Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

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By: A Concerned Investor

To the members of the Santa Ana City Council and the citizens who voted for them.

It is shocking and disappointing that our elected officials are attempting to remove Mr. Paul Walters as City Manager when he successfully salvaged the city budget preventing bankruptcy. Mr. Walters is an extremely valuable asset to Santa Ana on many fronts including his years as Santa Ana’s Chief of Police. As Chief he made Santa Ana safer which makes the city a more desirable place to buy homes, build homes, and open business. The Statistics are facts that speak for themselves. (See below statistics)

Santa Ana residences are entitled to an explanation as to why the Council members are trying to fire Mr. Walters because as of now we don’t understand why. And if there is no explanation then the people of Santa Ana must start recall efforts of ALL City Council members:

It’s no secret that City Council wants to fire Paul Walters because of personal vendettas towards him NOT because he can’t do the job.

Please e-mail or call the following Council members and voice your opinion.


A Concerned Investor

Click here to read about facts and statistics during Chief Paul Walters watch

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12 thoughts on “Property values reflect that Walters delivered on crime reduction”
  1. ummm, probably because the “council Majority” wants some of this Investor action also.
    If there are deals being made and certain property values in town going up then it is only fair that they get to know everything as well right? The City is a real estate firm!and the council is a lobbying firm! but they are supposed to be one Corporation, all in one. How are they going to retire to the Consulting Firm if they can not get proper access to the insider information. They have a perfectly reasonable gripe.

    1. The only realtor on the City Council is your boy Benavides. Remember? He tried to sell the Santora building to his church. Probably stood to make some nice coin on that deal…

  2. Just got the first Robo-call urging voters to attend the Council meeting tomorrow night to save Paul. It’s very well done and I think will bring out a lot of folks.

    I just checked and looked at a random group of home addresses across th city and your are right, they all seem to have increased in value with Paul Walters as city manager.

    I think we are headed for total East L.A./SOuth Central L.A. crime rates if this Gang of Five with Martinez and Sarmiento have their way with us.

  3. We aren’t paranoid of Benavides anymore.
    He and Martinez just want to have their Korean Techno Bar on fourth street.
    Gangham style with the Mother’s of Floral Park.

  4. The message was on my voice mail during the game as well. (sorry Paul, I’m not going to answer during the game:) I think Paul sounded sincere and I’m sure it will bring out people to speak for him Tuesday night.

  5. As a registered Democrat, I was likely left of the list.

    I am wondering where Santa Ana resident and UNION leader Julio Perez on this.

    I walked FIDO past his “house” today and not a sign of anything. I will say the car wash was doing good business. Five cars deep in each lane.

    Where is Julio on this debate?? He is a Santa Ana resident right Greg?

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