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Santa Ana pedestrian accidents

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: SAPD working fatal collision 300 N. Harbor Blvd

On 11/15/2014 at 5:30 pm officers responded to the 300 block of N. Harbor Blvd for a pedestrian down in the vicinity of 5th/Harbor. Officers determined the pedestrian down was a result of a collision between a vehicle and an adult male riding on a bicycle.

The driver remained at the scene. The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene by OCFA. SAPD Major Traffic Investigation Team is responding to handle the incident. Harbor Blvd from 1st Street to 5th Street is closed until further notice.

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9 thoughts on “Bicyclist killed in vehicle collision near 5th and Harbor Bl.”
  1. Not a week goes by in Orange County that a bicyclist is not killed or seriously injured with collisions with cars. This is the main reason bike trails should always be placed off-road wherever possible. Sometime this year the Santa Ana City Council will be faced with the choice of placing an off-road bike trail along Santiago Creek (between the I-5 underpass and Flower), or routing it on-road to avoid the creek and for three times the distance — all to appease the NIMBY neighbors who back up to both sides of Santiago Creek. The reasons these neighbors oppose an off-road bike trail along the creek are almost ludicrous (like “a bike trail will bring disease into the neighborhood”). The City Council should keep bicyclists safety uppermost when confronting neighbors who are selfishly and unreasonably opposing a bike trail along the creek.

  2. Really, the City Council should place “bicyclists safety” over responsible planning and protecting homeowners from crime?

    To my knowledge nobody in Fisher/Floral park is concerned about disease, they are worried about crime, homeless encampments, noise and property values. All VERY valid points. In fact, more so than a bunch of hobbyists who pollute the tranquility of their neighborhood.

    1. What country do you live in? seriously… someone dies in the street and you mention property value in your comment. Please shut up and think.

  3. Please publish a follow up when more information is available; including what road using behavior contributed to this fatal conflict (i.e. edge rider? wrong way rider? sidewalk rider?bolting cross walk? excessive speed? distracted driver? unsafe passing? ) These sad reports can help if more details of the causes are available so all road users can learn from them.

      1. What about reckless or distracted driver. How about old driver? if your painting the scene for us, why not be more inclusive?

  4. Almost every story, involving a human action, has not increased or decreased in incidence, nor will decrease based on any action or lack of by other human beings measurably, the only thing that has changed measurably is the illusion that it will, created by the emergence of; digital age…

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