal city. Although Democrats make up about 55% of our electorate they don’t get behind overly liberal candidates. Consider what just happened in the November General Election:

  • Moderate Democrat Miguel Pulido crushed his liberal opponent, Ben Vazquez, with over 52% of the vote. Vazquez so far has only 33% of the vote. Game over!
  • Liberal anti-cop City Councilman Roman Reyna got the boot as he was defeated by independent Juan Villegas, a moderate who has over 25 years experience at the O.C. Sheriff. Villegas got over 55% of the vote while Reyna got 44% of the vote.
  • Moderate Democrat Jose Solorio dominated a large field of candidates in Ward 3. Solorio got well over 15,000 votes as compared to liberal Ana Urzua Alacraz, who got less than 6,000 votes.
  • Moderate Democrat Lou Correa wrecked his liberal Democrat opponent, Bao Nguyen by over a over 40K vote differential. Correa took the House seat vacated by Loretta Sanchez with over 70K votes. Nguyen, the openly gay Mayor of Garden Grove, got only 30K votes. Sanchez by the way was not even able to win in Orange County, where she got 329K votes to 400K votes for her opponent, Kamala Harris.
  • First District Supervisor Andrew Do, a Republican, got more than 51K votes as compared to his liberal Democrat opponent, Michele Martinez, who got just over 45K votes.
  • SAUSD Trustee Cecilia Iglesias was the top vote-getter in the SAUSD School Board race even though the teachers’ union brutally attacked her and drafted their own slate of ultra-liberal candidates. Iglesias so far has over 13K votes. Iglesias, a Republican, was joined at the top of the results by her fellow Republican, Angie Cano, who is hanging on to third place with 8,588 votes. There are still votes to be counted but Cano has been steadily picking up more votes as the votes have been counted.
  • Assemblyman Travis Allen, a Republican who represents Santa Ana’s west side, slammed his Democrat opponent, Lenore Albert-Sheridan, with over 71K votes to her 49K votes.
  • And Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Claudia Alvarez, a Democrat, is barely hanging on in Area 5 with a 261 edge over her Republican opponent, Steven Nguyen. There are still a lot of uncounted votes in that race and she could still lose!
Bao Nguyen
Bao Nguyen

Poll results show that a third of American Latino voters backed Donald Trump for President. Now that he has emerged with a stunning victory and the GOP has retained control of both Houses of the U.S. Congress, it will be a tough road to hoe for the Democrats.  This might embolden even more Santa Ana residents to drift over to the Republican Party, or to become Decline to State voters.

RSCCD Trustee John Hanna
RSCCD Trustee John Hanna

Moreover the Orange County Democrats have not exactly been supportive of Latinos. Just look at Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee John Hanna, a Democrat power broker,  who pumped in thousands of dollars to the campaign coffers of his lame RSCCD Trustees who were up for re-election. The record shows that these Trustees have failed to deliver the improvements to Santa Ana College that we were promised. Moreover they have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary construction cost overruns and ridiculous travel expenditures, including staying in five star hotels while traveling to conferences and taking limos while eating at gourmet restaurants. They also supported a horrible consultation contract in Saudi Arabia, a country that regularly mistreats women and minorities.

And while the most liberal Democrats in the County have maligned Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido he now has been resoundingly reelected and now he controls the new Santa Ana City Council majority. The abject failure of the old liberal Santa Ana City Council majority has cost them big time!

Santa Ana is not a liberal city. Not even close. Democrats might be the majority but this is a moderate town. The November General Election election results prove that!

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12 thoughts on “The Nov. Election results prove once more that Santa Ana is not a liberal city”
  1. Wake up Santa Ana! Cano, Correa, Iglesias don’t care about us! They only care about themselves just like Pulido (who just takes and takes).

    1. So how did you like the 700% pay raise measure that Reyna and Benavides put on the ballot? That sure wasn’t Pulido’s doing! But now that Reyna got fired he won’t see a dime of that money…

      1. Measure PP (Council 700% pay increase) was defeated because the ballot statement was misleading. It didn’t say anything about the Council’s increase in pay. It was a fraud and should be fought in court.

  2. Why can’t we just do what’s best for the city and the people and put idiotic attitudes, reporting and policies aside.

    I feel that we’ve forgotten that were all actually in this together. Decency, care for one another, doing the right thing those are the values I was raised with.

    How about you? How about some more positive posts?

  3. Voters have no clue about candidates’ ideaology. People know Pulido. He has high name ID. Jose benefitted from being first on the ballot & nearly unlimited Cop $$. Sarmiento is liberal and Rigo Rodriguez is super liberal — both won.

  4. You know why this happened ,because Santa Ana is mostly Hispanic, and most of those Hispanics are Mexicans, and most of those Mexicans are Catholic and most Catholics are conservatives who were brought up to dislike homosexuality and abortion . The only reason they vote Democrat is because of their immigration policys.

    1. That’s the thing that scratches my head. A majority of Santa Ana residents are conservative minus immigration policies. Yet, immigration policies are a huge factor for them. I blame the media for putting so much emphasis on immigration policies. It’s about the only issue brought up. I’m glad Santa Ana isn’t as liberal as I thought and hope that more people are aware of many more issues. I think that this is a positive post and hope one day Santa Ana does become a safer & better place to live in.

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