Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Well, tonight is the First Saturday of the Month, which means you can head down to Downtown Santa Ana for the monthly Art Walk, which features arts, crafts and live entertainment centrally located at: Artists Village – Second Street Promenade (2nd & Broadway) & the Santiago Arts Colony (Santa Ana Blvd. & Poinsettia).

But do Santa Ana’s residents still care about the Art Walk?  It is mostly attended by folks who don’t live here.  They come here to gawk at the art and hang out with the artists, although few of these folks actually buy any art.  They get drunk at the Memphis, Chapter One, Crosby and the Copper Door.  They chow down at some of those same venues, plus a few others.  They might even head to the Yost for music by performers I never heard of.

But is any of this worth it to the people of Santa Ana?  I don’t know.  But if you dig this then here are a few links to what is going on tonight:

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18 thoughts on “If you still care about the Santa Ana Art Walk, it is set for tonight”
  1. “Is any of this worth it to Santa Ana, I don’t know”
    Of course you do not know!
    Worthless moron mongoloid.
    You and Fiala both. Worthless!

  2. I have to Admit that it does sound pretty ridiculous to be promoting two pretentious French named artists and a Chinese spill artist for the Santa Ana artwalk. Which gallery was promoting that? Or did you just google some “art gallery” pics like you usually do? Silly Admin.

    1. The problem is that the name “Mateo” does not sound artistic enough. It reminds me the Bohemian “poMateny” which means confused or crazy.

      You would do better simply using Teo or TeoBella to sound more homosexual and start sculpturing some penises from the clay.

      I can model, as my donation to the Santa Ana Arts.

  3. Fiala, I absolutely agree! My homosexual game is not up to speed and I do not produce enough gay sculpture to be taken seriously by the ArtWorld. But If you want to pay me to sculpt your penis then I will probably do it.
    Thanks for showing devotion to the Santa Ana Arts.

  4. At the very least it brings people into the area, and people do sell/buy art (I have made a few purchases myself). The event is not having a negative impact on the area, or would you tend to disagree?

    1. You know what bums me out is that I spend a lot of time on the Art Walk posts and hardly anyone reads them! But this time the post did get quite a few hits. Probably the lure of the headline…

      1. “Probably the lure of the headline”….. Hmmmmmm

        As I said at the birth of this blog you, will not get any hits on positive posts.

        If you want any hits you must turn NAS into a meat grinder.

  5. I heard that the Fire Dept was going to burn down the Artist Village like they did the Santa Ana Chinatown? To get rid of Typhus I think?

    1. It was the City Council back then who made the decision to burn down their Chinatown. The firefighters back then would have been volunteers and likely included some of the Council Members.

  6. Some people think that the Gentrifiers are all just a bunch of racists and that supporting forced redevelopment and “rejuvenation” efforts are tantamount to burning down the community.
    I don’t necessarily feel that way, but you know that some people do. “Genocide” they will tell you.

    1. Let’s put it this way – if their current gentrification efforts were not working would they resort to burning down the remaining Latino businesses in Downtown Santa Ana? I think they would.

  7. Well the Artist Village Gentrification efforts are working for all. So all of Santa Ana can sleep better tonight. Racist or not. AMEN.

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