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Loretta Sanchez and Bao Nguyen

U.S. Rep. Linda Chavez endorsed former State Legislator Lou Correa’s congressional campaign back in September but it looks like her sister Loretta has other ideas as she showed up today at a major fundraiser in Hollywood for Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen’s congressional campaign.

Apparently Loretta convinced Nguyen to run – and while she has not come out publicly as his supporter it is pretty obvious that she has chosen a side in this race.

Bao Nguyen and Loretta Sanchez

There are no Republicans running to replace Loretta in the 46th Congressional District. There are however several Democrats running, including Correa, Nguyen, former State Senator Joe Dunn and Anaheim City Councilman Jordan Brandman.

Correa is known as a moderate which may be why Loretta is backing Nguyen instead.

Loretta backed Brandman when he ran for the Anaheim City Council but she surely must have buyer’s remorse as he has turned out, predictably, to be a shameless shill for former Anaheim Mayor turned lobbyist Curt Pringle’s cabal.

Loretta Sanchez at Bao Nguyen's Fundraiser

What about Dunn?  I think he sealed his fate years ago when he tried to move the Federal Court of Appeals from Santa Ana to Irvine. Fortunately he got punked by Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido who used redevelopment funds to keep the Appeals Courthouse in Santa Ana.  Dunn showed with that gambit that he doesn’t give a damn about the people of the 46th Congressional District.

Nguyen might be the only legitimate liberal in the race and he will no doubt benefit from Loretta’s support.  Now if only she would come out publicly as an official endorser…

Perhaps Loretta wants to play all the candidates as she is herself running for the U.S. Senate and probably can’t afford to make any enemies in her own party.

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7 thoughts on “Loretta Sanchez appears to be backing Bao Nguyen for Congress”
  1. “.. it is pretty obvious that she has chosen a side in this race.”

    Nope – no way – ‘ain’t gonna happen.

  2. This is like a sailor who has fifty dollars left after a whorehouse run in TJ: He’s gonna spend $10 more in the bar and the next forty on his next favorite.

    THEY ARE FOR SALE FOLKS. Watch this unfold.

    PS-At least the sailor got something out of it!

  3. It was a fund raiser she “attended” – she didn’t put her name on it – and it was way out of the district in another county. This in no way indicates that she prefers one candidate over the other.

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