Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

The OC GOP finally has a chance to pick up the 69th Assembly District – but they surely won’t be able to do that behind uber-conservative Robert Hammond, who already lost to incumbent Jose Solorio in 2010.  So why else might they run?

One name I keep hearing is that of O.C. Assistant Clerk to the Board of Supervisors Hugh Nguyen, a thirty year resident of Santa Ana.

Nguyen previously ran against Tom Daly for the office of O.C. Clerk-Recorder, last year.  Nguyen got over 97,000 votes in that contest, according to Smart Voter.  Daly won that race, but he is now looking to abandon that office to run for Solorio’s seat in the 69th Assembly District.  

Does the 69th A.D. have enough Vietnamese votes to put Nguyen over the top?  That is tough to say – but I can say that a lot of Vietnamese Americans have been moving into the district over the past five years.  Many of the homes foreclosed upon in Santa Ana have in fact been bought up by Vietnamese Americans.

Nguyen would figure to do well with GOP white voters and with independents.  He is a moderate but is fiscally conservative.  He has a lot of supporters in the GOP, and he is also popular with many area Democrats.

Nguyen graduated from Santa Ana public schools and he is married to a Latina.  He even speaks some Spanish.  He still works at the County of Orange and he also helps his uncle to run a very popular Lee’s Sandwiches, in Santa Ana.  His business experience would serve him well as a candidate for the State Assembly.

It might actually help Nguyen if Hammond stayed on the ballot, to bleed white votes away from Daly.

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8 thoughts on “Will Hugh Nguyen challenge Tom Daly for the 69th A.D.?”
  1. I would vote for Hugh Nguyen before I vote for Tom Daly. I met Tom Daly a few years ago and the guy was such a jerk.

  2. Hugh Nguyen should not run for Assembly. If Mr. Daly win Hugh Nguyen should be appointed the next Clerk-Recorder. He is more than qualified to do the job. Hopefully Mr. Daly can take Renee Ramirez with him. Tom Daly and Renee Ramirez are never at work. I hate working for them but I need a job.

  3. Where is Mr. Daly and Renee Ramirez? They are not at work again. Maybe they are out campaigning during County time. Someonr please investigate this abuse.

    Mr. Daly secretary doesn’t even know where he is at.

    This is bullshit. The Board of Supervisors let this guy walk all over them.

  4. Tom Daly and Renee Ramirez are not at work. Maybe they are out campaigning during County time.

  5. Julio Perez is the only serious candidate in the 69th. Its a shame you already wrote off Michelle since your last post, what happened?

    BTW pro business and business experienced politicians got us into this mess. Do we really need more bottom line tactics and deregulation policies are the answer. We need to strengthen the middle class and help them grow. Top down economics is not the answer.

    1. What are you talking about? Michele is the only candidate I have endorsed.

      Perez is seriously frightening. He is the last thing out damaged economy needs.

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