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The Minutemen showed up to protest today at the Mexican Consultate’s office in Santa Ana, at 7 a.m.  They were led by Lupe Moreno, a Republican activist who lives in Santa Ana.

In the video above, Moreno resorted to calling the mother of Naui Huitzilopochtli, the videographer, a “puta,” or whore.  He then rightfully wonders what sort of Christian Moreno is.

Moreno is known for her right-wing politics and supposed evangelical Christian values. 

Moreno and the Minutemen were protesting because the City of Santa Ana is going to host this year’s Fiestas Patrias event, which celebrates Mexican Independence, on September 11.

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13 thoughts on “Lupe Moreno curses in Spanish at Minuteman protest in Santa Ana today”
  1. By the picture you can tell Ms Moreno lost her patience with the video-men. dont forget that the coin has two side. I hope she post something about the video man, and them we can judge.

  2. Lupe, that was not fair bringing Naui mother into it. How do you like when people tell your son things?

    Naui, I wish I could have been there but, I have been taking care of my Dad, he just had his leg amputated. So he has no way of taking care of himself. I’m missing a lot of protest, and events. Sorry 🙁

  3. I suggest you keep taking care of your dad.. its makes you seam like a very responsible American Citizen

    Harassing people who want to express their views and concern makes you a dictator in the making – remember this is the USA and not cuba!

    And since you go to so many of these protest, can you tell the idiots who wear the little red caps and Che tea shirts that the guy was a mass murdered who murdered people like you father because he considered them useless..

    I wish your dad a speedy recovery!

  4. By the way Naui, why don’t i interview you – you would love my questioning and i promise not to ram the camera in your face or threaten you by stating to you, “YEAH YOU BETTER WALK AWAY”.

  5. Michelle Quinn , you can interview me anytime . I love giving it to wacko right-wingers =)

  6. @lizette montys

    This video has been up for days. If Lupe had a video of Naui abusing her prior to her shameful comments we would have seen it. Lupe is a very nasty, mean spirited woman, who showed her true self in this video.

  7. Quinn –

    there is no end to your back stabbing tactics of Mexicans.
    You blog . . . “I suggest you keep taking care of your dad.. its makes you seam like a very responsible American Citizen.”

    It appears you are implying only responsible American citizens are capable of caring for a parent. Only an ignoramus would make such a claim.

  8. Lupe spreads hatred and Naui exposes it so they hate him. Hate comes easily for them anyway. Minutemen are vulgar and cowardly. They lie to the police, start fights and then act like victims. Its the same in Cali as it is in Az.

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