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Approximate area of the hit and run accident

SAPD Advisory: 13 Year old female riding bike in crosswalk is struck by unknown vehicle. Suspect flees the scene, victim in ctitical condition.

On Monday evening (2-06-12), at approximately 7:00 PM, a 13 year old girl riding her bicycle north on Greenville across Warner was hit by an unknown vehicle driving west on Warner Avenue. The girl was knocked to the ground and sustained severe injuries. The unknown driver fled, making no attempt to stop or check on the condition of the injured girl. Passing motorists stopped to render aid to the girl lying in the roadway. The cause of this collision has not yet been determined and is under investigation. The victim remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

Detectives believe there may have been potential wittiness to the crime that left the scene prior to officers arriving. Any witnesses or person(s) with information about this collision are encouraged to call the Santa Ana Police Traffic Division at (714) 245-8214.


Editor’s Note: The City of Santa Ana is hosting Open Houses on 2/8 and 2/11 regarding our bike trails and streets.  Click here for more info.

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8 thoughts on “Santa Ana teen on bike struck in hit and run accident, on Monday night”
  1. I know that area very well. Lot of drunk young Mexicans.

    However, if you look at the picture there is no bike line no where.

    In fact there are no bike lines in Santa Ana like in neighboring civilized cities even though bikers in Santa Ana must pay for city license to ride a bike.

    Maybe His Honor Pulido should put some white paint on the asphalt.

  2. bike license has no fee in Santa Ana.

    Need a lot more bike lanes that are seperate from the auto lanes.

    If the auto drivers can’t drive safely at current speed limits, then those limits need to be redused.

  3. I must admit that I had no idea that a bike license was required. Looks like I probably need to get the kids’ bikes licensed. I did find it ironic that the City wants bikes to be walked across busy intersections which kind of seems opposite of what bike lanes are for or even what we learned growing up to obey the rules of the road and ride on the street. I see a lot of bikers who do not follow that rule…from the City’s site:


    Keep your bicycle in good mechanical condition (tires, chain, brakes).
    Obey all traffic rules and signs — always give proper hand signals.
    Walk your bike across busy intersections.
    Always ride with the traffic – as close as possible to the right side of the road.
    Be sure the roadway is clear before entering.
    Always ride single file and watch for opening car doors.
    Most bicycles are built to carry one person — YOU! And you alone.
    If you must ride your bike at night be sure your headlight and reflectors are in good condition.
    Select the safest route to your destination and use it. Avoid busy streets and intersections.
    Yield right of way to pedestrians.
    Always wear a bicycle helmet.

  4. The person who struck the girl was on a normal green
    light the girl passed a red light! She was riding quickly on her bike my uncle was there and that’s what he said; he was one of the people to block traffic from running over her with his car.

    Yes it might be wrong for the person who hit the girl to just leave but it wasn’t entirely their fault; their probably just as freaked out.

    1. So she ran the red light? How awful. And now some poor drive is traumatized. He should have stayed though as witness reports would have cleared him.

  5. Most likely the car ran a red or yellow light.

    Young bike riders don’t know that car driver don’t pay attention to bikes or Ped’s

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