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Men lurking at dusk at Santa Ana’s Santiago Park

UPDATE: The City of Mission Viejo is also considering a new ordinance banning registered sex offenders from their parks, at their City Council meeting tonight.  Click here to read the press release, from the O.C. District Attorney’s office.

The City of Los Alamitos enacted tonight a law to create child safety zones to protect children from registered sex offenders in city parks and playgrounds, according to an O.C. District Attorney press release.  The O.C. Board of Supervisors passed a similar measure in April of this year.  Click here to read about that.

When is the City of Santa Ana going to pass a similar motion?  It is a well known fact that perverts congregate nightly at Santa Ana’s Santiago Park.  I met with SAPD Police Chief Paul Walters, after we broke the story that this was still a problem at Santiago Park.  He then conducted a sting operation and arrested 12 of these scumbags – and he later told me that most of them were married men who like to cheat on their wives with strange men at the park.

This sort of behavior must not be tolerated in Santa Ana!

Did you know that there are over two hundred registered sex offenders living here in Santa Ana?  Click here for the gory details.

A teenage girl was already groped and stabbed at one of our local parks last year, as we disclosed in a previous post.  Why not act now to save our kids?

Click here to email the Santa Ana City Council.  It is time to act now!  Why wait until a local child goes missing?

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9 thoughts on “When will Santa Ana act to keep sex offenders out of our local parks?”
  1. What about the major prostitution problems in Santa Ana on Harbor Blvd? What is Sal Tinajero doing to stop pervs from picking up hookers along this busy street?

    1. The sheriff went on record stating she doesn’t see any reason that would have her grant a waiver. She’s right! What part of the Words Law ENFORCEMENT do you not understand? It would be remiss of her position to grant anyone a waiver to break a law. So, why would she give an exception to a registered sex offender? This was just smoke and mirrors used by the OCDA to get this bitter pill to go down the city and county’s throat and they both into it hook line and sinker! To date now these ordinances have been proven unconstitutional and unlawful ,but who’s children were put at risk? The registrant’s child by not allowing their first line of protection (their parents) to be there for them. Kids often get hurt in parks. Thank God those children by chance didn’t get hurt during the time these horrible, evil punitive measures were in place! Tony Rackauckas used the registrants as his whipping boy for votes to get re-elected. That is not an uncommon thing for politicians but to do so by putting their children at risk is beyond belief and itself should be criminal. TRUTH

  2. anon,

    Please explain how it’s Councilman Tinajero’s responsibility to police hookers on Harbor. Harbor Blvd encompasses 3 council wards, not just Tinajero’s.

    Your comment is simply ridiculous!

    We all know failed candidate Thomas Gordon liked rousting hookers on Harbor, but those that actully qualified for the ballot and got elected would likely refer the problem to the SAPD as should you.

  3. admin said: “Why wait until a local child goes missing?”

    They are just homos, not pedophiles. You are a homophobe – welcome to the club amigo.

  4. I live across the street from the park and walk the paths on both sides of the river several times a day. There are a lot of problems that call for a constant police presence. The paved trail pictured above is tagged with graffiti about every two meters and new graffiti appears daily. Yes, strange men are loitering constantly; they don’t seem to be exercising or watching nature, and they avert their eyes when I look at them. On occasion after dark, I’ve looked out my window to find one of them staring in from the trees. Of course, there are the homeless campers who leave feces under the bushes and urine under the bridges. There are the dog walkers on the south-side, dirt path who feel they are not required to clean up after their off-leash dogs. Consequently, the trail is lined with turds. About once a month, somebody’s don’t-worry-he’s-friendly off-leash dog jumps up on me. About once a fortnight, frightened, female screams come out of the park after dark, but the one time I was able to track down the source, it was just teenagers pulling a prank. But I worry about the next time.

  5. My house backs to the park. Generally, I have had fewer issues since the bust that started here a while back, there are far fewer strange men hanging out when I go for my weekend walks. I do object to the fact that on occasion I have to walk over used condoms. The city could do better when it comes to all types of clean up. The used condoms are disgusting, but the large groups that hold their parties in the park on the weekends and refuse to clean up are quite annoying. Many times I have picked up balloon pieces which are quite dangerous for toddlers. The sand in the park is littered with trash most of the time. I had to stop a few kids from throwing sand in other kids’ faces and poking them with sticks during one birthday party while the parents of these children were far away enjoying themselves. One little three year old wearing only a diaper yelled “Puta!” at me as I took a stick he had previously used to poke another child out of his hand. Yes, there are problems with strange men but there are also problems with the behaviors of both the parents and the children they bring to the park.

    1. I hear you, but rest assured that used condoms are a hell of a lot bigger danger than popped balloons. Those condoms are full of infectious pathogens! It is indeed disgusting and a public health hazard.

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