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UPDATED: Our readers did it!  Jonathan Espinoza received over $300 in donations and then my friend David Boyd, who is an Orange County Board of Education Trustee (and who is also the Chancellor of the Taft University System, which includes the Taft Law School) offered to cover the balance of Espinoza’s Georgetown University application fee, which came to $600.  A big thank you to our readers and to Mr. Boyd!  Congratulations Jonathan and good luck at Georgetown!

Segerstrom High School senior Jonathan Espinoza found out a few weeks ago that he is going to be able to attend Georgetown University on a full scholarship – but he recently received a letter, from Georgetown University, advising him that he has to come up with $900, for a registration fee, by May 1.  His family just doesn’t have that money available.

Espinoza has succeeded in high school despite growing up in serious poverty.  Over the years his teachers have often stepped up and mentored him, even buying him dinner on occasion.  Now he needs our help again – and I am hoping that our readers will step up and donate funds so he can register and attend Georgetown University, where I know he will represent Santa Ana with class and distinction.

Espinoza has volunteered in our city for years – and he is currently a Santa Ana Youth Commissioner.  He also has found time to participate in the Segerstrom High School band.  Our readers selected him as our 2011 Santa Ana Man of the Year for a reason!

Espinoza has set up an account on  You can donate to him via Paypal using his email address, which is  You may also contact him at that email address if you would like to send him a check instead.

Espinoza has promised to return to Santa Ana when he graduates.  I know he will work hard to make our city a better place for everyone.  Please do what you can to help him!


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18 thoughts on “Updated: Our readers came through for Jonathan Espinoza!”
  1. How do I request a fee waiver?

    Applicants may submit a fee waiver request in one of two ways:

    I. Applicants may complete the Personal Data Form (Part I of the application) online and email or mail the Fee Waiver request separately.

    II. Applicants may print out the Personal Data Form (Part I of the application) and mail it together with the NACAC Application Fee Waiver form or a fee waiver request letter.

    If he can not stay on top of his priories, he should go local and let someone else have the spot.

  2. Cook,

    That fee waiver is for the application, and I was actually of the first applicants to turn in my complete Georgetown Application with a month and 4 days to spare. I have applied for countless scholarships, but I cannot use that money towards the enrollment fee.

  3. Well the school should have been more clear on their requirements. Good luck.

    (I would think about transfering if possible to George Mason across the river, you may find you are not a good fit the the GeorgeTown croud)

    1. What does that mean? Jonathan is an intern at a law firm. And he is not a liberal, in fact he is a Republican. I’m sure he’ll fit in perfectly.

  4. No worries, I take no offense. As the bible says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” — James 4:6.

    Cook, Georgetown is the place for me, and no one can change that, is an amazing school, great for my major and I won’t let anyone put me down or tell me otherwise.

  5. hey Jonathan if the city manager would have kept his promise about opening a r/c track I would have made you that money in one evening of r/c racing benefiting your goal to go to Georgetown….

  6. I emailed Jonathon to inquire about how much he has raised thus far but he has not responded. Admin, do you have a current tally? Anyhow, some of these comments are disheartening. I too went to school on the East Coast and although it was not a “perfect fit” in terms of my values , it was an amazing experience! good luck w/ your educational endeavors Jonathon.

  7. No worries, Cruz. I am just hoping that I can really come up with the money. Georgetown is my number one school! I am working really hard to look at all the possibilities and resources and have contacted Georgetown to see how they can assit me.

  8. I hope that everything goes well for Jonathan. I know that the future looks great for him.

    However, there must have been a great teacher along the way that helped him along the way. I am not saying all the teachers, because we know that a student like this did probably the majority of the work to get where he is now. However, I am sure everyone would agree that there was at least one teacher that helped Jonathan in school and aided him to get where he is now. That same teacher I am sure is under that the same union CTA contract that the admin is bashing in previous blog post. Not all teachers are bad, for example, there had to be some good ones in this case.

    1. I know for a fact that he was helped by some great teachers, but the fact is that the CTA does NOT represent the opinions of all their members. They have become a bleating pack of far left nuts who are completely out of touch with the voters in this great state. That the union is continuing to cover up for molesters in Los Angeles is simply disgusting.

  9. I had many great teachers:

    I would like to Thank

    Mrs. Christy Valdez (1st Grade)
    Mrs. Maureen Elstead (2nd Grade)
    Mrs. Tracy Scott (6th and 7th Grade)
    Mrs. Isabel DeQuesada (8th Grade)
    Mrs. Carol Topping (8th Grade)
    Mrs. Bertha Benavides ((th Grade)
    Mr. Raul Garcia (All 4 yrs in HS)
    Mrs. Terri Verhaegen (11th Grade)

    ,,.the greatest person of all has been Mrs. Adriana Huezo, who has helped me through thick and thin and who I owe so much to!

    Mentors I would like to Thank Max Madrid and Art Pedroza, as they have been my greatest mentors! Also Mr. Juan Lara and countless members of community Organizations such as Nancy Garcia from the Orange County Bar Foundation, Patrick Keyes from Rotary International, and Thy Bui from Crowell & Moring, LLP!

    Lastly, I want to Thank everyone who helped me fundraise…I truly appreciate everything.

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