Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Committed to raising taxes – union hack Julio Perez, Assembly Speaker John Perez and labor boss Teferi Gebre

Moderation isn’t working anymore for Orange County’s labor leaders, according to the Voice of OC.  When has this far-left bunch ever been moderate?  It is true however that this year they have seemingly lost their minds – lining up behind union consultant Julio Perez for the 69th Assembly District, behind the crazed rantings of labor boss Teferi Gebre, who describes his political views, on Facebook, as “very liberal.”  LOL!  Gebre lives in Carlsbad – a city with an $85K median income.  How 1% of him!

Backing Perez is such a bad idea that both Assemblyman Jose Solorio and State Senator Lou Correa, as well as DPOC Chairman Frank Barbaro, have had to remind local Democrats that the 69th is a moderate district.  Of course when the Democrats hold their meetings at a union hall, you can’t expect much in the way of moderation.  And so Perez is now bragging that he won a strong majority of support from Democratic Party Delegates during a Pre-Primary Endorsement Conference held this weekend.  Of course he did!  Would you expect much else from these liberal nuts?

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One thought on “OC Labor Fed leaves behind moderation as they line up behind Julio Perez”
  1. Shouldn’t the OC Voice recuse itself from reporting on Julio Perez since the treasurer for Perez’s campaign, Jess Araujo, is an OC Voice board member?

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