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Oh my.  It looks like the Independence Day event that was held today at the Santa Ana Public Library was chock full of Mexican-bashing Minutemen.  Imagine that.

Lupe Moreno, a former member of the Santa Ana Public Library Board, apparently invited her fellow Minutemen to the event.  Moreno is also active in the OC GOP, and she is a supporter of both Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring, the Republican who is challenging State Senator Lou Correa in November, and Assemblyman Van Tran, the Republican who is running against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

As you can see in the above video, they brought their hatred for Latinos with them.  (A word of warning, there are quite a few F-bombs in this video, which was shot by our friend Naui Huitzilopochtli).

I am incredulous that the City of Santa Ana would promote something like this, but they did.  And guess who created a Facebook page for this event?  That’s right, Lupe Moreno.

Are you wondering who those folks are in the video?

1) It seems very likely the guy’s name, in the video, is Gary Hynds.  He is also on two Meetup groups and posted his picture…same guy. Click here for more information about this guy.

2) picture of Anita Hynds with message:  Her message: “support Gov brewer & Arpaio – Arizona.

3) Her mentality – “”The ones who disagree with the Arizona law should move to Santa Ana or Los Angeles,” Hynds said. “They should move to the places where the illegals are at.” – I guess for her and the “Gary” guy, everyone in Santa Ana is a wetback. 

4) It seems that Anita Hynds is also a “Birther” – see the 3 item down…she is calling for Obama’s impeachment.

5) It looks like she is part of the Minuteman group: See the fourth picture down and she is also quoted.

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8 thoughts on “Minutemen take over Independence Day event at Santa Ana Public Library”
  1. It appears that both sides are to blame for this unfortunate encounter and both are out of line. The “wetback” comments are inexcusable, as is the behavior of the man instigating and inflaming the situation. This is quite obvious to a person looking at the situation through unbiased eyes, however I imaging that each side is crying “foul”. That’s what is really sad to me.

    1. booper,

      I think what got the young men riled up was that these Minutemen would show up in our town when they hate the folks that live here.

  2. Admin, be fair – Naui travels all over CA looking for trouble. That said, wetback is inexcusable. The idiot with Naui needs to shut up, he only sounds like a vulgar thug.

    1. Rob,

      Naui offers a looking glass to the Minutemen – and then he goads them into revealing their true natures. It is not unlike what Jay Leno, David Letterman and other TV hosts do, with their “man on the street” videos.

      This is Naui’s way of fighting back against racism.

      His friend was quite peeved, but it is understandable, I think. Why would racists expect to get a free ride in Santa Ana?

  3. Seems this guy Gary is all bark with no bite. He knows that LE is in the area so he’s spews out his garbage just enough to get someone going but then back off when a normal man would man up with the use of such strong words i,e, “wetback”.

    Looking at his criminal background looks like this guy can’t obey the speed laws of his town and has an ongoing issue with his dog described as vicious,,maybe lost in the transcribition was his wife was termed vicious.

    Either way, Lupe Moreno always talks about marry a illegal then why doesn’t she considered her children “half anchor babies” Arn’t these half anchor kids on gov’t assistance, the one tagging along(or rolling in the wheelchair) with her on Social Security.

    What do her fellow Minute men have to say about this? Is her anchor kids and anchor grandkids exempt from the rules of these hate spewing members platform. Waht gives?

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