Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Colectivo Tonantzin and Mexica Movement are putting a different spin on Thanksgiving, on Thursday, November 25, with a “THANKS” heck no! Event.

Here is what they posted about the event on Facebook:

Let this event be the alternative to sitting around thanking the master for our own genocide and rape! Lets use these genocidal “holy” days as days to educate ourselves and remember our fight!

Feel free to bring some munchies and drinks!

Thursday, November 25 · 3:00pm – 6:00pm. 310 W 5th Street / Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Those of you who would like to escape the European settler celebration of Thanks-Jesus-For-Letting-Us-Steal-Everything.  You can say NO to Europeans and their happiness at getting all of the “FREE LAND.” We need to remind the world that we didn’t GIVE anything to Europeans, it was all stolen, and by all rights our lands, our continent, are still ours, we just need TO DO SOMETHING to change all of the ignorance, we need to SPEAK UP!!!!

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One thought on “Anti-Thanksgiving lecture, in Santa Ana, on Nov. 25”
  1. We also need to remind you dumb a%%$ that you would be moving ever where US WHITE people are for a job and a better life!

    Morons! OMG!!!!! Poor Mexico, such a beautiful land!

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