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Michele Martinez fraud

Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez was not endorsed this year by either the Santa Ana Police Officers Association or the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Association but that has not stopped her or her friends from pretending otherwise.

Martinez is using a picture of herself with police officers on her campaign website and a PAC that supports her just sent out a mailer this week using the same picture – and the same message.

This is fraud.  Martinez was rejected by our leading law enforcement associations for a reason – she has been on the wrong side of crime fighting and our police officers just don’t trust her any more.  Nor should we.

Don’t forget that Martinez previously admitted to selling drugs when she was younger – and she was furious when her half-brother was arrested during her ill-fated campaign for Mayor.  Instead of holding her relative accountable she swore to fire Chief Walters that day and she finally got her revenge last year.

Martinez led the effort to fire our previous Chief of Police, Paul Walters, who as our City Manager saved our city from certain bankruptcy.  Martinez also took point in getting rid of the SAPD’s strike force.  And she has endorsed Roman Reyna for Mayor even though there is now proof that he is affiliated with dangerous gang bangers.

Martinez also took part in the hiring of our new police chief, Carlos Rojas, without the benefit of conducting a national search.  Rojas had no executive experience and his tenure has been a total disaster thus far.

Michele Martinez owes the Santa Ana police an apology

Martinez needs to pull these images off her website and her shady friends who are sending out these mailers need to stop using these images as well.  She should also apologize to the Santa Ana Police Officers Association.

The only candidate for Ward 2 on the Santa Ana City Council who should be pictured with our local police officers is Mirna Velasquez.  The Santa Ana Police Officers Association endorsed Velasquez, not Martinez.  And the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs also endorsed Velasquez.  On Nov. 4 it is Velasquez we should be voting for, not Martinez.

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20 thoughts on “Michele Martinez owes the Santa Ana Police Officers Association an apology”
  1. Why all the negativity Mr. Pedroza? Once again Mr. Pedroza your mole is misinforming you. Chief Rojas tenure so far has not been a disaster. Chief Rojas is cautiously and methodically picking up the pieces left behind by the prior administration. Which was not due to former Chief Walters as a whole but to the economic times. Mr. Pedroza, I would spend more time and energy seeking that transperancy from the Santa Ana City Council your New Santa Ana Group has always seeked. You may find what you are really looking for there. Good night and God Bless all of Santa Ana.

    1. This isn’t kumbaya time Manuel. We’re in a critical election and we need to replace the Council members who have failed us.

      Rojas hasn’t been picking up anything. He has systematically been tearing down everything Paul Walters did. Rojas has lost the support of many men and women in uniform and if this Council changes he might well be gone in a few months.

      By the way the Council majority split apart because Benavides wouldn’t hold his Planning Commissioner accountable for the very transparency you mentioned.

      Take your spin elsewhere. Our readers know what is really going on at City Hall.

        1. Sir, Chief Rojas has made necessary adjusts with the hand he was dealt. The comments about crime solving with all due respect is a process it’s no where close to what is shown on television. No spin here just facts

          1. The facts are that crime has spiraled out of control on his watch and the morale of his officers is at an all-time low as are staffing levels.

          2. I did not see an uproar from the community when employees from city hall were laid off. I did not see one demonstration with baseball hats that read “FCH!” (F^%K City HALL) Of course not! The police is an easy target. People have issues with authority but its okay it comes with the territory. Civil engagement is picturesque and hope we all get there soon. I will start wearing a baseball hat with VCD….. “Vaya Con Dios!”

  2. When a Girl is stomped to death and one of the assailants drops her cell pone in the process and the SAPD can’t figure her name out I’d say that’s a disaster in the making. When two serial killers are wearing GPS monitors when they kidnap, rape and kill four women in Santa Ana, and SAPD detectives can’t crack the case, I would term that a disaster.

    Six gun murders this summer, what do you call that, Manual? An anomaly?

  3. Spiraled, please! Look at the homicide statistics from prior years and Chief Rojas inherited the staffing levels. NO FAULT OF HIS! Put some substance and facts behind those arguments, not hysteria! Good day sir…..

  4. How Does “Manny Delgado” feel about Roman Reyna and David Benavides posting “F$CK THE POLICE” and F%CK SAPD” on the internet?

    Where is F-TROOP Michele on this?

    Come on Manuel, you don’t get it both ways (unless you are PDB’s roommate!

    1. I leave the politics to the politians. I will stand by my kindergarden nursery rhyme “Sticks and Stones will Break my Bones but Names will never hurt me!” Is it just me because it seems everyone has a “CAUSE” lately. That is the beauty of what makes The United States of America so great. Everyone has a voice and free to express there likes and dislikes. Gentlemen it’s been a pleasure……

    1. C’mon guyth, letsth be nithe, I’ve been a cop for 30 yearths and I’m a black belt, I hang out with gangtherths all the time.

  5. I would. One more to add to my collection! I’m getting tired of horse face and her perm. Sol Glow. Thank you “investigator Love” LMAO. Great investigation CR. What you think Manny? Sexual harrasment and discrimination is the norm at the city of Santana.

    Pimps up….Ho’s Down!

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