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Vincent Michael Calvo, a 33-year-old man, will spend the next 30 years to life in prison after being sentenced on Tuesday for a DUI crash that killed four innocent people in Santa Ana.

Calvo pleaded guilty on March 28 to four counts of second-degree murder.

Calvo was behind the wheel of a Jeep that was westbound on Fourth Street in Santa Ana on Feb. 17, 2019, when it collided with a southbound Chevrolet Silverado pickup at Tustin Avenue, according to the SAPD. The police investigators said that Calvo failed to stop for a red light at the intersection.

Both vehicles in the collision flipped over multiple times, according to the SAPD.

An off-duty firefighter and his wife, who is a nurse, stopped at the accident scene to try to help the victims, who were trapped in the pickup. That vehicle then caught fire, according to the SAPD. All four victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Calvo got out of the Jeep at the same time that the off-duty firefighter and his wife arrived and he tried to help the victims. The off-duty firefighter was able to put out the flames and his wife provided first aid to Calvo. He did not have any passengers in his vehicle.

Calvo was taken to a nearby local hospital and he was treated then released into SAPD custody. Police officers said that Calvo appeared to be “extremely impaired,” at the scene of the collision.

Calvo’s blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.29 — more than three times the legal limit, according to the criminal complaint,

The victims of the DUI collision included the driver of the other vehicle, Jose Alberto Avila-Rosas, 31-years-old, and his passengers, Zimoara Zaragoza of Garden Grove, 23-years-old, Antonio Alonso Santibanez of Orange, 23-years-old, and Prisma Yuliana Montoya of Santa Ana, 34-years-old.

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