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Julio Perez – the choice of union hacks

Sixty three year-old LAUSD teacher Mark Berndt has been charged with 23 counts of lewd acts on children.  Berndt allegedly regularly told children they were going to play a “tasting game”, then blindfolded them and in some cases put tape over their mouths. He then fed students a “milky” substance on a spoon and on top of cookies. Later DNA testing confirmed that this substance was indeed Berndt’s own semen.  He also ran cockroaches over the faces and mouths of the children.  Berndt took pictures of these encounters, according to USA Today.

Berndt is going to keep getting his benefits – and he even kept his job back in 1993 when he was first charged with molestation.  And he got a $40K payment so that he would retire.  How did all this happen?  Because of rules that the teachers’ union bartered for – the same union that is now supporting ultra-liberal Democratic Assembly candidate Julio Perez, who is running for the 69th A.D.  

Since Berndt got arrested we have found out about a lot more molester teachers in L.A., where most of Perez’ donations come from.

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One thought on “CA teachers’ union supports higher taxes, child molesters and Julio Perez”
  1. If a candidate is going to be responsible for everything an endorsing person or organization does, when will admin ask Michele to repudiate Pulido’s endorsement? That guy is a walking ethics violation. The same for Assemblyman Roger Hernandez.

    Plus, nearly all of Michele Martinez’s supporters in the Assembly are gay marriage supporters. How will that play in a district that voted overwhelmingly for Prop. 8?

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