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Thomas Gordon at the City Council meeting 2

The Return of Thomas Gordon?

Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero thought he was being rather clever when he moved community activist Thomas Gordon out of his ward, when the City Council changed the Council ward map before the general election in November.  But now I am hearing that Gordon has moved back into Ward 6 – and he will be ready to take on Tinajero in 2014.

Gordon tried to run against Tinajero in 2010, when a Vietnamese American and a Latina also filed to run against Tinajero.  There was evidence that appeared to indicate that Gordon was involved in their campaigns, which made sense as this would have been the ultimate vote split.  But the Santa Ana City Clerk tossed out Gordon’s signatures, including his own, and he waited too long to turn in his signatures, so there wasn’t time to get more.

But now Gordon has another chance.  And you can bet that he is very happy to see Tinajero blowing his political capital with his ill-advised witch-hunt against Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters.  Tinajero was freaked out enough by Gordon that he moved him out of his ward.  Imagine what Tinajero is thinking now?

Phil Bacerra stops the blog war

Is Downtown Inc’s Paid Planning Consultant Organizing Protesters against City Manager Paul Walters?

Apparently the Santa Ana Council majority is planning to strike back at City Manager Paul Walters in two weeks, at their next Council meeting.  I received a tip tonight that Council Member Michele Martinez, whose actions have resulted in a recall campaign against her, is reportedly working with Phil Bacerra, the planning consultant hired by Downtown Inc, and paid with PBID dollars, to try to organize a group of protesters to show up to support Martinez’ efforts to fire Walters.

There has been a concerted effort by Council Member David Benavides to appoint Bacerra to the Santa Ana Planning Commission, despite the obvious conflict of interest.  I guess Bacerra is working overtime to get that appointment.

But will the PBID hipsters show up when the PBID is so obviously dead?

Julio Perez

Julio Perez on the ballot in the 69th Assembly District again?

Failed Assembly candidate Julio Perez and bitter, washed up former Santa Ana City Commissioner Tish Leon have found their way onto a ballot again.  They are candidates in the 69th Assembly District to be electing delegates for the Democratic Party, according to the OC Weekly.

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to vote for Perez or Leon.  But there is good news – you do have other choices.  I would suggest you consider: Xochitl Cecilia Aguinaga, a past candidate for the SAUSD School Board; Frank Barbaro – the current DPOC Chairman; Jeanne Tran, who is both Vietnamese and Mexican American; Maria Claudia Breña, a young immigrant and noted activist; and Al Jabbar, a great activist in Anaheim.

You can vote for the 69th A.D. Democratic Electing Delegates this Sunday, from 12:30 pm-2:30 pm, at the Delhi Center, located at 505 E. Central Ave., in Santa Ana.

DUI Checkpoint

Will the lame City Council ever fight back against the useless DUI checkpoints?

So where is the change?  The Santa Ana City Council majority likes to talk tough, but they sold out to the police union, which backed Benavides last year against Mayor Pulido.  So don’t expect these sell out Council Members to actually oppose the police DUI checkpoints, which hardly ever result in the arrest of any drunks and are instead used to harass immigrants and take away their cars.

Ángel Juárez, of CopWatch Santa Ana, isn’t waiting for the Council to actually do anything about this.  He organized his friends to show up at tonight’s DUI checkpoint to alert residents and hopefully save a few immigrants from being harassed.  Good job!

The reality is that the DUI checkpoints result in massive overtime pay for the cops.  Deploying more motorcycle cops in Downtown Santa Ana, is more effective if you really want to catch drunks.

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14 thoughts on “Santa Ana Political Chismes: the return of Thomas Gordon?”
  1. Thomas Gordo has been resurrected. He along with Michelle should shut up and go away. Count Chocula (Philis Bacerra) should do the same. Doesn’t Gordo have a life? Hey Gordo, How are your trips (alone) to Asian countries working out for you?

