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Today was Women’s Equality Day but we have not made much progress in Santa Ana. Our local education unions endorsed three men for the SAUSD School Board election in November. They did not even bother to interview the women in the race.

Now I cannot blame the Santa Ana Educators Association (SAEA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 41 for not backing SAUSD School Board incumbent Cecilia Iglesias. She is a conservative who believes in school choice and wants to spend the district’s money on hiring more teachers and more teacher’s aides instead of just paying the teachers more. So of course the education unions don’t like her.

But what about the other women who are running for the SAUSD School Board?

  • Beatriz Mendoza, is a mom with a degree from UCLA and she is a Field Representative for U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez
  • Gloria Alvarado, is a mom too and she is an accomplished community organizer for the O.C. Labor Federation
Beatriz Mendoza
Beatriz Mendoza

How in the world did Mendoza and Alvarado not merit at least a polite conversation with the heads of the Santa Ana Educators Association (SAEA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 41? Do the local education unions have something against women? Or perhaps against moms?

Currently the SAUSD School Board has five Trustees and only two of them are women. Iglesias is one of them. The other is Valerie Amezcua, who has endorsed both Mendoza and Alvarado. All three of them are registered members of the Democratic Party.

Gloria Alvarado
Gloria Alvarado

So are women equal now in Santa Ana? Nope. Not when the education unions won’t even give them the time of day. To make matters even worse both the Santa Ana Educators Association (SAEA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 41 endorsed Mark McLoughlin, who as we revealed today in an earlier post was forced to change his ballot title because he tried to pull a fast one by pretending to be a teacher. He also has a well-earned reputation for not liking the majority of Santa Ana’s residents.

It is a sad day when the local education unions would rather endorse a liar who has issues with most of our residents instead of even considering the qualified women who are running for the SAUSD School Board.

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8 thoughts on “Why did Santa Ana’s education unions reject every woman running for the School Board?”
  1. That’s because their union president is arrogant and its all about her. Susan Mercer has now influenced Barbara Pearson to make selfish recommendations and forget the true reason they are there is because of our Students. Remember on November 8 vote for IGLESIAS and CANO for Santa Ana school board. JOIN US IN PUTTING STUDENTS FIRST!

  2. Ceci and Angie Cano only put themselves first. Ceci works for Bob Huff and as an extension of his office she is pushing for charter school that are not good for our students but good only for her career. They created a Parents Union and we have yet to see which parents comprise of the group and the enrollment of their children. Ceci and Angie Cano love to manipulate parents for their benefit.

  3. Editor: if you examine the candidate’s log from the OC Registrar’s office, you will find that Gloria Alvarado is not a candidate in the Santa Ana School Board election.

    After a rigorous endorsement process, the Santa Ana Educators’ Association endorsed three candidates who support public education and great public schools in Santa Ana

    1. Rigorous? Not talking to Bauer and Mendoza was lazy, not rigorous. Perhaps the SAEA needs a dictionary too. I don’t think the word rigorous means what you think it means!

      Are you telling me that Bauer and Mendoza do not support public education? That is complete BS! Perhaps if you had bothered to actually interview them…

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