Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

It was not a good night for Orange County’s liberals, who crashed and burned in California’s first Open Primary.

Labor spent hundreds of thousands on Julio Perez‘ campaign for the 69th Assembly District. The result? So far he is in third place – ahead of Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez, wjho had 3,316 votes, and wannabe candidate Francisco Barragan, who must have run so as to keep Perez out of last place. Perez has 3,554 votes. Tom Daly is leading that race with over 8,231 votes. A Republican who spent no money, Jose “Joe” Moreno, is in second place with 4,495 votes.

Martinez would have been in the top two if not for Perez – and his pal Barragan. Now we are stuck with Daly, who has an anti-Latino history. Moreno is a friend of mine and I will do all I can to help him beat Daly in November.

Perez’ defeat means it is time for O.C. labor to fire those who led the charge for Perez. OCEA boss Nick Berardino should be the first to go!

Perez’ biggest supporter besides labor was liberal blogger Greg Diamond, a lawyer who lives in Brea. Diamond ran for the 29th State Senate District in this election and predictably did awful. He got half as many votes as the Republican incumbent, Bob Huff. And in November Diamond will lose to Huff again. Priceless.

Meanwhile, over in Area One of the Orange County Board of Education, Diamond’s pick, liberal Eleazar Elizondo, is in dead last so far with only 2,172 votes…

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9 thoughts on “Orange County liberals crashed and burned in primary election”
  1. I will be holding Michele Martinez hand as we welcome her to the local Occupy General Assembly Friday Night. There is just no place for folks like us in this Bastard’s game of Money politics. Julio can join us after his janitor’s meeting. You Admin can join us in spirit only.

  2. The Register is reporting that Julio jumped past Michelle and still has a shot (although I think slight) of making it to a runoff.

    1. He did, but he remains 950 votes behind Moreno.

      There is talk in labor circles of running him for the Santa Ana City Council.

  3. I have belonged to several Unions in my life but I have never seen the mean spirited comments like those in the paper today regarding Jose Solorio. So sad. The Union needs new leadership and better political advisors.

  4. “But he is a no bueno Latino”……. Hmmmmmmm

    So if I will be bashing “no bueno Latino” you will not tell me that I am an anti-Latino bigot hater and that my wife is Latina too.

    1. The problem Stanley is that there are times when you generalize that all Latinos are bad. They aren’t. But we do have a few that really should not be supported – and Julio Perez is one of them.

  5. “The problem Stanley is that there are times when you generalize that all Latinos are bad.”……. Hmmmmm

    If you correctly understand the concept of an exception to the rule you will vindicate me.

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