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Janet Nguyen and Carlos Bustamante
Janet Nguyen and Carlos Bustamante

From the OC Politics Blog

“Supervisor Janet Nguyen raised about $50,000 in campaign contributions from the medical industry in the nine months after she began restructuring the board of CalOptima to give health providers a stronger voice, according to her campaign reports,” as reported by the Voice of OC.

This is not the first time that Supervisor Nguyen has reaped the benefits of her votes.  When she cast the decisive vote against letter grade health ratings for our restaurants – a common practice in every other Southern California county around ours, she ended up collecting over $20K in donations from restaurant owners who had poor restaurant health records – many of them had received multiple major health violations.

In fact Nguyen failed to mention at the time that her own husband co-owned a Lee’s Sandwiches franchise in Stanton that had a lousy health record.  He later sold his interest in that restaurant.

The Orange County Grand Jury hammered Nguyen in a very strongly worded report issued this week, for her destruction of CalOptima, which oversees medical services for Orange County’s most needy residents.

Obviously Nguyen cares more about politics than she does healthcare…

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2 thoughts on “While wrecking CalOptima, Nguyen got over $50K in med industry donations”
  1. So what? What’s the difference between she and Solorio? They were both bought off by the health providers/insurance companies.

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