Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

The pathetic NIMBY’s who oppose completing the Santiago Creek bike trail have been caught on film and the results are hilarious.  What is not funny is their insistence on forcing bicyclists onto dangerous city streets instead of finishing the segment of the Santiago Creek bike trail that extends briefly through the Floral Park and Fisher Park portion of the creek.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think!  And click here to find out more about what you can do to help us finish the bike trail!

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7 thoughts on “Anti Santiago Creek bike trail NIMBYs caught on film!”
  1. Admin, I checked my mail box. Check is not there still. In the mean time,
    “ooh La la” huh? This is not the Velvet Lounge pinche NIMBYs! Don’t try to mimic our O.L.A. Occupiers. And don’t even think you can steal our O.S.A. Mojo. Pulido is the Environmental Mayor! and he says go home NIMBY’s! The creek belongs to the future! (Because Iran is cutting off our gas and we are all f#%^$ now.)

  2. I can’t believe it’s taking so long to build such a short section of trail! Why don’t those of us who ride and want this done buy the houses along the creek and then grant easements to the city for a trail? I think there are enough riders with $$$ that we can do this house by house. What are the total number of homes impacted? If they are in Santa Ana they can’t be too expensive right? Let’s get organized.

  3. Tornado Tom, that is a great idea! If it is your own personal property then you can do what you want with it. Although, everyone’s own determination of what “expensive” is will vary…the houses on the creek are certainly not going to be $2MM homes, but you may be surprised at the housing costs in those neighborhoods.

  4. No need to buy anyone’s house, the city owns more than enough land for a trail / path to be installed.

    Could even be a “Shovel Ready” project and could be funded and plowed ahead by this summer.

  5. The inclusive needs of the many to be connected via use of the public owned portion of the creek outweighs the exclusive desire of a few homeowners to keep a private view of the creek.

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