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SAUSD Shows Off New School Facilities Improvements

Facilities Team Recognized by Board of Education for Their Diligence and Efficiency in Completing Projects

SANTA ANA, CA — September 15, 2011 – Some 56,000 students in the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) returned to new or improved school campuses this new school year as a result of the summer work of SAUSD’s Facilities and Governmental Relations Department. The team ensured that new classroom buildings were completed, campuses were remodeled, blacktops were resurfaced, fencing installed, synthetic turf fields installed, and maintenance tasks checked off in time for students’ return from summer break. As a result, the department’s leaders and workers were recognized by the SAUSD Board of Education this week for improvements made Districtwide.

The work and guidance of the Facilities team built 94 new classrooms, removed 149 portable classrooms and gained 3.2 acres of open space Districtwide, contributing to an improved learning environment and community aesthetics. Notable projects include the following:

Heninger Elementary School has a new two-story, 20-classroom building, new parking lot, fencing and state-of-the art classroom technology.

Santa Ana High School has a renovated promenade on Walnut St., new two-story, 29-classroom building, 32 classrooms modernized, renovated theater, artificial track and synthetic turf, fencing and state-of-the art classroom technology.

Sierra Preparatory Academy boasts a new two-story, 29-classroom building, covered walkways, play fields, fencing, parking lot upgrades, hardcourts and state-of-the art classroom technology.

Spurgeon Intermediate School has a new two-story, 16-classroom building, parking lot upgrades, hardcourts, state-of-the art classroom technology and additional upgrades.

Century High School has a new artificial track and synthetic turf and will open a new two-story, 40-classroom building in December.

“Research shows the well maintained school facilities significantly improves student achievement,” said Joe Dixon, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities. “Thanks to the leadership of the Board and Superintendent, as well as the support of the community, we have been able to improve school facilities Districtwide to benefit all our students.”

The projects were made possible by the Measure G school bond passed by voters in 2008. Coupled with State matching funds, more than $348 million have been allocated for SAUSD projects.

To view a presentation on the Facilities program accomplishments, log onto the Board of Education webpage for 9/13/11 at


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  1. Although SAUSD may have received a face-lift, they are still the worst unified school district on the planet. SAEA needs an overhaul, can someone clean house at SAEA, they cater to SAUSD Admin.

  2. Well, look what took over Santa Ana and what lives there now! I graduated in 1971 and just drove by great looking school, too bad they took away the beauty and the charm, but does that change the “People” in and around the city?? Get real!!

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