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Roman Reyna and Michele Martinez

Roman Reyna and Michele Martinez may tell you that they have left their criminal pasts and gang lives behind but we don’t think this is true. Don’t be fooled for even a second by the self-proclaimed “reformed” drug dealer and tough guy.

Reyna allegedly verbally threatened Martinez’ top opponent, Mirna Velasquez, warning her that something may physically happen to her if she ran for the City Council against Martinez. Luckily, that did not deter Velasquez from running; she filed her papers in spite of these threats. Reyna even tried to talk Velasquez into moving and running against Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinjero, telling her that he is the weakest link on the city council and that she could easily beat him.

When you are dealing with these kind of elected officials, the rest of the story is predictable. When Velasquez decided to go ahead and file for the City Council seat in Ward 2, someone welcomed her to the race by throwing a brick through her front window. Was this just a coincidence? We have our doubts.  It was just another intimidation attempt by the group of gang bangers that currently have control of our City Council – including the first term Councilman who wants to be our next Mayor.

Don’t forget by the way that Reyna ripped Mayor Pulido’s brother, who has struggled to keep up with the tax burden that the DTSA PBID needlessly imposed on his muffler shop.   Yet I am told that Reyna’s brother died in state prison!

Tinajero, Martinez and Benavides

Have you noticed that this sad bunch can only muster the cojones to run for Mayor when they are in the middle of their City Council terms because they know that their chances of winning are very slim? They know that they can lose the mayoral election without losing their seats on the City Council.

Martinez tried this in 2008 after being on the council only two years while David Benavides ran for Mayor two years ago, in 2012, under the same circumstances. A huge divide was created between Tinajero and David Benavides in that race because Tinajero wanted to run for Mayor at the time but Benavides would not step aside for him. Tinajero wanted his chance to be Mayor without losing his City Council seat if he lost the Mayoral race. In retrospect, maybe Tinajero should have thanked Benavides for not stepping aside because we all know how the 2008 and 2012 races ended–with Mayor Miguel Pulido absolutely burying both Martinez and Benavidez. And Pulido did the same thing to the gangbanger’s favorite defense attorney, Al Amezcua, in 2010.

These are not courageous people, who would be willing to run for Mayor without the safety nets of their secure City Council seats in place. That should tell you something about their character and lack of leadership. There are even some that are saying that the gangs and drug dealers were involved in convincing other candidates into running in Martinez’s ward to split the vote and allow Martinez to stay in office–clearly illegal, immoral, unethical and, sadly, typical behavior for these City Council members.

This group has to be shown at the polls in November that we will support someone who has ethics and who really cares about the community and its future.

Mirna Velasquez and Lou Correa

Velasquez is running for City Council ward 2 against incumbent Councilwoman Martinez and we have endorsed her because she is the best person for the position. If she can stand up to these types of threats of intimidation, imagine what she will do for our community?

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23 thoughts on “Have Council Members Martinez and Reyna really left their pasts behind?”
    1. My oldest son is finishing a film school degree at UCLA. I’ll leave the fictional stories to him. I have my hands full with the mess that is Santa Ana politics.

      1. Make up your mind Editor! Who likes to manufacture false campaigns and false opposition? Your boy Pulido or these other clowns?

    1. The question you should be asking is why did the owner of American Barbershop partner with Carlos Bustamante on his new restaurant, Wursthaus?

  1. How do Roman and Michele earn a living?

    This serious question repeatedly goes unanswered. Seriously, follow the money, Michele’s rent is nearly $1,000. Her Beemer Lease is $399. (that’s what happens when you have a 520 FICO).

    What does Roman do? We know the job he claims is The Wellness Center is a child abuse prevention center closely aligned with America Barracho and LHA. How much does an outreach specialist earn? 25K, 35K Or maybe 55K with the promise of a vote for America?


  2. Oh my goodness, i just ran into this website by accident. I didnt know that all this mud slinging is going on. I dont know Roman Reyna on a personal level but I do remember Roman Reyna as an upstanding citizen. He worked at the recreation center as a young guy for many yrs helping young kids. He has his roots here in Santa Ana all his life and a visible figure in the city, involved in the community. Im sure he has the City of Santa Ana’s best interest at heart. No disrespect to the other candidates, but I never even heard of half of the other candidates here, for instance Mirna Velasquez. Please, give me a LARGE Roman Reyna poster so that I can posted in my yard.

      1. That “anonymous” that posted two places above is a bullsgit liar. Obviously trying to act as though they do not know who mirna valesquez is. Stop YOUR Bullshit! Liars.

      1. I wrote that (HE) Roman Reyna is active in out city. I dont know about the other candidates, but im sure they are active too, I just dont hear about them very much. The ones that im familiar with are the names we usually hear about. For instance Mayor Pulido, Bustamante, Solorio, Michelle, ect, those are the name that keep poping up in Santa Ana politics. Im bi-partisan all candidates, because I dont even know their stance or affiliation. I do remember Roman Reyna and Bustamanete involved in peace walks. The other candidates are not approachable. You just hear about them in the news, hanging out with the big wigs (Big shots) I just dont feel that they are tangible. And as for that guy posting under Mateo, You sound like you gangsta, and very hostile, and ya seem like your partisan (Mirna Velasquez camp). Lets keep this peacful and professional. State your case and keep it cool. You must be related to her because ya very aggresive on your posting.


          1. Well im sorry to hear that he (Mateo) got displaced. He was prob getting cheap rent. Ya know, times change, and inflation goes up, the cost of living goes up, rent, ect. Out with the old and in with new. He can probably get a cheap space at the swap meat or somewhere in Riverside. But this is downtown Orange County and if ya havnt noticed it has been gentrifide though-out the yrs. And selling some paintings is not going to pay the rent. I want to go downtown and eat at fancy/posh restraunt or club. Some one should tell Mateo about Laguna Beach. I hear its very artsy over there. Maybe some rich lady might buy some of his art

  3. I love how biased the editor is why don’t you. A few of the corruptive things your boy crush pulido is responsible for. People stop taking your decisions from some lowly webpage do your research on each of the candidates yes roman aint perfect but I for one am tired of pulidos corruption and laziness maybe its time to switch things up a bit

  4. Yes dear “editor” corruptive is a word and by the way no I didnt drop out im a proud grad from Saddleback but hey not that some one that just makes ill conceived remarks would any of those things and by the way a**hole reyna was diagnosed with dyslexia.

    1. My nephew is also dyslexic but he is doing well in college. And Reyna’s fellow Council Member, Michele Martinez, also got a degree despite sharing his dyslexia.

      1. Roman Reyna is a person who has done a lot for the city. That you would say he is a gangster is absurd. Roman is a role model to people with dyslexia. He was diagnosed after graduating from Santa Ana High School. Most experts agree, dyslexia is much easier to treat when diagnosed at a young age.

  5. Is it true his Dyslexia was discovered after he sold an “Eight Ball” of Blow (Cocaine) for $95. Mistaking it for normal Meth??

    Once Papa Amezcua heard that he had the boy tested, and straight to therapy, after all The Amezcua cabal is all about EDUCATION not INCARCERATION.

    “We Gotta Get Guy In Power, AL…OK Pete, I’ll do my best………YOU BETTER ESSAYYY”

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