Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
The hard hats aren’t with Tom Daly now!

The OC and CA Labor Federations held a meeting this week to meet the candidates for office here in Orange County.  As one might expect, Tom Daly, the Democratic nominee for the 69th Assembly District failed to show up but he asked for their endorsement anyway.  It turned out to be an epic fail for Daly.

Daly was completely rejected – and he should be. This two-faced hack says one thing to the Labor Federation then he goes over to the OC Taxpayers Association and says something else altogether. There is evidence, for example, that Daly has supported privatizing government jobs.  Well, the CA Labor Federation figured it out and gave him the boot.  Well, the CA Labor Federation figured it out and gave him the boot.

But Daly wasn’t the only Democrat to get the cold shoulder from the Labor Federation. Termed out Assemblyman Jose Solorio showed up and quickly left after getting mad dogged by most of the crowd. And SOAR-backed candidate Jordan Brandman stopped by, then acted rude – talking over the other speakers.

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23 thoughts on “69th A.D. candidate Tom Daly rejected by the CA Labor Federation”
  1. Now watch Benavides end up like you Art and Martinez.

    Same as I did for you and her, I have offered to him how to attract additional votes and same as you and her he did not responded.

    Obviously you Mexicans believe that you are smarter than I am so, pay your price for your ignorance.

    But do me a favor Art, do not blame anyone else but yourselves guys.

    1. As you know the odds weren’t great in my last race due to a three way minority candidate vote split.

      And honestly I doubt you can find fifty voters in town who know who Ron Paul is. This isn’t Fullerton.

  2. “And honestly I doubt you can find fifty voters in town who know who Ron Paul is. This isn’t Fullerton”……. Hmmmmmm

    Your Nationalism Art is what makes you infective politician.

    Although the Santa Ana is 85% Mexican they do not vote.

    There is about 40,000 turnout during presidential election so assuming that Santa Ana population is about 400,000 so only about 10% votes.

    The reason why Ron Paul’s rally was held in Fullerton rather then elsewhere was logistics rather than the Fullerton’s follower base’s political believes.

    If Benavides would spent $50K to get Ron Paul to speak in Santa Ana, instead of stupid brochures with smiling COPs, I guarantee you that 4,000 of voters like in Fullerton would show up in his Santa Ana rally too.

    It would made much bigger effect than Pulido sitting on the classic red fire engine.

    However, there is even cheaper way how to excite independent Ron Paul base!

    But you can’t teach old Mexican new trick so keep losing.

  3. Who cares.

    Look at the last loser they put forward, Perez.

    The only sign of him is the trash he left behind (faded yard signs). Daly will walk away based on name recognition, but it may be closer than he thinks.

    1. If Anaheim voters figure out that Anaheim’s racist policies began under Daly he could be in trouble.

      No Latinos and no union members should vote for Daly.

      1. “Anaheim’s racist policies”…….. Hmmmmmm

        You have never explained to me why the Anaheim would be better of with all Mexican Santa Ana like council?

        Are you saying that all Mexican Santa Ana council is not racist?

        Are you saying that Mexican COP Ramos will not kill homeless person?

        What is so good about Mexican lumpenproletariat in power?

        Every time your Mexican National Socialism [Naziism] pops up, you look very unintelligent, Art.

        As far as a racism goes the Mexicans are worse than whites except that under Mexicans the city does not prosper.

        Dumping Santa Ana’s fire department on the county is like pissing in your own bed to stay warm….. the bankruptcy is coming.

        That is the only difference.

        1. As you know that is not something I have called for. In fact I have opposed the ACLU ward specific election lawsuit on the grounds that the reason Latinos don’t win in Anaheim is because the candidates that end up running are too liberal. Latino families in Anaheim, as in Santa Ana, are moderates, not liberals.

          I am not opposing Daly because he is white but rather because he has a long history of being anti-Latino and he has always espoused Draconian policies that punished the poor.

          Calling me a NAZI is just plain silly particulalry since you know that I am a registered Libertarian.

          As for the fire department, I don’t care what logo is on their jackets. They all have the same training and use the same equipment.

          If anyone is a racist Stanley it is YOU.

          1. It is my life time observation that only Jews and Mexicans are perfect people lowing other people.

            The others are anti-Semites and anti-Latino racists and haters according to them.

            Study National Socialism! acronym NAZIism.

            Is socialism for one nation only.

            Based on what ever you have posted you want only Mexicans to live in Socialism, meaning that state will ignore their lawlessness and support their life stile in expense of other nations.

