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Two days, two officer involved shootings in Santa Ana. That might be a record even by our city’s standards!

SAPD police officers were called to the 400 block of Eastwood Ave. today at about 3:10 p.m. after a report of a home burglary at the 400 block of Eastwood Avenue, with multiple suspects, according to the O.C. Register.

The SAPD is not sure exactly what happened but we do know that a police officer eventually fired his gun and he must have been a pretty good shot as two suspects were shot dead. OCFA firefighters confirmed the deaths at the scene.

The police officer was not hurt. Police investigators do not know if the suspects shot at the police officers but one firearm was recovered at the scene.

The police did not reveal the names of the dead suspects, who were both men. Two additional suspects, who were also apparently involved in the burglary, were detained but their identities were also not revealed.

This incident happened next to Frederick Remington Elementary School, in Santa Ana’s Ward 2, which is represented by Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

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13 thoughts on “Two home burglars shot dead and two more detained by the SAPD”
  1. “The police did not reveal the names of the victims ..”

    “Victims” …. really??? They were criminals caught in the act – definitely not “victims.”

  2. “This incident happened next to Frederick Remington Elementary School ..”

    No it didn’t – the school is across Grand Ave. – 2 blocks from the shooting scene,

  3. My workplace is only 100 yards from this shooting scene. I left work at about 5:10 pm – this shooting occurred just minutes after I left.

      1. During the last 2 months gang graffiti of rival gangs in the immediate area has been intense. I am sure the cops have been watching this area closely.

  4. Chief Rojas said that he only has 308 officers..You have to remember that include officers working non-enforcement jobs like homeland security (clerical), computer jobs, etc. Patrol is the most important function of a police department and if properly staffed you don’t need all those “special details”. Too bad the city waited so long until numbers were so low to hire more officers. It takes about a year and a half to hire, trained and send out an officer out to the streets.

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