Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

The Grrl Fair Collective held their misguided protest this Saturday, May 6, at the Santa Ana Artists Village Art Walk.

The protest was spurred by allegations that an artist in the basement of the Santora building harassed various members of the Grrl Fair Collective when they held an event in the Santora Building on March 12 of this year.

Andy Verostek, an artist at the Santora, has written a post about the allegations by the Grrl Fair collective that an artist at the Santora harassed a number of them at their recent event.  Click here to read his account, which clearly debunks the allegations made by the OC Weeklywhich include irresponsible charges that the artists at the Santora building covered up what happened.

Judging from the video, it does not look like very many folks showed up to support this protest.

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3 thoughts on “Video of Grrl Fair protest at the Santa Ana Artists Village”
  1. Admin, you are my hero. Sorry for calling you a “dirty pervert”. I guess any one can be called that huh? This is not to excuse the inappropriate behavior of that one artist guy. The future is still untold on whether or not he has any interest in accepting shame or guilt. Shamans are elusive, common morality does not apply to them. As for me, I have no guilt! j/k.

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