Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Sarmiento and Benavides disrespect El Grito

Have Benavides and Sarmiento been secretly coordinating their attack on Walters?

Apparently Council Member David Benavides called the Santa Ana City Clerk, Maria Huizar, this Friday, in the morning at about 10 am, to instruct her to add an item to the agenda for the Council meeting set for this coming Tuesday, regarding the review of Santa Ana’s City Manager Paul Walters.  Click here to contact Huizar if you would like to confirm this.  You may also call her at 714.647.6520.

About a half hour later his colleague, according to my sources, Council Member Vince Sarmiento, made the same call, using the same language, to Huizar.

Later that day, at about 3 pm, Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero reportedly called with the same message but he also instructed the Huizar to revise the agenda item to include the possible dismissal of Walters.

Then Benavides and Sarmiento each supposedly called Huizar again to also ask her to include the exact same language regarding Walter’s possible dismissal.

Michele Martinez and David Benavides

Finally, at 4:58, Council Member Michele Martinez is purported to have called Huizar too – with the very same language and agenda item request.

So here is the question – how did all of these Council Members arrive at the same action and end up using the same language, with regard to the agenda item in question, if they weren’t secretly – and illegally – coordinating their actions?

The Brown Act allows for limited interactions between the Council Members – but the Council majority appears to be acting in clear violation of the Brown Act.

I am told that the lot of them, and then Council candidate Roman Reyna, also gathered at Sarmiento’s home last year, right before the Council election filing deadline, to has out who was going to be their chosen candidate to run against Mayor Miguel Pulido.  You may recall that at the time both Tinajero and Benavides had pulled papers to run for Mayor.

SAPOA Board Members

Supposedly the President of the Santa Ana Police Officers Association (SAPOA), John Franks, was at that meeting and he reportedly pledged to back the consensus mayoral challenger – who turned out to be Benavides.  I am told that Martinez then promised the sun, moon and the starts to Franks and his union.  Franks was true to his word – but Benavides got his butt kicked by Pulido on Nov. 6.

I am shocked that Sarmiento would risk losing his law license by allegedly engaging in these blatant Brown Act violations.  In fact I am told that many letters are on the way to the FPPC and the O.C.D.A., requesting an immediate investigation of this crew.

Santa Ana Police Officers Association

In the end this is what it probably all boils down to.  The Council majority seems to have gotten in bed with the police union and now that union’s contract is up for consideration.  The City of Santa Ana is broke but remember that Tinajero, at a campaign debate two years ago, said then that we would eventually have to think about raising our taxes, via a citywide assessment, to pay for the cops.

Walters is standing in the way of the Council majority.  They allegedly promised a big, irresponsible raise to the police union and Walters is not going to let them bankrupt our city.  So he has to go – even if doing this results in a Council recall election.

Santa Ana Spring?  No.  Just a bunch of witless, greedy politicians who want more power and will wreck anyone who stands in their way.  It might however be time for a REAL Santa Ana Spring.  These ridiculous Council members clearly must go!  The revolution starts at Tuesday’s Council meeting…

By Editor

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98 thoughts on “Is the Council secretly coordinating their attack on Walters?”
  1. Admin,

    Looks like Gattis RIPPED Dr. Lomeli and his cabal too. Aparantley it was uncovered that Lomeli is in DC in a $2,000 per night hotel, no problem, but not exactly in line with main stream Santa Ana.

    Ol’ henry was right when he said Lomeli is just another GREEDY REPUBLICAN looking get rich off the working poor (and the State Of California’s generousity). Maybe it’s time to ask the state to investigate him.

    The Lawyer the Dentist, the Political Activist from East LA.

    Check out the post, It will have the good doctor and his alter ego’s going nut’s.

    But, just like when I shut down Andrew Galvin and called Julio Perez out for his lies, these losers will not answer any questions to the voters, instead they’ll serve their out of town MASTERS, who bankroll them.

    We’ll see how this plays out Tuesday.

  2. I recall that some items have been put on the agenda Jointly bay 3 council members who were listed in that agenda item.

    So I do not know what you talking about.

    Usually the item was put together last netting and would be written in the minutes they agreed on Dec. 27, 2012.

