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Paul Walters, Behind the Badge

Supporters of Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters are expected to turn out in large numbers at this Monday’s City Council meeting, on Jan. 7, 2013, at 5:45 pm, at the Council Chambers, at 22 Civic Center Plaza, in Santa Ana.

Walters has come under fire as the current Santa Ana City Council majority has decided to come after him even though he saved our city from a budget fiasco last year and is even now our best hope to resolve the State of California’s demand for the return of some $56 million dollars in redevelopment funds.

The Council Members in the majority, which include Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero, Vince Sarmiento, David Benavides, Michele Martinez and Roman Reyna, have admitted that their attack on Walters is just more revenge against the Mayor, Miguel Pulido, for reasons known only to them.

I am told that Tinajero freaked out when 15 Walters supporters showed up at the closed-door, last minute Council meeting during Christmas week.  Imagine how the Council cabal will react when the Chambers are packed with Walters supporters?

Reportedly the Council majority wants to appoint Gerardo Mouet, the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Agency Director, to replace Walters as City Manager.  But does Mouet’s education and experience really make him a better option as City Manager than Walters?

Here is Mouet’s bio, as provided by NALEO: Mr. Gerardo Mouet oversees a City Agency that handles parks, trails, recreation centers, senior centers, a stadium, libraries, and a zoo. He began to work for the City of Santa Ana in 1990 and has held a variety of positions including nine years in Personnel Services, where he worked on the City’s Workforce Diversity Program and the Public Business Academy, two years in the City Manager’s Office as Assistant to the City Manager in operations, two years as Assistant Director for Parks, Recreation, and Community Services and in 2004 as Executive Director for this agency. Mr. Mouet grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, and attended UC San Diego and CSU Long Beach for his graduate studies in Public Administration.

And here is Walter’s city bio:

Chief Walters graduated from Santiago High School in Garden Grove, CA. He attended Orange Coast College before his four-year (1966-1970) tour of duty with the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. He was nominated for Airman of the Year in 1967.

While raising a family and working full time as a police officer, he attended night school and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University Fullerton (CSUF), a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Southern California (USC) and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from American College of Law. He is also a graduate of the California Command College Class II and the Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP) Class IV, Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), Washington D.C.

Wow.  Who knew that Walters had a MPA from USC and a doctorate degree as well?  Mouet has an MPA too, but it is from CSULB. 

Beyond that, Walters led our police department very well for a long time – dropping crime levels to record lows.  He even oversaw the construction of our police headquarters and city jail and found ways to make the jail profitable by leasing cells to other public agencies.

Going after Walters has been a new low for the Council majority – and they are clearly doing it now as they won’t have the guts to do this closer to the 2014 elections, when Tinajero, Martinez and Benavides will be up for re-election.

Stand up for Walters this Monday!  Let your voice be heard.  This Council of bullies needs to be put in their place!

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52 thoughts on “Stand up for our City Manager at the Council meeting set for this Monday”
    1. Gerardo Mouet has no business being City Manager. I have worked with him first hand during contract negotiations and believe Paul Walters is much best educated and experienced to continue doing the job he is currently doing so well! Mr. Walters is a true American who has served his country and city for four decades and has a distinguished education from well known institutions to back his resume. This is America, not Mexico and should be run by someone who understands the government and politics. Mr. Walters through his leadership and relations with local politicians have brought millions of dollars to our city to pay for technology and personnel which we have all reaped the benefits of by drastically reduced crime rates and improved standards of living. As for Gerardo Mouet, he has overseen parks and rec to name just a few things from his resume. Is it really that difficult to see who the better city manager is?

  1. “Tinajero freaked out when 15 Walters supporters showed up at the closed-door”……… Hmmmmmm

    Well, thanks to his lap dog Mill you will keep defending Tinajero as you did in the previous post.

    Somehow you can’t decide on which side you are.

    Tinajero or Pulido; Democrat or Republican; American or Mexican; Mill pictured with Walters or Tinajero……. classical case of a split personality.

