Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Assemblyman Jose Solorio may have doomed Orange County to yet another bankruptcy.  A vote he cast last year has now cost the County of Orange $48 million in revenue – and we aren’t getting that back.

Solorio was one of only two Orange County lawmakers to vote for the initial bill that took the $48 million from the county in the first place in June.  The other lawmaker was Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, whose district only includes a sliver of Buena Park, according to the O.C. Register.

The loss in tax revenues is the direct result of a technical oversight by Orange County top executives and supervisors during the 2006 bankruptcy refinancing as well as their subsequent failure to address it during five different legislative sessions in Sacramento, according to the Voice of OC.

Solorio tried to dig himself out of this hole, by working with Republican Supervisor Bill Campbell, but despite the latter’s hard work, their efforts came up empty.  Campbell then threw Solorio under the bus.  He told the Voice of OC that “I’m very frustrated with his performance,” in reference to Solorio.

Solorio terms out next year.  He has spent this year coming up with one anti-employer bill after another.  And now it looks like he has contributed to what might be yet another O.C. bankruptcy.

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6 thoughts on “Solorio to blame for loss of $48 million in annual revenue, by O.C.”
  1. Well Admin, keep searching for these magic Latinos for office.

    I believe that this Solorio Mexican character actually have the Yale University degree.

    Can you imagine how stupid are these who have only Santa Ana College?

  2. Poor Jose. He also lost hundreds of thousands to a crooked campaign treasurer. It’s funny how the Dem apologistas (you know who they are!) are trying to paint Solorio as some sort of hero! What a dunce. Looks like we’re stuck with the idiot Ngyuen for another dismal term.

  3. Its the Supers and their management hechmen’s fault.

    Becuase this and the org BK was the fault of the overpaid creeps.

    the OC should have a BK exise tax on the wages of the supers and top management of the county to recover what they cost us, And it should also be on the retirement pay too.

  4. Well if it was not for the mistake called term limits.

    Jose would still be on the city council of Santa Ana and not on the assmelby.

    So it is the fault of term limits.

  5. “So it is the fault of term limits”….. Agree

    It is like cancer, you want to keep it from spreading.

    I was the only candidate since 2002 who openly opposed the term limits every time the question was given.

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