    I think that you do not understand how it works.

          1. You said that I should confirm this with Clerk and now you telling me that: “Why would she be aware of this?”

            You can’t remember your lies only 4 comments down.

            You are obviously fool of it as always.

  3. It occours to me that someone needs to ask each member directly at Tuesday’s meeting. FORCE THEM TO LIE.

    Of course they will refuse to answer, just like Benavides did when confronted with his infidelity.

      1. Your problem is admin that you are lacking necessary intelligence and always shoot your self into your foot.

        If they would be coordinated they would not call separately.

        The reason why they called separately is because they did not talk to each other and simply were acting on their own behalf.

        There is no language published in the close meeting 1C item.

        So how do you know that the language was identical.

          1. Sure!

            I don’t think that clerk can tell me what language is in 1C and what is published is standard protocol which can’t be stated differently.

            Liars always forget their lies.

          2. Please familiarize yourself with the court evidence before you start lying. Same crapola COPs presented in the of January 11, 2013 murder and pictures clearly shows car being boxed in next to sidewalk and driver was soot from the side. Keep lying!
            Walters must go! [Emphases added]

  4. After brunch,
    Alvarez called Amescua and suggested that it might be best to fall ill right before the next council meeting.

    1. This has nothing to do with imperfection and everything to do with greed and corruption. As an Occupier you ought to be aghast. Compromised you are.

  5. They say FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    Well, look at what’s transpired, you have a bunch of people who stand to gain financially by Benavides, Martinez and Renya’s actions (The other two have real jobs). These forces, Rich developers, Public Unions and Downtown business owners stand to gain by whoring out the council.

    That’s just what they’ve done.

    under the guise of transparancy, they are going to turn the city into Bell.

    Benavide’s can’t manage his marriage, Reyna is a closeted homosexual who can’t come out for political reasons and Martinez, an admitted gang member and drug dealer (did she get ‘jumped out”, thats the only way out of F TROOP).

    Three people with incredible personal flaws that they lied to cover, are now taking the next step.

    This is real and happening NOW. This is not a fantasy, this is BELL ALL OVER AGAIN. This is the Santa Ana police union leveraging David Benavides and his UNDEREDUCATED followers.


  6. I am compromised. Almost as compromised as you.
    We need an impartial observer to show us the light.
    We need Angie to show us the light!

  7. Angie could be the answer we are all looking for.

    Unfortunately she is SPEECHLESS and ABSENT so far.

    That’s weird on a whole other level.

  8. for what specific crimes?
    for insulting Admin’s totalitarian sensibilities?

    Just because Santa Ana’s biggest industry is the Prison Industial Complex must we always be searching for more incarcerations?

    1. The largest employer in our city is the OC Register. How are they part of this Prison Industrial Complex you’re hyperventilating about?

      You Occupiers are full of piss and vinegar yet you have nothing to offer but anti-social rambling. No wonder your movement died so quickly.

  9. Yes, you are absolutely correct, We Occupiers are doing the death rattle as I speak. That is why your other Occupy buddy Vern just wrote a great piece about the governance troubles of Anaheim. On your old Orange Juice Blog. We are camping on your front lawn Propaganda Minister. Hello. Bring me some coffee! It’s cold.

    1. Vern? He backed the anti-immigrant Lucille Kring instead of the actual progressive, Duane Roberts. Sounds like you Occupiers have some serious double-standards.

  10. We are not a totalitarian regime. We have the entire spectrum of opinion. But we all agree that Government is completely bought and rigged (Except for Angie of course)and not working in the interest of the average person especially the average American Citizen. I am sure that Vern has intelligent reasons for that choice. Now let’s ask Michele Martinez if she thinks Mayor Pulido is pro-immigrant or anti-immigrant?

    1. You are not a regime at all! And why give Angie a free pass? She was a stunt candidate who won by accident. She has skipped three out of four Council meetings. What is there to be impressed with here? Am I missing something?

      What Vern did had nothing to do with intelligence. It was political expedience. And he backstabbed his own blogger. Nice.