    Make sure that you are properly medicated before you start writing.

      1. “I’m on the side of the people of Santa Ana, as I always have been”……… Hmmmmmmm

        So was Adolf Hitler!… It is called national socialism!

        Se you in Monday Meeting!

          1. “And I’m hardly a fascist, much less a socialist”…….. Hmmmmmmmmmm

            Please be advised that the FASCISM and NAZIISM are not synonymous terms.

            The socialist is any one who believes that a certain national society [not a constitutionally defined individual] should govern.

            Do you believe that Latinos are fit to run a government?

          2. “Even Czech”…… Hmmmmmmm

            I bet that the next comment of yours will be about my Mexican wife which has nothing to do with the original comment of mine, stating that Tinajero is leader of the Mexican National Socialist coup d’état in Santa Ana.

          3. “a happy new year”……. Hmmmmmmm

            Not if she is paying price for being associated, by way of color of her skin, with Mexicans National Socialists like you and Tnajero.

  2. “……..Mr. Mouet grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, and attended UC San Diego and CSU Long Beach for his
    graduate studies in Public Administration.”

    Key to this biography is the fact that nearly every other biography states a degree and date.

    Mouet should be asked and he should be prepared to answer if he graduated and when, provide proof.

    Roman Renya “attends” an online college no one has ever heard of. Look at the caliber of council member that got us.

    If Mouet is in fact the canidate put forth, he should be fully vetted. BEFORE the meeting and publicly questioned.

  3. Anyone who grew up in T.J. should be given a degree in survival skills.

    Everyone should come out to support Paul Walters. He’s always been there for the residents of Santa Ana and now they need to show up and support him.

  4. “Supporters of Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters are expected to turn out in large numbers at this Monday’s City Council meeting”…….. Hmmmmmm

    I have checked the agenda and there is nothing there to suggest that the council will entertain any issue re Walters.

    Perhaps you can point it out to me where any such comments are expected to heard.

          1. Does that matter? The Council is going to see a Chamber packed with Walters supporters and they are going to freak out. Mission accomplished.

  5. Hi, you guys have forgotten a few things. Mr. Walters is the highest or one of the highest paid city managers. Have you asked him how much money in pay cut he took during the city’s fiscal cliff (0) but, the rest of the city employees not including police over (18 perecent). Now, you mean to tell me he is such a candid individual. You have to lead by example.

    1. Union heads make a lot of money too. How much does the head of the police union make? How much does OCEA boss Nick Bernardino make.

  6. It is ironic that Mr. Walters is close to 70years old and still working. Maybe he made a few mistakes like a divorce, marrying someone 20 yrs younger, and paying half of his pension to his former wife. Huh!!!!
    No wonder, but they should like into police contributions by the POA to the council members and the benefits the police service men get in return. No wonder there is Mr. Walters, where did he come from …. Police

  7. I think Santa Ana needs to worry about being close to insolvent from all the bad finance decisions they have made in the past. Do not forget Michelle just brought light to the fact of money transferring from different fund to balance the general fund. Also, remember Fullerton and Anaheim have been sued by Howard Jarvis and Fullerton needs to repay its taxpayers at least for the last three years of taking their money. I smell our CIty will run the same course be prepare. This is called thievery and someone approved it and dreamed about too

    1. Michele approved all of that. She has been there six years. And how is the city going to pay for all these discoveries?

      Did you know that she expects the city to pay for her health fairs too? Money doesn’t grow on trees Michele!

  8. SA Walter / 265,000 / per cap 0.81
    Below numbers from same report
    SA Ream / 240,000 / per cap 0.67
    Or / 223,000 / per cap 1.57
    Tus / 245,000 / per cap 3.26
    ANA / 293,000 / per cap 0.84
    CM / 200,000 / per cap 1.75
    GG / n/a
    WEST / 209,000 / per cap 2.22
    FV / 221,000 / per cap 3.81
    Irvine / 260,000 / per cap 1.20
    Brea / 262,000 / per cap 6.55
    SJC / 324,000 / per cap 9.00
    AV / 197,000 / per cap 4.28
    MV / 235,000 / per cap 2.35


    2009 info

    Even tho Anaheim and Santa Ana have the highest pay of those listed, they are also the lowest per capital cost.

