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Kianna Jackson

Santa Ana Police Department Advisory: Police Department continues to seek information regarding the disappearance of three women in the Santa Ana area

The Santa Ana Police Department continues to seek information regarding the disappearance of three women in the Santa Ana area since August 13th. These three women – Kianna Jackson, Josephine Vargas, and Martha Anaya- all went missing during this period and two of them (Vargas and Anaya) were known to frequent the area of 1st Street, between Grand Avenue and the 55 Freeway. Jackson arrived in Orange County via bus at the Santa Ana terminal; however, she immediately checked into a motel in Costa Mesa, but then disappeared several days later. At this time, detectives cannot connect Jackson to the East 1st Street area.

The East 1st street area is well-known to area residents and the Santa Ana Police Department as a haven for drug and prostitution activity. While these women were not directly associated with one another, their similar backgrounds are cause for concern and may indicate the disappearances are related. A fourth woman, Andrea Nichole Palma-Thomas, had also been reported missing and initially thought to be connected to these cases. However, Palma-Thomas was located in Anaheim Hills on December 17th. Palma-Thomas was taken into custody for outstanding warrants by detectives. She reported that she knew she was missing but did not want to be found. Detectives have now ruled out any connection between Palma-Thomas and the three women who have yet to be found.

The Santa Ana Police Department has opened investigations into the circumstances of each woman’s disappearance. All three women have been entered into state and nationwide missing persons databases and the department is making a concerted effort to determine the cause of their disappearance. There is no definitive evidence which has been located to date to indicate these women were abducted or were victims of foul play, however detectives have not ruled that out. Each of the three missing persons cases will be given an attentive, diligent, and responsive investigation.

Anyone with information related to the disappearances of Kianna Jackson, Josephine Vargas, Martha Anaya, is encouraged to contact the Santa Ana Police Department at 714-245-8393 (Investigative Specialist Debbie Velarde-Reyes) or OC Crimestoppers at 855-847-6227

For full details, view this message on the web.

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