      What do I care what Martinez has to say about anything? Or you for that matter? She got thumped in June and she is either going to be recalled or will lose outright in 2014. In either case she has painted herself into a corner. She has no one to blame but herself.

      Pulido is an immigrant, unlike you and Martinez. Try that on for size. And he has the support of the people of this city – which is something Martinez and your waning Occupy movement cannot claim.

  11. You care what I have to say because you respect my opinion and my commitment.
    Not to rabble rousing, but to making sure that the City of Santa Ana is always respected.
    I protected Santa Ana during our entire Occupation days.
    I did not put up with any trash, graffiti, ghetto intimidation, communist politics, fascist politics, Atzlanista politics and Fake Santa Ana Springsters that tried to cozy up to us when they found it politically convenient. Guess who came down and manipulated some of our younger more impressionable Occupiers to go do a photo op with them? Michele Martinez. and guess who else found it politically convenient to be in that photo op? Mayor Pulido. so there. Aren’t we all compromised.

  12. Good evening to you, Arturo!
    I am completely and happily surprised that you took up the cause of our City Manager/Police Chief. It is worth the effort and I believe you already know what is going on in our city council and that it requires nothing short of 5 recalls.
    What you post is true. But since the job of Agent Orange is to defoliate forests so we can see the enemy hidden underneath, I am going to let you in on a few other little tidbits from a few other secrets, Shhhh!
    1) Sal has been in on it since the beginning. Pretending to be on CM Walters’ side then running back to the Keystone Kouncil, spilling his generous gut. So clever!
    2) And of course there’s Vince, first accusing Walters of not having enough experience then when he found that their manager did actually have not only a Masters degree in public administration, he also had a jurist doctorate and graduated from California Command Colleges.
    3) I don’t know what Michele promised the police officers union but they should have done a background check first. She has been mouthing off around town that the police shouldn’t be getting so much money and the jail should be outsourced. I wonder what the union will think when they lose around 100 members to the outsourcing she wants so much! Why it even looks like The Santa Ana Police Department and jail have become her new pet project. Yippee!
    4)Of course David has mentioned how rotten he feels but will that stop him from voting with the power? No. Obviously he feels rotten because he is rotten, to the core.

    As I continue to expose our comical little friends, I will post my findings on your. Magical website in the form of comments and replies. Until then, I wish you luck and if you require my assistance, you are most welcome to drop me a line.

      1. Dobrý den, Arturo!
        That is Czech for ‘Hello’. I hope you are in fine spirits this morning! I, myself have just eaten my Captain Crunch (I only eat cereal with military rankings higher than mine) and I am ready to enjoy this day!
        For this post, I will concentrate on the lovely, if misguided, Michele Martinez. To their faces, she loves them almost as much as she loves a happy-hour pub crawl. But behind their backs, there is nothing she would like more than to reduce their salary and benefits even though they are now so low in numbers they each do two, three and four jobs. And don’t get me started about her wanting to either do away with the jail or outsource its personnel! First, The Santa Ana Jail makes approximately $15M in profit per year. Because the county booking system is so slow, the SAJ provides a places where arrestees can be speedily processed so the cops can get back out into the field and work. It records everything and can be used as a source of evidence in case the officers need it for trial. It provides a steady source of income for over 100 people–in this day and age, that is reason to have it all by itself.
        Also, you know that my name, Agent Orange, is a multi-euphemism and while I would love to discuss the use of Herbicide Orange in the History of U.S. Warfare, it truly is a moot point in this blog.

  13. Agent Orange.
    You crack me up. Thanks for revealing just how insecure the prison industrial complex really is.
    But I do agree with you.
    If CW Martinez is threatening to outsource the jail (Theo Lacy I presume?) then that is absolutely rediculous.
    Politicians and Corporate bosses need to stop this outsourcing nonsense!
    Especially when it is all about political gangsterism!
    Budget is not being met?
    Then have the courage to reduce staff or cut hours! Stop outsourcing, selling off destroys local economic sectors. all economies are interdependent.
    Christ, even the prison industrial complex deserves common sense and measured approaches. Damn.