  9. Will Jill Arthur be on the short list of those hoping to take Paul’s place?

    If you want Paul and not Jill Arthur than come out and support him Monday.

  10. I think the per capita salary of an individual it’s bias. Then, the president of the United States should be paid more. But, look at the overtime Santa PD have gotten in the past while Mr. Walters was the chief in excess of 5million minimum the last few years. But, the entire City in the fiscal cliff. It is time to clean the house and we the tax payers to get more for our money. Hard to understand…. How come none of the management lives in Santa Ana? They come one way and leave on the same street after work too.

    1. Where are you getting your facts? SAPD has gone WITHOUT overtime the past few years and all overtime is earned as comp time. Our association agreed to this in order to help save the city millions of dollars. It was the FIRE department that was cashing out twice as mush at the police department with half the number of employees!

  11. Doesn’t Walters forgo a second salary for the second job (City Manager and Police Chief)?

    If so, we should add the two when coparing to other cities.

    1. Paul Walters is NOT the chief of police, Carlos Rojas is the acting Chief and Walters it the police commissioner which is not a paid position. He does that job in addition to that of the city manager and is not compensated for it. Let his record stand on it’s own merit. The previous city manager, Dave Ream, created this so called “fiscal cliff” that Mr. Walters saved us from along with many jobs of good faithful employees that serve the citizens of Santa Ana. I don’t understand why is being targeted this way for doing a great job as our city manager. Originally, yes, he was an interim city manager but was made officially the city manager and has been doing a great job ever since. I hope that the new council members Reyna and Amezcua will not simply jump on the band wagon of the other council members but make informed decisions based on performance rather than out of fear of going against a few council members who have something in for the Mayor and feel that taking it out on the City Manager is the only way to hurt the mayor.

  12. “…. How come none of the management lives in Santa Ana?”

    I imagine that it’s the same reason why Dr. Lomeli does not live in Santa Ana.

  13. I don’t believe in any of the millions he has brought to Santa Ana….. I don’t see it in the streets. I believe the City it’s still paying for the Taj Mahal…. The PD headquarters…. I do believe there are others in the department that could o his job too at a cheaper rate and with new ideas

  14. I do believe management shall live in Santa Ana to understand the people. A clause shall be inserted in their contract and or application. This will select only the people who would really care about the City and make it better living place. Living in Cotto de Caza as the previous city manager does not have anything in common with our City

  15. I overhead some City employees at Starbucks the other day saying…. Remember when Walter came almost at crying point asking for our help to balance the budget and asking for sacrifices….. Have you seen him again coming back to at least acknowledge our sacrifices? And admitting that management did not gave a penny in the worst fiscal and most precarious the City had faced…… I wonder now, who is running our city

  16. I know some managers / dept heads who live in the city. You should check your facts “yankee”

    I had spoken at a council meeting on the way the top management salaries and perks were set and the amount given in the contracts.

    During the council discussions I learned that the top management gave back step raises and cola’s etc. You should check your facts “Callisto”

  17. All cops shall dress as civilians and show up in full force to support Walters….or else, there goes my OT…..

    1. I didn’t expect it to happen until the next meeting but a strong showing by Walters’ supporters will send a message to our out of control Council.

