Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero

Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero just voted to blow a lot of our money!

Well, it’s over.  The Santa Ana City Council has apparently negotiated an exit settlement with their City Manager, Paul Walters, after seven months on the job – and after he saved the city from a budget crisis last year, according to my sources.

Walters will leave as both City Manager and Chief of Police.  Yes, the Council is going to blow a lot of money on this – he can choose a one-year severance package — essentially a lump sum of $265,000 — or receive three years and eight months of city-paid military service retirement credit, according to the Voice of OC.

But Walters has leverage as his contract says he can return to his old job of Chief of Police.  And he cannot be fired from that job without cause.

Walters attorney, Wendell Phillips, told the O.C. Register that, “I don’t think they understood the depth and breadth of what they embarked upon until they got into the middle of it.”

Our clown Council got what they wanted.  But do they realize yet what they have done?  And will this lead to a recall election?

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22 thoughts on “The Council has apparently reached an exit settlement with Walters”
  1. I watched on cable, the city attorney said something but the sound was off on the live feed.

    I saw the regester guy and the voc guy there, and neither in their post said anything about an agreement being reached.

    Next monday is council meeting I guess maybe all will be reviled.

  2. Well…here is what I do know…Chief Rojas and Gerardo Mouet are fantastic and will serve our city very, very well if they end up as long term chief and city manager respectively. They really understand this city and have proven ability.

    I don’t know much about Walters…seems like a decent guy…but I’m excited about the two that might be coming.

    And Editor, lighten up. So much vitriol from you towards all the council except for your buddy Pulido. I believe that you are a disservice to our city and lack any type of civility in expressing your opinions. Thank goodness you hold no public office.

    Find some joy…your bitterness is not good for your health! 🙂

    The best is yet to come for Santa Ana!


    1. Bitter? No. Disgusted and disappointed by this Council? Yes.

      I am told that they almost allowed Walters to stay on as Chief of Police, but Michele Martinez, a former drug dealer by her own admission, had a cow about that.

      It is ironic that she serves on the Public Safety Committee, with Romany Reyna and David Benavides. Reyna’s brother was reportedly a gang member and Benavides, who was born in East Los Angeles, says he came here because of our gangs.

      Do you really feel safe with those three at the helm of the Council’s Public Safety Committee?

      As for a lack of civility, what would you call the attacks in Pulido’s children by Benavides’ allies last year? Bet you were OK with that…

      1. Benavides didn’t come here “because of our gangs.” He came here to do a ministry internship with Urban Youth Workers Institute (the organization that launched KidWorks) and decided he wanted to stay and serve the youth of Central Santa Ana.

        1. I am think we’re both right as I can recall that the organization he was working for was targeting gang infested areas. But did Stockholm Syndrome ensue? Did he get too close to the gangs? Is he compromised now?

          1. UYWI targets URBAN areas, in which gang activity is one of MANY problems. It’s not specifically a gang ministry.

        2. Didn’t Mr. Benavides have a young wife with him when he came to Santa Ana to “minister” to the youth? Whatever happened to her? I see him out drinking with that lady councilperson Martinez all the time.

          Does his wife approve of this? Is this how a minister should act?

    2. Gerardo Mouet is not even close to being qualified for City Manager. And the Lollipop Guild (Rojas, Harrelson and Franks) are so inexperienced and power hungry, they will quickly destroy what was once the best department in California and maybe the US. And, tell me, do you think this insanity stops at the dismissal of Walters?! No, this is just the beginning. I hope that SA residents realize that if their council doesn’t listen to them now, they will never listen.

      1. What is it with all the little men (aka Rojas, Harrelson and Franks)wanting to take over the PD? Doesn’t the SAPD have a minimum heighth requirement?

        1. I find it ironic that someone named Napoleon is making disrespectful slander about height. If you can’t say something nice or relevant, than keep it to yourself please. Thank you.

          1. Jeff,

            Pointing out that these little fellas are vertically challenged isn’t slander, it is a statement of fact.

            I guess the council is intimidated by a man of Paul Walters stature and height.

  3. Walters said he wanted to remain on the job for another 6 years. If his yearly salary is $265,000
    6 x $45,000 = $270,000

    So, if it cost the council $265,000 to do this move.

    They can cancel it out in 6 years by paying a new City Manager $220,000 for the next 6 years.

  4. Gerardo Mouet is by no means better suited to be City Manager than Walters. Mouet does not have the education and background Walters has and oversees Parks and Recreation. There is much more at stacks in overseeing the rest of the cities infurstructure that he is unqualified to oversee.
    It seems to me that there is a cultural bias going on be replacing everyone of position with those of Hispanic backgrounds. Don’t get me wrong. Acting Chief Rojas would make an excellent Chief of Police and truly understands the needs of the police department

    1. Mouet often tries to please everyone and ends up tied up in knots as a result. He is a nice guy but I am concerned that he will be a patsy for this Council. I hope I am wrong.

  5. Fair enough.
    You get to make fun of the “Occupy Rabble” again.
    And I get to point out just how simple it is to run a city.
    Thank You, and Good Night.
    God Bless New Santa Ana.

    1. Is it? Let’s hope so.

      Remember that politicians come and go. The staff are the ones who get most things done.

      Gerardo has done a good job with Parks and Rec, although the budget problems forced him to let a lot of people go. If he ends up as Interim City Manager he is going to have his hands full.

      And good luck finding a new City Manager via a national search. Who would want to work for this Council?

  6. Admin,

    Do you have any realistic idea of how much this exercise cost the city, was it just the $285K plus unused time (about $400K) or was the city forced to sweeten the pot because of the mis-steps by the “New Majority”?

    Either way it is a lot of dough.

    I hope the council and thier cronies are ready for some fun.

    1. Details are not yet out but don’t be surprised if they have to pay Walters as a consultant for at least one year, on top of the settlement agreement…

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