Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

A collection of ultra-liberal Democrats and anti-Latino Republicans is having a field day attacking Santa Ana Council Woman Michele Martinez, the leading Hispanic candidate for the 69th Assembly District, over a puny $250 donation while ignoring the fact that a PAC made up of some of the biggest, greediest corporations in the state has dumped over $78,000 into an Independent Expenditure on behalf of career politician Tom Daly, another Democrat who is facing off against Martinez.

It is simply ridiculous on its face.  And it isn’t just the blogs and their commenters – even the Voice of OC, which is supposed to be a reputable news source, has jumped into the fray – attacking Martinez while ignoring the thousands of dollars being poured into the race on behalf of Daly by the likes of AT&T (which recently charged lobbyists $50,000 so they could play golf with the corrupt California Assembly Speaker, John Perez; the California Real Estate PAC; Nestle (which has been accused of using child slave laborers to harvest cocoa beans in Africa); the California Cable and Telecommunications PAC (an industry that works overtime to overcharge California consumers); the Insurance Agents and Brokers PAC; Pacific Gas & Electric (a virtual monopoly – and how about those electric and gas rates!); Anthem Blue Cross; Chevron Corp. (Big Oil!); Edison International; Philip Morris USA Inc.(Big Tobacco!); Anheuser-Busch (Big Alcohol!); Check into Cash California, Inc. (you know what they charge the working poor!); Advance America (another company that preys on the working poor): and the 3M Company.  Click here to see these donations online.

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8 thoughts on “Daly gets $78K from a corporate PAC but Martinez’ critics go mad over $250”
  1. Oh my God, you sound like an Occupier! You are absolutely right, we should be outraged by this Tom Daly and his PAC. And ATT, what a bunch of D-Bags. They don’t even cover Occupy News Coverage and they have a notorious reputation for supporting only far right corporate interests. But what is your problem with them? They are just like you and your girlfriend Sarah Palin. Except that you speak slightly better Spanish.

    1. I voted for the Libertarian ticket in 2008. I did not vote for McCain and Palin. In fact I quit the GOP in 2007.

      I will be voting for the Libertarian ticket again this November. I hope you won’t be voting for Obama, who doubled deportations and hired a Chief of Staff who was working at Goldman and Sachs. Obama’s justice department has also declared war on medical marijuana dispensaries. And we are still mired in an Afghanistan war we cannot win.

  2. So does your libertarian ticket believe in reproductive/abortion rights? Like good libertarians should?

  3. I meant, Spanglish! Did you see that movie with that actress? I would definitely not have an abortion with that chica.

  4. Daly has his big money, Perez has the labor union cash, so how is it fair that Michele is limited to $250 by city lawas? Why did the continue the item for two weeks? Martinez needs the money NOW..not later…Who is advising her? Please tell her to get that city law repealed.

  5. The city law doesn’t apply to the 69th election limits.

    Martinez is holding herself to a higher standard than the other candidate’s on the ballot who are accepting campaign cash.

    At least she is getting this messed up city law under the light so it can be cleaned up, worded correctly, and made as a basis and template for other cities, counties and even the state of California can use.

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