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MainPlace Mall

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: Westfield MainPlace Mall Active Shooter Drill October 22, 2014 at 2800 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA

*** Media Advisory ***

(Santa Ana, CA) Today, Westfield MainPlace Mall has announced they will be holding an active shooter drill on Wednesday, October 22, 2014. The drill will allow participants from the mall, the Santa Ana Police Department, and the Orange County Fire Authority to work together during a realistic active shooter scenario. The purpose of the drill is to give mall employees and the police and fire departments an opportunity to exercise their response plans and procedures in the event of an active shooter in the mall.

Given the unfortunate occurrence of recent active shooter incidents around the world, Jonathan Maher, the General Manager of Westfield MainPlace, requested and helped plan the drill to ensure his personnel were familiar with procedures and had a chance to practice how they would react.

The drill is also designed to give local law enforcement and fire personnel the opportunity to practice newly adopted procedures under which police officers will now escort firemen into an active scene so they can quickly begin treatment and evacuation of wounded victims. These new response procedures were the result of lessons learned from previous active shooter incidents and are designed to increase the survivability of victims.

The drill will take place during the early morning hours and should not cause any disruptions of traffic in the area or mall operations.

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna
(714) 245-8029 office
(714) 709-2043 cell

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3 thoughts on “Active Shooter Drill set for 10/22 at the Westfield MainPlace Mall”
  1. And do we know if FEMA and Homeland Security are co-sponsoring this Active Shooter Drill?
    If they are, there is a certain chance of it going live and/or entirely off script.
    Sandy Hook, Newtown Conn. is the most infamous case of such a scenario.
    Nobody in the general public knows if anybody was actually killed there or not.
    Crisis actors employed, media cover up, fictitious identity of shooter, on and on.
    F.B.I. has no murders listed for Newtown Conn. the year of the shooting nor any death certificates issued.
    Key “Witnesses” scrubbed by Google search engines and internet existence.

    1. Oh man! Thank you annonymous!
      Finally people are waking up to this B.S. going on in this country that once was considered the United States of America.
      Let’s wish them luck tomorrow at Main Place and hope that the drill turns put to be only a drill.

      1. Of course, if global truth does not interest you, you can always go back to reading about Palin family brawls or Kim Kardashian breakups .

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