Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s AB 350 failed to get enough votes to pass the Senate Floor late Friday evening, the last  night of this year’s legislative session. Despite coming up for seven separate votes, supporters failed to get 21 votes in the Senate to secure passage, according to the No on AB 350 Coalition.

  • AB 350 would have forced employers to fire their own employees in order to hire employees from competing companies.
  • AB 350 would have seriously impeded the ability of businesses to run efficient, quality operations, and provide job security for their workforce.
  • AB 350 would NOT have created a single job.

Solorio wrote this awful bill to placate the unions – but had it passed it would have been yet another blow to California’s struggling economy.  Shame on Solorio for putting special interests ahead of doing the right thing for the people of California.

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