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How silly.  The O.C. Register, the Voice of OC and that annoying fake liberal blog all lost their minds wondering if it was legal for Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez to vote for an alternative motion that resulted in her censure, but avoided the far worse fate that Council Members David Benavides and Carlos Bustamante had in mind for her.

Ironically, the Voice of OC’s open government expert, Terry Francke, says there was nothing illegal or unethical about Alvarez’s vote.  This is the guy the fake liberals love to quote – but this time they are all ignoring what he said.  LOL!

The truth is, had Alvarez recused herself, the City Council would have ended up in a hung jury, with three votes on either side.  Neither motion would have succeeded and Alvarez would have avoided a needless censure.

So Alvarez actually punished herself by voting – when she could have dodged the entire mess by abstaining.

Why so many of our local reporters would lose sleep over this drama is a very good question to ponder – especially when those silly fake liberals have avoided writing anything at all about the arrest of Democratic campaign treasurer Kindee Durkee – a far bigger story with much bigger repercussions.

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25 thoughts on “Alvarez would have avoided censure if she had not voted”
  1. Alvarez is so damn cute,almost sexy. Her facial expression is like she is holding Jesus after he has been brought down from the cross. She is asking him, Is this all that there is Jesus? People will never understand if they are not graced. And I still forgive them for it. or something similar.

  2. “So Alvarez actually punished herself by voting – when she could have dodged the entire mess by abstaining.”….. Hmmmm

    Good she deserve it because for the lawyer she is stupid and same as Martinez she always thought that she is above me.

    There is old Bohemian cliché: To whom you can’t advise to whom you can’t help.

    It is Cal. Civil Code 47(b) stupida!

  3. ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Stanislav Fiala is asking: Are the Esquires Straka, Sarmiento and Alvarez competent attorneys?
    Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 04:05:48 -0700
    From: Standa
    To: Straka, Josef, Alvarez, Claudia, Sarmiento, Vincent
    CC: Harrelson, Anthony, Walters, Paul, Pulido, Miguel, Benavides, David, Martinez, Michele, Bustamante, Carlos, Tinajero, Sal, McGeachy, Douglas

    Dear Esquires, Straka, Sarmiento and Alvarez,

    My Bohemian advise to you: “It is Cal. Civil Code §47(b) stupid!”

    You can’t vote on unlawful item, nor substitute motion, as a punitive remedy against Alvarez in violation of her immunity to speak as provided by the Cal. Civil Code 47(b) and protected by the California and United States Constitution.

    Therefore, a vote on item 85A is void and nulled.

    There is old Bohemian cliché: To whom you can’t advise to whom you can’t help.

    Are you gone take this amateurish crapola? See O.C. Register ; Voice of OC.

    Thank you!


  4. “So Alvarez … could have dodged the entire mess by abstaining.”

    No – she would have created a bigger mess for herself if she abstained from voting. She was not going to get away scott free and she knew it.

    1. The B Boys could not come up with four votes under any circumstances. They were lucky that Alvarez didn’t abstain. I think Benavides realized that right away. Bustamante still has no clue what happened.

      Alvarez clearly voted because she wanted to atone for what she did. Her vote was costly but it was the ethical thing to do.

  5. One can only wonder why the faux libs are avoiding the Durkee story. How many of their pals are involved in this?

    It is also interesting to see the Irvine resident completely ignore the story about Mayor Kang joining the Reeps on the council to punk Agran and Krom.

    They just can’t get past this non-story about Alvarez. They are probably jealous of her because she has bigger balls then both of them combined.

  6. “The B Boys could not come up with four votes under any circumstances.”

    We do not know that for certain – but I think that Alvarez would have bought herself a heap of serious trouble if she had abstained from voting to condemn her own words.

  7. I would have been mad if she did not vote. At least she condemned her own words – or perhaps she was just trying to avoid more serious punishment.

    Who knows? – I don’t read others minds and make judgements based on what I think that they are thinking or what I want to make it seem like they are thinking – as does SM.

  8. Hey Tardif why don’t you go post this on your buddies Dan and Chris’s blog?

    They seem to be the only one’s belly aching about Claudia voting.

    Why don’t you take them to task?

  9. @ where’s junior???,

    “Why don’t you take them to task?”

    Because it is so much fun bustin’ Arts chops about it. I have debated Chris on the Alvarez vote on VOC – we can disagree without being disagreeable – much unlike this blog.