  14. P.S. “Agent Orange”
    Agent Orange is used to defoliate forests and to conduct mass murder at the same time. Two Birds with one stone all at a convenient desensitized distance.
    Unless of course you are a punk rock stoner and want to defoliate your marijuana plant in order to get to the primo bud and write more socially conscious music.

  15. I agree, Santa Ana Police has been getting all the perks forever. Maybe, Walters should add an agenda item to contract them out with the OC Sheriff’s and save more millions of dollars. This will make him eliglbe to be named City manger of the century nation wide. But, if council sells themselves to these unions for a few thousands so, who appoints the council?

  16. “We need to start recruiting candidates now”…….. Hmmmmm

    Candidates? or Mexicans.

    So far you have selected only idiots who always turned against you.

    So stay out of it.

    1. Really? Your memory is lapsing. I endorsed Jim Walker against Vince Sarmiento four years ago. And I endorsed Brett Franklin and Shane Barrows against Eric Alderete this year. I vote for the person, not the race.

    1. Yes. However the new City Manager can then fire him as our Chief of Police. My sources tell me that we can expect the City Council to choose an interim City Manager who will be their patsy and who will as such do their bidding.

  17. This leads t believe me that the PD Union might be behind all this and that in fact there is a division among the ranks in the police in Santa Ana. But, if they turn against their own what could the citizens expect. This is becoming an interest group that serves only a certain people and not the interests of us the citizens

    1. The police union boss, John Franks, was barely elected with a slim majority. He is definitely angering many of his members with this attack on Walters!

      1. Hola Arturo,
        Michele and David want puppets in the two top spots–City Manager and Police Chief. They have found through dealing with him that Walters will let no one pull his strings. Their choices and the ones they have been pushing down everyone’s throat like scatological dumplings are Gerardo Mouet and Carlos Rojas. Gerardo is running around like a newly pinned Sorority girl, telling everyone who will listen that he has 4 votes. Carlos, the Cabbage Patch cop, is handing out favors and promotions like a Costco cheese dip vendor, setting up his kingdom even though everyone knows his 4 stars have an expiration date and the stink from them is rapidly reaching garbage-pile standards.
        The large majority of police are standing firmly and proudly behind their Chief. The others, Rojas’ group, are showing just how badly people act in times of trouble.

          1. You have no idea, Art! Had the chief not stopped some of Rojas’ commands, there would be a lot more dead in Santa Ana–including officers.

  18. interesting show in Santa Ana….. 600 Police men vs. 350,000 residents and another 200,000 not accounted for. What Circus…. The Ringlin’ Bros should and come to hire a few of these clowns and include some security along with it. There is no more sense of public servant service but, me, me, me….

  19. What a joke. The police union backed up Benavides in the mayor’s election. They donated a few $$$$$, and free time for cold calling (I meant overtime), and Pulido bust theirs. They turn on their own and now Walters is trying to stop them before giving the house or else they will break this City (BANCARROTA).

  20. Yankee, there are about 300,000 resident in Santa Ana now, legal and the other kind.

    The recession has taken a big toll on the working population, and those working foreigners have moved on to jobs elsewhere or gone back home until better times return.

  21. Cook.

    The number is closer to 400K.

    The transient community which is Santa Ana is ALWAYS discounted and under realizied by most.

    100 people on 11 buses pass through DAILY.

    My math tells me that’s mor than a thousand a day. Some stay a week, some a month……..

    Get the picture?? Go to a dounut shop near the train station. Not for an hour. but for two hours per day per week.

    Then head three blocks North to th shopping plaza.

    1. You are counting visitors as residents?

      Then the count for cities like Anaheim with Disneyland, and Buena Park with Knott’s Berry farm, have been grossly under counted.

      The official count is defined by the census bureau. The other unofficial counts are done by people with an agenda playing liar’s poker.

      1. These people are not here to visit theme parks. I think we both understand that.

        While last census was perhaps the most accuate yet (in modern times) the census counters themselves have alluded and admitted to being “WILDLY” undercounted.

        And you are right tough economic times have affected transition. but many have simply shifted from places like Moreno Valley and Victorville to the family centric community they knew as newcomers: Santa Ana.

        This is a difinative trend as well. I think it was january 2010 when the LA TIMES did a three part story on this. I will try and find it.