  18. To the members of the Santa Ana City Council and the citizens who voted for them.

    It is shocking and disappointing that our elected officials are attempting to remove Mr. Paul Walters as City Manager when he successfully salvaged the city budget preventing bankruptcy. Mr. Walters is an extremely valuable asset to Santa Ana on many fronts including his years as Santa Ana’s Chief of Police. As Chief he made Santa Ana a safer which makes the city a more desirable place to buy homes, build homes, and open business. The Statistics are facts that speak for themselves. (See below statistics)

    Santa Ana residences are entitled to an explanation as to why the Council members are trying to fire Mr. Walters because as of now we don’t understand why they are doing this to Mr. Walters and the City of Santa Ana. And if there is no explanation then the people of Santa Ana must start a recall effort of ALL City Council members:

    It’s no secret that City Council wants to fire Paul Walters because of personal vendettas towards him NOT because he can’t do the job.

    Please e-mail or call the following Council members and voice your opinion.

    – Ward 1: Vincent Sarmiento
    – Ward 2: Michelle Martinez
    – Ward 3: Angelica Amezcua
    – Ward 4: David Benavides
    – Ward 5: Roman Reyna
    – Ward 6: Sal Tinejero


    Joseph Nasser

    Facts and statistics during Chief Paul Walters watch.
    Single-family new house construction building permits:
    • 1997: 15 buildings, average cost: $108,100
    • 1998: 40 buildings, average cost: $233,500
    • 1999: 62 buildings, average cost: $229,100
    • 2000: 55 buildings, average cost: $137,700
    • 2001: 25 buildings, average cost: $96,900
    • 2002: 92 buildings, average cost: $154,200
    • 2003: 140 buildings, average cost: $278,700
    • 2004: 100 buildings, average cost: $345,600
    • 2005: 79 buildings, average cost: $194,400
    • 2006: 643 buildings, average cost: $196,700
    • 2007: 99 buildings, average cost: $192,900
    • 2008: 13 buildings, average cost: $205,200
    • 2009: 7 buildings, average cost: $214,800
    • 2010: 8 buildings, average cost: $243,500
    • 2011: 42 buildings, average cost: $256,300

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Santa-Ana-California.html#ixzz2HKPKOfeq
    Crime in Santa Ana by Year
    Type 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    Murders 15 17 24 23 17 25 17 26 23 30 25 28 13
    per 100,000 4.8 5.4 7.0 6.6 4.9 7.2 4.9 7.6 6.8 8.8 7.4 8.2 4.0
    Rapes 97 86 55 66 76 73 74 73 65 66 77 88 62
    per 100,000 31.2 27.2 16.0 18.8 21.9 21.1 21.4 21.3 19.1 19.4 22.7 25.9 18.9
    Robberies 865 889 942 871 739 565 644 787 779 842 869 719 591
    per 100,000 278.6 281.3 273.6 248.6 213.0 163.1 186.7 229.2 229.0 247.9 256.2 211.3 180.0
    Assaults 851 837 823 970 956 1,195 1,110 1,112 1,080 788 755 675 647
    per 100,000 274.1 264.8 239.1 276.8 275.5 344.9 321.7 323.8 317.4 232.0 222.6 198.4 197.1
    Burglaries 1,226 1,247 1,396 1,225 1,110 1,238 1,194 1,074 1,013 1,097 1,160 1,116 1,067
    per 100,000 394.9 394.5 405.5 349.6 319.9 357.3 346.1 312.7 297.7 323.0 342.0 328.0 325.0
    Thefts 5,826 5,324 6,263 6,485 5,932 5,442 5,515 4,956 4,684 4,348 4,165 4,189 4,222
    per 100,000 1876.7 1684.4 1819.3 1850.8 1709.4 1570.7 1598.6 1443.1 1376.7 1280.1 1227.9 1231.2 1285.9
    Auto thefts 2,287 2,052 2,563 2,398 2,686 3,226 3,583 2,600 2,100 1,535 1,473 1,275 1,286
    per 100,000 736.7 649.2 744.5 684.4 774.0 931.1 1038.6 757.1 617.2 451.9 434.3 374.7 391.7
    Arson 247 256 203 159 121 131 156 88 120 125 94 139 101
    per 100,000 79.6 81.0 59.0 45.4 34.9 37.8 45.2 25.6 35.3 36.8 27.7 40.9 30.8
    City-data.com crime index (higher means more crime, U.S. average = 319.1) 335.1 317.2 317.7 311.7 299.3 311.9 319.0 306.2 286.6 264.2 262.4 242.7 222.2

