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Rob Cook 9.6

My heart is breaking today with the sad news that longtime Santa Ana neighborhood and community activist Rob Cook is terminally ill.  His wife Janet posted this information on the Santa Ana Citizens Yahoogroup this week and also indicated that he can no longer use his computer.

Rob and I didn’t always see eye to eye but I always admired his moxie and his dedication to our community – in particular he had a very big heart and no one cared more for our homeless.  He loved to ride his bike all over town and he quite often participated in local civic events.  He had an open mind and I enjoyed working with him last year, for the last time, as we tried together to stop Santa Ana’s bogus Measure G.

Rob isn’t gone yet so we have a chance to let him know how much we have appreciated him as a person and his faithful service to all the resident of Santa Ana.  Click here to send him and Janet an email message.

Rob is a walking lexicon of Santa Ana history.  When he leaves us we will lose a wealth of knowledge that is simply irreplaceable.  More importantly we will lose a great man who always had a smile on his face and a kind word for anyone he might bump into.  God bless you Rob and your family!  I will cherish your memory forevermore.

Here is Janet’s notice about Rob’s illness:


Just wanted to let you know my husband
Rob Cook is terminally ill.
He won’t be able to get onto the computer anymore.

I know he enjoyed the Santa Ana Citizens group very much.

He sends his Best Wishes and Good Luck to All the Citizens
and to the Mayor and Council members.

Janet Cook

By Editor

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6 thoughts on “Thanking Rob Cook”
  1. Mr. Cook has made a lot of difference in the community simply by being involved, and we all know it. I am very sad that this has happened to him, but I am sure he will face it stoically and with love for his family. Mr. Cook – you HAVE mad a difference!

  2. Just today I was thinking, while browsing various blogs, did Cook got banned from all of them?

    Well, what is striking to me is that he is 10 years younger than I am at 67 so the end is near for all of us.

    Assuming that cook can’t use the computer indicates that he may have suffered a stroke.

    So cook, if you can still remember Stanley Fiala I want to thank you for all of your support you gave me since 2002 during my candidacy for city council and during the city meetings.

    Vaya con Dios my friend.


    I last saw cook, by chance at a restraunt last year.

    “Hey, are you Rob Cook”? I asked.

    “You Bet”. He said. With a gleam in his eye.
    This guy did more for community activism in Santa Ana than ANYONE.

    Ride it out Cook.

  4. I thought I saw Rob Cook at Pollo Loco last week, Main and 20th but I could be wrong. We were both chewing on chicken legs?

  5. Editor:
    Thank you for posting this sad news on Rob Cook.

    I always enjoyed Rob Cook’s OPEN MIND, and the UNIQUE way in which he challenged each of us.

    I am grateful for Rob Cook’s military service, and his community service and dedication to Santa Ana.

    I will miss his him, and his wit and wisdom!
    but I also understand he needs to dedicate his time with his family…May Rob Cook and his family find continued love and joy!

    Paco Barragán
    served US Marines
    served CA Army National Guard

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