            THAT IS NAZIISM my friend, and you are the one and you can call yourself Libertarian until you will cal yourself something else as you often do!!!!!

          2. You are off your rocker. I have never supported anything remotely socialist. I have steadfastly opposed EVERY single tax increasein Orange County, Santa Ana and California. And I have always called for LESS government and MORE freedom.

            Your problem is that for whatever reason you believe that Mexican Americans cannot do anything right. But that is ridiculous on its face. Mexico by the way has been a free country for hundreds of years. Your country of origin was conquered how many times Stanley?

            What I will never understand is how you could have married a Mexican immigrant while espousing such hatred towards Mexicans. Look up schizophrenia Stanley. I think that shoe might fit you very well.

          3. Here we go again!

            Every time you lose your argument you start attacking my family.

            If you want to be self proclaimed political guru you must learn what socialism, fascism, communism, liberalism, capitalism, progressivism and rest of the “isms” is.

            It appears that you have no clue!

            As to your Free Mexico it was defeated as per Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) and since US army defeated Mexico City it could take Mexico too.

            Comparing primitive Mexico to highly industrialized Czech Republic is simply a joke.

            However, in contrast to you, I do not care about promoting Czechs until I am forced to correct your errors.

            Anyone who emigrates to other country and fails to assimilate will be eventually expelled from that country.

          4. No one is attacking anyone. It is a FACT that you married a Mexican immigrant and yet you purport to hate Mexicans. I just don’t understand it.

            As for being primitive, there is in fact a lot of commerce in Mexico. Certainly far more than in your homeland. The new government is already making the right move by ending the drug war.

            I was born here, unlike you and your wife. Does that make me more of an American than you two? Of course not.

            Put aside your silly Archie Bunker mentality and grow up!

          5. “It is a FACT that you married a Mexican immigrant and yet you purport to hate Mexicans. I just don’t understand it”……… Hmmmmmmmm

            The FACT is that my wife is American and I am American and my doughtier is American, so if you do not understand that than you are Mexican Nazi and moron mongoloid.

            If I want to be Czech I would be in Czech Republic.
            If I want to be Mexican I would be in Mexico.

            Only Mexicans are Mexicans no mater where they go same like Jews and Gipsies celebrating their miserable history.

          6. Many people celebrate their culture and quite a few hang on to their native tongues too. Nothing wrong with that. It is important to know where you come from. I am proud of my culture and you should be proud of yours.

          7. I have said it before so I will say it again — I do not care what you think you are or what you are celebrating as long as you do not force me to dial “numero uno” to speak English on the phone anytime I call government’s offices.

            That is offensive to me as an American.

            If you are stupid and want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the holiday invented by Anheuser Busch so they can sell you beer, go ahead!

            Since you were born here you are definitely citizen by way of the constitution but not its protector.

            Many born in Americans betrayed the America and the way you do violate constitutional law you may be one of them.

          8. Funny how those who cry loudest about our Constitution are often its biggest violators. Regardless of our countries if origin we were all born with inalienable rights. God does not consider nationalities or race. We are all his children. Even you Stanley.

  4. “Funny how those who cry loudest about our Constitution are often its biggest violators”….. Hmmmmmmm

    How true for Mexicans!

    They want protection under the constitution but they will not recognize constitutional borders.

    “God does not consider nationalities or race. We are all his children. Even you Stanley”……. Hmmmmmm

    I am atheist so that excludes me.

    The “creator” as mentioned in the Bill of rights is not meant to be the God.

  5. “Like Karl Marx you may disavow God but he still loves you Stanley”…….. Hmmmmmm

    Which God?…. Mexican?

    As you know there are hundreds of denominations in every major religion and each claims that their God is the best and for that reason they are killing each other.

    So, I think that your abrupt switch to God in this argument will not overshadow your Mexican National Socialistic tendencies.

    Viva Mexico — Viva Aztlan, “F” America …… Huh?

  6. Hey weren’t czechs communist at one time? I don’t remember there ever being a communist government in Mexico. I think Mexicans are more American than the guy from a former communist country (Fiala) would love to admit. Also if he want to see true capitalism at work go to Mexico they let big companies that are “too big to fail” fail. SO if Fiala wants to see true capitalism go to Mexico and you will see the results of true capitalism. America is a mix of capitalism and socialism. The whole point of taxing anyone is to redistribute wealth for a higher common cause like freeways, schools, social security etc etc etc. In Mexico, true capitalism has led to unfinished projects, poverty and even more corruption than in this semi-socialist country of ours.

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