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Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was endorsed by the OC Young Democrats

PRESS RELEASE: 4/09/2010

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Orange County Young Democrats Announce June 2010 Primary Candidate Endorsements

April 9, 2010, Santa Ana, CA – The Orange County Young Democrats yesterday voted to endorse a slate of Democratic candidates who will appear on the June 8th Primary ballot. At their monthly general meeting in Santa Ana more than 50 young democrats from around Orange County gathered to listen to local candidates and elected officials discuss their plans for the future of California. The candidates offered a vision of what change would look like at the county level, sharing their thoughts about healthcare, education, and the role young democrats will play the upcoming election cycle.

The following candidates received the endorsement of the Orange County Young Democrats:

U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer
Governor: Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom
Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
Attorney General: No Endorsement
State Controller: John Chiang
State Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson

CD-40: Christina Avalos
CD-42: Michael Williamson
CD-44: Bill Hedrick
CD-46: Ken Arnold
CD-47: Loretta Sanchez
CD-48: Beth Krom

State Senate
SD-34: Lou Correa
SD-38: Gila Jones

State Assembly:
AD-56: Tony Mendoza
AD-60: Gregg Fritchle
AD-67: Rosalind Freeman
AD-68: Phu Nguyen
AD-69: Jose Solorio
AD-70: Melissa Fox
AD-71:Gary Kephart
AD-72: Esiquio Uballe
AD-73: Judy Jones

Supervisorial Districts:
4th District: Lorri Galloway

County Clerk Recorder
Tom Daly

“We stand behind candidates who stand up for the issues that matter to young Democrats here in Orange County,” said incoming Chair Nick Anas. “Whether it is a statewide or local office,OCYD will work to elect public officials who will ensure that our voice is heard.”

The Orange County Young Democrats (OCYD) is the official voice for young people in the Democratic Party of Orange County. OCYD is comprised of young workers, young families, college and high school students, ages 14 – 35, who are dedicated to the Democratic values that make America strong and provide opportunity for all. OCYD is committed to establishing a bloc of young voters who will elect Democrats for an entire generation.

Using proven peer-to-peer campaign methods, young democrats have made significant differences in races throughout the county.


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9 thoughts on “OC Young Democrats announce 2010 primary endorsements”
  1. As an Orange County resident and Derailer of the Fairgrounds Sale, I’m sticking with Hector De La Torre for Insurance Commissioner – just as good a candidate as Dave Jones, but he did a LOT of work helping to stop the sale, for someone who doesn’t even live here!

    Right, we got TOO MANY good people running for AG. Why does everyone want to do that? I’m going with Kamala.

  2. Apparently the Young Democrats are unaware of Tom Daly’s record of incredible incompetence, cronyism and waste.

    And of course that Lorri Galloway lives in the Third Supe District.

    Either that or they don’t care.

  3. these young democrats are exactly that young.

    infantile and generating a democratic party member exodus

    amongst other reasons for this trend

    1. Just in time,

      Remember when they endorsed Pulido over Michele Martinez in 2008? That was so odd. I mean, she IS a young Democrat…

  4. Ceci is young and has the new energy and respect for her future constituents and for this congressional seat.
    The incumbent simply reeks of decay and apathy.

  5. These younglings spend their spare time brown-nosing–why not just merge with the oc dems—I mean they are not representing anything different from them.

    and yes not endorsing the Young democrat in 08 was quite a shock.

    1. Just in time,

      I think it was Phil Bacerra’s fault. He attacked Martinez throughout 2008. Now there are rumors he is going to run against her in Ward 2. I hope he does. It will be great returning fire…

  6. Really??? Tom Daly??? Did they notice he quit the supervisor race? Why would they vote for a quitter?? That is the reason I wouldn’t vote for Palin. She quit her governorship when the going got tough. When the going got tough Tom Daly ran!!!! Dont endorse quitters!!!!!!

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