  10. A more interesting question:

    Why did Michele Martinez vote against the motion to condemn Claudia’s words? Did she prefer more harsh punishment for Alvarez? Did Martinez prefer that she lose her Mayor Pro Tem title?

  11. She is going to get trounced in her race for 69th Assembly – she should bow out. Labor did not like Alvarez – Michele does not stand a wisp of a chance against “Labor Guy” Perez.

    1. Perez has zero name ID. He is from Anaheim, which is a smash part of the district. He won’t have all of labor’s support. And what little Anaheim votes exist will be split with Daly. The GOP will likely run a male candidate. That means Michele will be the only female candidate. So yes, her odds aren’t too bad. I expect that Perez will come in dead last.

  12. “zero name ID”

    While you are at the party for Mexican states this weekend, stop ten or a hundred people and ask them “Who is the local Councilmember for this area”

    The voters (the 10 to 15 percent who vote) are given a card from the union telling them who to vote for. I have seen the cards.

    If Perez is the name on the card, that is who they will vote for.

    I think Alvarez will run for the 69th. Her last election vote total tops Martinez and more importantly tops the votes Jose got in his last run. And there is no Umberg blocking her way. And she blocked having the title MPT taken away and given to Martinez.

  13. Mike Tardif says in a comment above: “we can disagree without being disagreeable”

    Oh yes Mike Tardif/junior is the model of civility in the blogs. It is just this blog that is uncivil. (SARCASM)

    Lets take a look at some of the civility shown by Mr. Tardif, the owner of Tardif Sheet Metal in Santa Ana, in the past 24 hours.

    The following comments were posted by him on the Orange Juice Blog:

    Posted September 13, 2011 at 4:23 PM
    How is this for substantive Vern?

    “•my nation’s bloody, greedy, imperialist meddling in that part of the world beginning with the 1953 overthrow of Iran’s last great democratic leader Mossadegh”

    If those stupid fukin’ people weren’t so fuckin’ stupid they could run their own stupid fuckin’ country – and that way stupid fuckin’ people, as yourself Vern, would not have stupid fuckin’ shit to complain about.

    That’s about as substantive as I get with stupid fucking people Vern.

    PS: I reject the premis of your poll that the first is a rational choice – stupid fuckin’ poll.

    Posted September 13, 2011 at 4:40 PM
    I don’t give a shit how we overthrew Mossa-fuckin-whatever … I told you – those stupid fuckin’ people should have the fuckin’ brains to run their own stupid fuckin’ country. If they weren’t so fuckin’ stupid they would know how to keep us out of their shitty country.

    Posted September 13, 2011 at 10:58 PM
    “This is why people don’t like you.”

    I don’t lose sleep over assholes who don’t like me – with this post you have proven yourself an asshole Vern.

    Posted September 13, 2011 at 11:22 PM
    “Instead of berating Vern’s logical post.”
    There was little logic in Vern’s “Fuck Sept.11th” post – and much to berate.

    I welcome the New Horizon School in Irvine. It is no more a “madrasa” – as you termed it – than the parochial school my children attended.

    So fuck you kenlay.

    So not only have you proven yourself to be uncivil and quite disagreeable, you have once again proven yourself to be quite a bigot Tardif.

    First you compared gay marriage to beastiality and now you slur Iranians/Persians. I haven’t even touched on your Islamophobic remarks and hatred directed at Muslims.

    Anything Claudia Alvarez could say is tame in comparison to your words. I can’t believe you had the nerve to get up and attack her. What a hypocrite!

  14. Why do you all care who will be the next guy to violate the law in your name?

    Santa Ana city council is exactly like City of Bell council, 100% Mexican not knowing what they voting on and whether or not it is legal.

    Such quality of leadership is what makes an environment for corruption.

    Only thing you care about is the circus and bread!

  15. Where’sjunior?? said: ” I haven’t even touched on your Islamophobic remarks and hatred directed at Muslims.”

    Well let’s see what you’ve got – spill the beans.

  16. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t think think that Iran is a f**ked up country? Maybe we should ask the Iranian people living in the USA rather than in Iran – they voted with their feet.

    As far as the tone of my comments – the tone of the entire blog debate was set by Vern Nelson when he set “F**k Sept. 11th” as his title and theme of his article. That pissed me off.

    One more thing – f**k you “where’sjunior.”

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