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An ABC News report on Santa Ana’s homeless population has agitated some of those who are trying to help the homeless.  The report, which you can see above, implies that most of our homeless residents are mentally ill.  It then reports that the SAPD is using a federal grant to train their officers on how to handle the homeless.

The report mentions that the police issue tickets to the homeless for “camping without a permit,” but does not mention that such a permit does not exist.  And while some of the homeless are called “Sex Offenders” apparently many of them gave gotten on that list because they have urinated in public – which was labeled “indecent exposure.”  As critics have pointed out – there aren’t many public restrooms in Downtown Santa Ana.

It should be noted that ABC News did not seek the opinion of any homeless people nor did they interview anyone from any of the non-profits that tries to serve this community.

There are no easy answers to homelessness in Orange County, but one-sided news reports like this don’t help the situation.

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2 thoughts on “ABC News report about Santa Ana’s homeless was one-sided”
  1. It is August 5, 2012 Sunday 1:20 PM and my wife is serving food, as I am typing this comment to homeless on behalf her Presbyterian Church located in Huntington Beach.

    I recall my last debate with Pulido, Collins and Martinez held in the Santa Ana College, in 2008.

    The question was raised: What would you do for homeless if elected as Santa Ana Mayor?

    All three were tripping all over themselves how they would be like Santa Claus and bring them the “Blue” from the sky.

    Only I said nothing!

    Adding that my duty as a Mayor would be to protect their constitutional unalienable rights endowed bay their creator. (FYI, the creator, as provided in the constitution, and the god are not synonymous)

    All three were tripping all over themselves to accused me of a cruelty — there is video by Collins.

    So look what the Mexican Pulido is doing for the homeless? Nothing! including to protect their unalienable rights, which if upheld would resolve most of the homeless problems.

    However, the Mexican Council is unable to understand individual freedom to exist in their city as endowed bay their creator including their vaginas and penises.

    How pathetic the Mexican leaders are including their SAPD13 death squad.

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