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UPDATE: Sources report that Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez is going to run for reelection this November.  There has been some debate about whether or not Measure D, which allowed her to run for a third term, would allow her to run for two more.  Alvarez is essentially challenging her detractors to sue her if they want to remove her from the ballot.  There is precedent for similar measures to grant incumbents a new set of terms – which means that Alvarez could run twice more.  She has been on the City Council for three terms – twelve years.  Only Mayor Miguel Pulido has been there longer.  Go Claudia!

“The city of Santa Ana has sought an outside legal opinion on whether Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez — who is thought to be termed out of office next year — can run for a fourth term on City Council, Santa Ana’s interim City Manager Paul Walters confirmed this week,” according to the Voice of OC.

Prior to the passage of Measure D in 2008, Santa Ana City Council members could only serve two consecutive four-year terms. The successful campaign for Measure D — which was run out of Alvarez’s home  — added another four-year term to that limit.  

The theory is that Measure D restarted Alvarez with a fresh set of terms.  That means she can run again.  That is what the City of Santa Ana’s outside counsel is verifying.

I thought the Santa Ana City Council wasn’t going to pursue this – but I am glad they are doing so.  Say what you will about Alvarez but I think she is smarter than the rest of the Council Members – and she has the huevos to stand up to the Usual Suspects.  For that I am glad.

If she gets to run again, she will win, hands down.  I doubt the Usual Suspects will even find someone to run against her.  Mark my words.  Hate her all you want, but she has always garnered the most votes of any of the Council Members.  She is currently the longest tenured Council Member, although Mayor Miguel Pulido has been in office much longer than she has.

Four more years of Alvarez will surely drive the PBID crowd nuts – their promoter, Archer Altstaetter, regularly rips her on Facebook.  Keep it up Archer.  Sooner or later she will handle you, the way she took care of Councilman Carlos Bustamante.  Why don’t you ask Carlos how it worked out for him when he went after her?

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38 thoughts on “Sources report that Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez is running again”
  1. What are you asking us for? Because the city can no longer afford to pay outside contractors to do polls to find answers to their questions?

  2. Does it matter which Latina/Latino will drive the city into the ground?

    I am personally against the term limits so it does not matter to me.

    If you Admin, and the rest will vote for realty not for race the prop.”D” wouldn’t matter long time ago.

    So if you like what she is doing vote for her or if you are stupid vote for her too but do not expect any changes in Santa Ana. Only more deficit.

  3. There is old Bohemian cliché: When the game is best stop playing.

    That was clearly evident in the Hitler issue and will manifest it self next for years and same goes for Walters and Pulido.

    They may actually lose their pension spiking privileges.

  4. I like Claudia and her brashness, but she ought to think long and hard about usurping the will of the voters. There is no basis for her to seek another term under Measure D and having the city expend precious resources on her behalf is beyond the pale. Her attempt to remain on the council reminds me of athletes who cannot let go and refuse to retire when their time has passed. Please Claudia, do the right thing and do not seek another term in office or you will force the city to spend money on the lawsuit that will eventually challenge your indefensible position.

  5. Well the new lines for Santa Ana city wards have not even been drawn yet.

    If you want to shake things up, redraw the lines in a manner that puts 2 to 3 current council members in to the same ward and open up 4 of the 6 to some fresh meat.

    And for those who think term limits are good, mooooo, you bunch of cattle. I told you so.

  6. Don’t forget Pat McGuigan managed to stay on the city council for nearly 21 years despite us having term limits back then. The city attorney ruled that she could continue because the election date were changed from March to June to November and thus gamed the system.

    Where was the outrage then?

  7. Are we not paying for Claudia’s health care 3 times?

    once at the county level, second at the city level, and third at the water board level.

  8. Mr. Cook why should we be paying Pat anything? She was a part time employee of the city. She is no longer an employee. Do you get benefits from any employer that you used to work part time for?

    Claudia is at least still an employee.

  9. admin and what’s good,


    you two are forgetting that mcguigan is white and alvarez latino…that make it okay for pat to serve as long as she wanted and wrong for claudia.



  11. J-MACK,

    Good points. Unfortunately, NOBODY involved with this BLOG lives in Santa Ana, so they are not stakeholders.

    This about personal vendetta’s and petty party politics.

    Otherwise, your suggestions are excellent!

    I just tried to post this EXACT COMMENT on the LOC, we’ll see if it makes it!

  12. “Are you ready for four more years of Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez?”

    That’s like saying – are you ready for a double root canal on the first and third Monday of every month?

  13. Mr. Cook why should we be paying Pat anything? She was a part time employee of the city. She is no longer an employee. Do you get benefits from any employer that you used to work part time for?

