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Rancho Santiago Community College Board

The Rancho Santiago Community College Trustees want to spend $57K to find their next Chancellor

(From left to right): Clerk Brian E. Conley, M.A.; John R. Hanna; Mark McLoughlin; Lisa Woolery, APR, M.A.; President R. David Chapel, Ed.D.; Phillip E. Yarbrough; Vice President Lawrence R. “Larry” Labrado and Student Trustee Gloria Holguin.

The Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Trustees is selecting an executive search firm to assist in the recruitment and selection process of a new chancellor.

The outrageous part is that they are planning to spend over $57,000 to find a new chancellor and it seems that the district has forgotten their own budget crisis.

This is why  several area activists are mobilizing and standing against such wasteful spending. Not only would the district be saving $57,000 by not seeking a hiring committee, but by having a interim chancellor it can potentially save the salary of the chancellor which is $315,000 a year.

A group of students plans to protest this waste of money on Nov. 16, which is this coming Monday, at 4:30 pm.  They will meet at the RSCCD headquarters, located at 2323 N. Broadway, in Santa Ana.  For more information contact Alex Flores at aflores18@gmail.com or by calling 714-564-6208.

Click here to see the event flier.

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12 thoughts on “Why is the Rancho Santiago College District spending $57K to find a new Chancellor?”
  1. Is there a greater group of fools than the folks on this college board? Art, why do we have THREE out of six board members living in the posh Floral Park neighborhood? All those brown faced students at Santa Ana College with a mostly lily white board ruining their education and wasting 57 Grand on a chancellor search! In this job market, are you kidding me? Run a Craig’s List ad for free and see how many resumes you get! How can we dump this board? Art, please run for the board. When is the next election and who is up?

  2. #1,

    Negative? I find what these students are doing to be most positive.

    These students care about their school and are actively engaging their school board for positive change.

    Too often we do nothing in similar circumstances – but these kids are standing up for what they believe in. I am very proud of them.

  3. #2,

    The problem is that the college board elections are at large. You have to be rich, or backed by special interests, to win.

    If the elections were ward specific you would not have this problem.

    Also, we had two fine Latino candidates last year, but other Latino leaders in the area backed their opponents.

    Under such circumstances it is impossible to win.

  4. This information is innacurate. The RSSCD Board is not planning to spend $57k on a search. There is no way I would support that.

  5. John,

    This is in your recent Board agenda:

    Approval of Search Consultant and Timeline for Chancellor Search Action

    It is recommended the board select an executive search firm to assist in the recruitment and selection process of a new chancellor. It is recommended the board approve the timeline for the chancellor search process and authorize the Executive Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Educational Services to chair the screening committee and coordinate the recruitment and selection process with the selected search firm.

    Are you saying that the Board is going to do all this and not spend any money? Why not appoint an interim Chancellor and thus have more time to research candidates?

    And why use a search firm at all? Why not just post the job on usjobs.gov and caljobs.gov and see who applies? The SAUSD conducted a search to replace Al Mijares and they ended up hiring his former assistant, Jane Russo, even though she did not have a doctorate in education. So much for their national search…

  6. John,
    In the docket from the previous meeting Monday October 26 it was indicated that the search can cost up to $57k. Some being subsidized by the chancellor’s office and the remainder would be paid out of our general fund, all being depended upon which search company was selected.

  7. Alex–Your flyer said the District “wants to spend $57,000”. Thats not true.
    There were a number of bids that came in and $57,000 was the high one. The low one is 1/2 of that figure. I don’t plan to vote for that $57,000 company, I doubt if my colleagues will, and the Administration is not going to recommend that company.
    If you are lobbying against the Board approving a contract for $57,000, fine, but no one I know wants to spend that much for a search.

  8. Art,a phone call or email to check with me could have given you some accurate information. I’m writing for myself here, not the Board. Only the Board President, Dave Chapel, can speak for the Board.

    First, the $57,000 was just one of a number of bids for the jobs. No way I am going to vote for that, I doubt if my colleagues will also. The Adminsitration is not going to recommend that company. So you should amend your post because its not accurate.

    2) No general fund money will be spent on this. No funds will be drawn away from classes, students or employees. The funds will come from special funds from the state chancellor’s office specifically for employee recruitment. It can not be spent on classes for students, scholorships, or funds for employee pay.

    3) I was supportive of having an interim chancellor and voted as such at the last board meeting but a) there weren’t the votes for that and b) the person I felt could fill the job convinced me that we owed it to the students, the employees and the community to go out on a search first. We have until the end of June before Chancellor Hernandez retires which should give us sufficient time to complete the search. If the Board isn’t satisfied with the results, I’m prepared to push for an interim chancellor again at that time.

    4) If we are soliciting outside applicants than a search firm provides significant benefits to the search. Remember, RSCCD is the size of a big corporation and we are not necessarily looking to hire people who are out of work or looking for a job at the moment. They do the back ground checks and interview people . They work with a search committee, comprised of faculty, administrators, students and a community member to review all the candidates, narrow the field and recommend a final list to the Board.
    We had a search consultant involved in the hiring of SAC President Martinez and SCC President Vasquez, as well as Chancellor Hernandez. If we end up with someone local, so be it but with funds that won’t come out of our general fund we owe it to our students, employees and our community to try and find the best.
    I appreciate Alex’s advocacy for students. He did a wonderful job on raising funds for the summer program. I just want to make it clear that I don’t know of anyone who says they want the $57,000 company and that company’s price would be the only one where general fund money would be impacted. No way I will support that company’s bid.

  9. If the college Board has solicited proposals for a head hunter they are to be commended. So often government entities seem to just pick someone in that business, often a retired highly paid public servant who has become a “consulant”, and hand them the contract. Sounds to me like the College Board is on the right track.

  10. How is it that a chancellor earns more than the Govenor? Maybe all the hired help should earn more than thier bosses. *L*

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