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Santa-Ana-California.html#ixzz2HKPaTc54

  19. Dear Art,

    Please tell all your readers the MUST attend tonights Santa Ana city council meeting. If they only attend one meeting in their lives, this is the one. The New Gang of 5 Council majority is trying to turn our city into Bell or South Gate. We cannot let them fire our good honest city manager Paul Walters. He is one of the only honest people left running our city. They want to replace with with a guy who grew up in Tijuana and we all know about politics in the border towns. He wants to bring Tijuana politics to Santa Ana. We must speak as one voice tonight. There will be mini-buses vans available to take neighbors to the Civic Center tonight. Just call you neighborhood leaders for more information.

    Paul Walters has always been there when we needed him and now it’s time for Santa Ana residents to stand up for him.

    Everyone reading this email must call 10 friends right now. Tomorrow may be too late. I beg of you all. Come. Don’t let the Gang of Five have their way with the city of Santa Ana and all of us.

    The note below was sent to me by some friends from my school. It adds more details.

    On December 27th, your council majority took the first step in what will be a disastrous decision for the city, its residents and all the good people who work and visit here. In an effort to remove City Manager, Paul Walters, from office, they held a secret meeting two days after Christmas as a way to ‘evaluate’ Walters’ performance. Walters, who was asked by the council to take on this position in addition to remaining Chief of Police, has done nothing wrong. In fact, he saved the city from bankruptcy by eliminating $30 million in debt, created a reserve and is now working to keep the state from taking another $56 million from us. Experts told Walters to hire a bankruptcy attorney because there was no way he could get Santa Ana out of this.

    The whole time they were trying to prepare him for termination, the council majority repeatedly told Walters how appreciative they were of everything he has done for them and the city and how much they liked him. They told him that it was ‘nothing’ personal.
    Indeed, nothing was wrong with his performance, they only wanted to seek revenge on the Mayor, Miguel Pulido. Ever since they figured out that they could not win in a mayoral race against Miguel, they began plotting how to get rid of him in other ways.
    No matter whose side you are on, if the council majority continues to make decisions for the city based on revenge and their own personal gain, everything you loved about Santa Ana will deteriorate. Even if you live in the surrounding cities, you have to worry about how erosion in Santa Ana’s quality of life and safety will effect you. Their are no gates at city borders.

    Paul and Mary Walters have 20 immediate family members that live in Santa Ana, some for as long as 50 years and they truly care about this city and are dedicated to its future. Paul Walters has given almost 42 years of his life to our town and has been one of the most recognized and awarded leaders in the nation for keeping our community safe during difficult times with fewer resources today than the city had 35 years ago.

    If you are at all concerned about the random, self-serving decisions your council majority will be making in the future, please SAVE SANTA ANA and attend Santa Ana’s city council Meeting on Monday, January 7. 6:00-
    if you cannot attend please call city hall at 714-647-6900”

  20. We need ALL New Santa Ana readers to be there tonight to help Paul. We are trying to have small flat screens set up in the Lobby to keep up on Notre Dame vs Alabama. Light refresments will also be served.
    Come one come all!

  21. Why didn’t Santa Ana have a fair and open City Manager search?

    A 9-month search was started, but abruptly ended after a month. WHY??

    Below is a link to a story about the City of Newton’s City Manager search. Notice how a Law Enforcement official made it to the top 3 finalists:


    Like Santa Ana, Newton respects it’s police, yet doesn’t subvert a democratic process to find the best City Manager candidate.

    We can do the same. Santa Ana deserves no less.

    Lets prove once and for all WHO is the best choice for our City Manager.

    RE-OPEN the NATIONAL SEARCH or at least file an OPEN RECORDS REQUEST to see what happened with our City’s previous attempts to find a successor to our beloved David Ream.

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