        Simply put, there are a lot of uncounted folks here. And while the city manager does not work for “Visitors” he responsible for the population at any given time within the scope of his duties.

        1. Santa Ana (city), California
          Population, 2010 324,528

          Population, 2011 estimate 329,427
          1.5 percent increase applied (5 percent drop ignored)

          SAUSD has had a drop in enrollment during the same time period. That is another element of a decreasing population.

          Anbd if you did not know, Santa Ana has been replacing worn out low income housing with hifger end housing.

          The only population demo that is increasing is the homeless.

  22. Many students have been asking what they can do for service projects to honer Martin Luther King. I have told them that I can think of no finer way to show pay tribute to MLK than to attend the Council meeting on Tuesday and speak up against the tyrany of the Gang of 5 Councilmembers and in support of Paul Walters.

    MLK hated the “Group Think” of people like the Gang of 5 Councilmembers and loved the quiet leadership of men like Paul Walters.

    All students who attend will have the opportunity if desired to take a photo with Cheif Walters (Looks good on those Facebook pages or when applying to colleges) and with Mayor Pulido as well.

    Remember MLK.
    Come serve your neighbors by speaking up for Paul.

  23. MLK would speak to save Paul Walters?
    Now you are just being completely absurd.
    and exploiting.
    We all saw the “Group think” that occurred at the last council meeting with the loyalist fear.
    “The Gang of 5” didn’t demonstrate much of a think at all. They were silent and that was there sin.
    And I don’t find it likely that MLK would approve of police departments that manufacture crack cocaine to reverse sting and incarcerate the poorer populace.
    MLK rest in peace. Sorry that you were disturbed by such nonsense.

  24. No, he was probably, totally all for arresting Crack Dealers!
    So he would have arrested Chief Walters for manufacturing Crack Cocaine and dealing it to the people had he the authority.
    But then he would have forgave Walters and made it very clear that the Corrupt Prison Industry did not have the right to continuously profit from the prolonged detainment of Walters.

    1. Maybe I am not understanding something here but the aim of what Walters’ department did was to essentially entrap dealers and hard core users. They arrested a lot of bad seeds. Please tell me how this hurt any innocents? It sounds like all it did was take a lot of a-holes off the streets.

  25. “Entrap hard core users” HAAAAA HAAAAAAA!
    350 people all around one elementary school that purchased Crack Cocaine from a “Reverse Sting” operation?
    Wow, thats a whole lot of hard core users roaming around some elementary school like some Zombie Crack Apocalypse.
    I would have just called in the tank and just neutralized the whole damn square mile.
    But no incarceration profits to be made off that.

    1. Well wouldn’t these folks have been better advised not to buy the crack in the first place? Didn’t they put themselves in this position by buying these drugs?

      Look, I’m all for treatment, but back when this happened it was pretty much how things were done.

      And you can’t argue with the fact that Walters seriously reduced crime in our city.

  26. Maybe the crack dealing cops were really good looking, or seductive and manipulating right?
    Kind of like the Female cops they use for Prostitution Stings.
    Making Crack is dangerous and labor intensive I am sure they had a marketing strategy to go hand in Hand
    “Crack Inc. Because Santa Ana property values really blow.”

    1. I believe that they couldn’t arrest the perps for possession unless they actually bought drugs. This program took bad guys off the streets. You won’t find many residents who will take issue with that.

      1. Isn’t it obvious? Mateo and/or family and friends must have gotten caught up buying fresh, homemade product!

  27. Most residents of Santa Ana are glad that Walters and his police force have a bag of tricks to bring down the bad guys.

  28. And Dr. King would be ashamed of the Gang of 5 (Councilmembers Martinez. Sarmiento, Tinajero, Reyna, and Benavides)using Group Think (aka Brown Act Violations) to fire one of the last honest leaders in Santa Ana. Dr. King would cheer for the hundreds of residents who will show up tomorrow night to speak up for Walters even when the Police Union and a handful of bad people selfishly put political ambition ahead of our community. We still have a dream Dr. King, and we will overcome this Gang of 5! Dr. King is looking down and smiling at you Art for the work you do as well.

