Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Santa Ana mayoral candidate George Collins is best known in town for one thing – he always brings a video camera along, wherever he goes.  He brought his camera early in September to the Connect to Council Santa Ana Council Candidates Forum.

The footage of the Council candidates was marred by poor sound, which was the fault of the event organizers and the facility, not Collins, but his mayoral candidate footage came out pretty sharp.  You can see it atop this post.

I appreciate Collins’ work in producing this video as it is a great glimpse at our candidates for Mayor of Santa Ana – and there are a bunch of them, including Collins; incumbent Mayor Miguel Pulido; retail manager Miguel Briseno; Minuteman and County Health Care Agency employee Lupe Moreno; and Council Member David Benavides.  Another candidate, retired engineer Roy Alvarado, is not campaigning and was not at this event.

You can watch the rest of Collins’ videos here.

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2 thoughts on “Video footage of Santa Ana’s mayoral candidates at a Sep. forum”
  1. What Benavides and his sycophants mean when they talk of supporting the existing businesses in the downtown is granting them the full liquor licenses that they’re whining for. The Copper Door wants one, the Sparrow place wants one.

    If more full liquor licenses are going to be granted then they need to couple that with shuttles to the hotels or motels along 1st street between Grand and Lyon.

    No one gets this. Certainly not Michelle. Few people talk of including that hotel row with the downtown. That way people stay the night and not run the risks of driving under the influence.

    Santa Ana hotels need to be encouraged to send shuttles to and market to the downtown because the full liquor licenses that Benavides and his sycophants want to extend are going to be a recipe for disaster, no ifs ands or buts about it.

    1. Great point. Ream chased off a lot of the old downtown Mexican bars because of safety concerns and here we are again dealing with the same issue.

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