    Claudia is at least still an employee.

    I would say that the taxpayer should demand an end to the freebies that were given to local and state law makers. And their appointed staff too.

    And by the way Claudia is not an employee of Santa Ana or the water board.

    And I get my med from the VA. So I guess I get a free ride too.

  14. kenlay,

    That is kind of like the reporter who asked John Dilinger why he robbed banks. Dilinger responded, “because that’s where the money is.”

    LOC rides herd on what is happening in Santa Ana because that is where the loonies are. And what a crop of loonies! – you have Michele Martinez, Sal Tinajero, Carlos Bustamante, the corrupt Miguel Pulido and most looney of all – Claudia Alvarez!

    Additionally, Santa Ana is “Orange County’s Downtown” and the seat of County Government. There is a need to cover Santa Ana from another perspective. I would call LOC the Fox News of Santa Ana – they provide balance. Sorry about that Chris & Dan.

  15. Really,

    The Great PORK swindle, HSR ( A 10 BILLION DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE)engineered from the bowels of OC, The Seal beach MURDERS, A currupt DA, Mike Shroeder, Shit flowing freely into san juan creek, the RSM battles to keep “mexicans” out of school.

    No these guys are unhealthy attached to Santa Ana, not because thats where the action is, but because this is where Art is.

    You know, they could always move here!

  16. I would agree about the Faux news thing.

    These guys are totally full of shit, and have no regard for the truth. Only an agenda!

  17. Don’t forget the HUGE rip-off Beth Krom commissioned with Arnold Forde at the tidy sum of $1.4M per year for SIX YEARS.

    I don’t think anyone but Moxley wrote about that one.

    But you guys are giving that blog too much credit, it’s been shitty and unread since Lawson left.

    He must be disgusted.

  18. So Mike,

    Here’s a few more:

    Why haven’t we ever read something like this from Dan, Mr. “peace not war”?

    What about the event in Irvine, that Beth Krom snubbed but his CAIR lawyer attended:

    See Mike, they may be your enemy’s enemy, so you think they are your friend, but Dan is an upward mobile opportunist.


  19. Alvarez, is not really to intelligent but she makes lot of nice like Chiwawa.

    I believe that she did overplay her hand and here is my advise: “If you’re gonna play the game, girl you gotta learn to play it right

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    Know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re sittin’ at the table
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the dealin’s done

    Now every gambler knows the secret to survivin’
    Is knowin’ what to throw away
    And knowin’ what to keep
    ‘Cause every hand’s a winner
    And every hand’s a loser
    And the best that you can hope for
    Is to die in your sleep”



    1. Not sure. From the sounds of it the strategy is to run and let her opponents challenge her in court. If they don’t do so she will stay on the ballot and win.

  21. “From the sounds of it the strategy is to run and let her opponents challenge her in court”…… Hmmmmm

    Excelent oportyuniti for a crooked Jewish lawyer to make name for himself in the OC Politics and to avenge Adolf Hitler defamation.

    Does anyone know of such a lawyer?

  22. As a Seasoned Citizen I’m glad to have someone like Mrs. Alvarez who by the time she leaves office in 8 years will officialy join the ranks of us Seasoned Citizens. She understands our issues. I once ate lunch with her at Burl’s and she is a delightful person. I also appreciate the fact that she has not forgotten the African American residents of Santa Ana. You Go Girl!

  23. “and let her opponents challenge her in court.”

    Maybe, but they would need to get around SC 09-03 court ruling that is very specific on when term limits become effective and the limit’s the Constitution’s place on term limit laws.

  24. WE NEED CHANGE & TOGETHER WE CAN SUCCEED!!! Term limits were increased to immediately benefit Ms. Alvarez whose 2nd term was about to come to an end, so she made sure Measure D was brought to the table and with illegal robocalls it passed. However, IF she’s delusional and believes the constituents of the City of Santa Ana meant for her to further extend her overstay, she is mistaken. WE NEED FRESH PEOPLE in our Santa Ana City Council, VOTE FOR KARINA ONOFRE!!! She is young, intelligent, passionate, a natural leader who was born and raised in Santa Ana… certified G.A.T.E. student since 2nd grade, attended Roosevelt and Santiago Elementary, Willard Intermediate, and Santa Ana High… Received numerous accolades in school including an Award from the President of the United States, President George W. Bush… She has been President of her peers and went to Allegheny College in the east coast for Economics & Political Science. Is CEO of a local Spanish Magazine called Mundo Latino World for which she received an Award from our Congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez… Meet her, she is sharp, charismatic, inspiring, and will make a POSITIVE difference in the City of Santa Ana.

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