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Join us in the Fight Against Women’s Cancers. Kim Garcia will be participating and raising funds for the EIF/Revlon Run/Walk for Women’s Cancers. This event is being produced by Vaults Of Fortune and Hosted by Lorena Maae Insurance Agency.

The fundraising event will include Art, Wine & Breads and Information on Earthquake preparedness.  Featured Artist Amber Orosco will be displaying beautiful works of art.

All proceeds will go towards supporting Kim’s goal of $500 to the EIF/Revlon Run/Walk. All donations are tax deductible.

Donations can be made on line at : 

Please join us in supporting the cause. You are not required to make a donation to attend the event.

Date: Friday, April 16, 2010
Time: 7:10pm – 10:10pm
Location: 2708 Westminster Avenue, suite 110, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Click here to read the event press release.

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  1. Thank you Art. You literally are Orange Counties literary guiding beacon….I urge all my friends who read up on knowledge and information to fill your noggin with some Art Pedroza Blogging….

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