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Sal Tinajero with Vice President Joe Biden

While Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido enjoyed a resounding victory in this year’s General Election it is increasingly likely that he will not run for reelection in 2016.  If that happens who should run for his Mayoral seat?

I would imagine that many of our Council Members would run – although it is more likely that those with safe Council terms would do so, such as David Benavides, Sal Tinajero and Michele Martinez, who were all reelected this year.  Their colleagues Roman Reyna and Vince Sarmiento will have their hands full running for reelection for their Council seats in 2016.

An open Mayoral seat would also invite interest from past Council Members and those who have run for Mayor before unsuccessfully, such as Al Amezcua and Thomas Gordon.  Top City Commissioners would also be in the mix.

Vote for your favorites in our 2016 Santa Ana Mayoral Candidates poll below.  You may vote for up to three candidates:

Who should run for Santa Ana Mayor in 2016?

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8 thoughts on “Poll – who should run for Santa Ana Mayor in 2016?”
  1. Maybe Flores can volunteer for Loretta some more and get his citizenship “fast tracked”…………
    That is if he is still welcome in Democratic circles.

    1. Are you implying David, Michele and Roman have baggage? According to Doc Lomeli they are the patron saints of the city.

  2. “Papacito” Arturo Lomeli has some serious issues to deal with at home, I don’t think he’ll be running for anything soon. Unless Art Jr. dodged the FELONY DOPE ARREST….

    The Lomeli’s are the OC version of SAMCRO, but less: gunless, gutless and worthless.

    Raquel’s relationship with “Alfredo” make you think “Gemma”, but Art as anything but a prostrate tool You would think Andre’s Mom could get the shot caller to stop feeding the kid dope. Then again, that world is beyond what most of us could comprehend:


    Please tell us how in touch the Lomeli’s are with the AVERAGE Santa Ana family!

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