  29. More and more and more murders in Santa Ana each week and the Gang of Five says and does nothing.

    I wish I had a buck for every political campaign mailer I got during the elections about crime and yet what does this Council Majority do? Ignore our residents and worry about the Mayor. Wake up Gang of Five…the residents of Santa Ana are not safe and you don’t care.

  30. “Bag of Tricks”
    oh I am sure they have got some hefty “bag of tricks”.
    “Bad Guys”, “Homegrown Terrorists”, political dissenters and even Council Majorities all have “bags of tricks” made just for them.
    MLK is still rolling in his grave, banging his head on the wall and getting really really perturbed.

  31. There was no Anarchy, violence or criminality of the Santa Ana Occupy movement! You stupid BOOB!
    and it had not a thing to do with the police, it was because of the maturity and self control of your Santa Ana Occupiers.
    Don’t go there with me Admin. YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE.
    (*somebody broke a cement trash can)
    (*the police horses pissed all over the new lawn and left big yellow dead patches all over it)

  32. I just spoke to my dear friend who marched with Dr. King back in the day. I explained all about our situation here in Santa Ana and had him read some New Santa Ana posts.

    He assures me that Dr. King would stand up the Gang of 5 Councilmembers and would stand with Paul Walters.

    He also says Dr. King would be disgusted with The Occupy (Occupoo) Movement.

    This comes from a man who knew and loved Dr. King.

    Hope this puts an end to the discussion here.

  33. So you like to have fictitious conversations with J. Edgar Hoover?
    That figures.
    Fond memories of your Homosexual boyfriends that had paranoid freak outs over the idea of The Colored Man in power.

  34. What it’s sad in all this circus, how come the police union is shaping the lives of the City residents. These people work for the citizens of Santa Ana and not the other way around. Additional language should be added to prevent union from endorsing and contributing $$$$$ to political candidates for favors. These same issue have drowned this great City for the past decade or more. All the politicians running on smoke by the backing up one union. The structural deficit has not been solved and with this attitude will only sink this City in to further economic crisis. But, maybe this is what is needed and to wake up the vast majority to care a little more about the City. It is unfornunate that only a minute portion cares. The rest either are transient, visitors and or are afraid to voice their opinion. Most other countries in the world suppress freedom of speech so, by not sayin anything and getting away with getting most basic services will suffice. The City lack open space for recreation but, invests heavily on Police services. They cut every other possible service but, serves police with hearty perks. So, stop your illusion of making Santa Ana better by adding more police and concentrate on educating the people to become better citizens. Invest in schools, technology and bring businesses that encompass the advancement of men. By redeveloping blight areas with more dwellings and stuffing more people in less space wil only create the opposite effect. People fight for space not for the lack off. Open you minds and start with one step at a time.

  35. A old friend of MLK just sent me this Text.
    “When we ask Negroes to abide by the law, let us also declare that the white man does not abide by the law in the ghettos”.
    and then he phoned me and whispered this
    “His police makes a mockery of the law”
    Whitey-that is.

    Educate yourself KKK, I mean “CCC”.

  36. Right On Alex!
    Don’t be blinded by superficial council political wars Santa Ana.
    I’m off to work now but will be back later to defend MLK from being exploited by these greedy pompous jerks.

  37. Thanks to all the kids who came out to the Haz household to day and painted signs.

    we will be out EARLY tommorrow posting the RECALL MICHELE signs especially around the civic center.

    Hopefully, we can line bothe FLOWER and Civic Center tommorrow with people holding signs.

    Calls to the police department to ask about rules have not been returned. We expect protesters to be harrassed because the very people they are protesting are working as agents for the union: Benavides, Martinez, Sariamento.

    It will make Emily Benavide’s happy to know that we by popular vote NOT to picket CARR MIDDLE SCHOOL. Mostly because our group felt she’s got enough trouble raising two kids on her own, dealing with a deadbeat Dad/Husband. But, hey, he’s got a Harley!

  38. Dr. King would be proud of your blog Art. Dr. King would encourage all young people be they yellow, red, brown, black or white, to attend the council meeting and stand up for Paul Walters. His memory will not be mocked. He did not die in vain so come out for Paul.

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