    OMG. I can’t believe that “Just One More Beer” Tish Leon is back. I guess her receptionist job is exciting enough for her.

    LOSERS!!!!! Aren’t there better candidates in Santa Ana? Or is that the best Santa Ana has to offer?

  2. i meant: Isn’t JustOneMoreBeer Tish Leon’s receptionist job exciting enough for her? I guess not since she too is trying to get resurrected.

  3. Hey Art, I think it’s time for one of those “dramatic readings” you do where you show readers the dialog we are not part of amoung the Gang of Five. You know the kind you used to do…

    Vince : “Hey Sal, Miguel kicked our A$# again Mon night! I thought WE won the Santa Ana Spring!” You should have made me Mayor Pro Tem so I would have maybe grown a pair at the last meeting and had some kind of comment at the end of the meeting.”

    Sal: Listen my man, I game you the Water Board seat which pays $36,0000 a year so you don’t have to depend on the crappy law practice of yours”

    Art…let us know what they are saying behind the scenes.

  4. It is important and ask what’s the purpose of the City Council. Who are these people serving? whose providing them with the City’s financial reports and state of Caos in the City? What purpose does anyone serve by catering to minorities. The simple fact that that more than 8yrs in power will only perpetrate the fact of paying political campaign. Any modern society with a leader with more than 8yrs in power have only gone in a spiral of regression. So, why don’t have accept the fact that change it’s good and new ideas are needed and are critical to the City of Santa Ana. Put aside the egoes and leave with your head. Time to move on….

    1. You do realize that Tinajero, Martinez and Benavides have been on the Council for over six years? So where are all of their new ideas? In fact at the last Council meeting Benavides was in Mexico, Martinez and Reyna left early and Tinajero and Sarmiento said they had no comment. Lame! This isn’t change. It is incompetency!

      1. So, based on your previous comment and adding the mayor, there are a total of four people on council with over six years of service correct? No wonder, the majority rules the incompetency….. All four shall resign and have some one else fill the spots.

        1. There is the rub. The people voted. We will have a chance to vote again in two years and perhaps the people will have a chance to recall some of the lame Council members.

  5. Let’s add to this our beloved mayor, over 15 yrs? that’s get old quick. I am betting there are kids serving our Country that were not born at the time of the first mayor’s term. But, correct me someone if I am wrong… How long do you need to serve as council member to get medical benefits from the City? and why these incentives serve the wrong purpose? Let’s get the new and young members of society involved early on. Tinajero, time to get the Santa Ana School District involved and educate our young people. I am sure he knows the drill. The young can help shape society and not the minorities that have been served in the past

    1. Tinajero and Reyna bailed on the SAUSD. Reyna did so after only one term.

      Find a decent mayoral candidate if you want to beat Pulido. Obviously the voters felt that Benavides and Amezcua were unworthy. They were right about that.

  6. I must reiterate!

    If only Martinez is named for a recall and the rest is not, you are looking at new Santa Ana Mayor.

    Somehow Art, you must stop propagandizing an look at reality.

    1. Not my call. I have put in my two cents worth and hopefully the organizers will add one or two Council Members to the recall. If not, oh well. I will be happy to recall Martinez.

  7. why do you believe Martinez is the root of evil? Did sshe recalled the fact of monies transfer from one fund to the other (illegal by prop. 218). Maybe leaving here in offoce will add light to the entire status of fiscal insolvency and the cover ups by the different levels of government in the City

    1. She has been there for six years and went along with former City Manager Dave Ream every time. Where were her complaints then? MIA.

      She is grandstanding now but has no clue how to govern this city. Her dangerous schemes threaten to undermine this city’s already delicate finances.

      She blames Walters because her half brother got arrested for busting parole. So she appears to also be against public safety. Recall!

  8. yes, can anyone comment on the benefits of City of Santa Ana council members. I heard if Walter’s gets fired he goes back to PD Chief since, he holds the commissioner’s title and the gun on its side. Its this true?

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