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Did you know that the awful Santa Ana City Council is asking you to give them a huge raise via a measure on the November Primary Election ballot? It is hard to believe that our part-time Council Members, who have done nothing while crime has soared out of control in our city, think we are so stupid that we will vote to give them an ill-deserved raise.

Here is the official Argument Against Measure PP that was written by Steven Nguyen (a resident who is an O.C. employee/college student, a member of the OC GOP Central Committee and a candidate for the RSCCD College Board), Mike Tardif (a resident and local business owner) and Thomas Gordon (an elected member of the OC GOP Central Committee, resident and employee of the LAUSD):

When was the last time you received a 700% raise in your pay?

Santa Ana City Council is a part time political job with full time pay, benefits and a car allowance in that most Councilmembers take home nearly $12,000 more in compensation than the average per capita income in the City of Santa Ana.

Not only that, but the City Council politicians get paid from numerous non-elected boards that they appoint themselves to:

  • Orange County Fire Authority
  • Orange County Sanitation District
  • Orange County Transportation Authority
  • Orange County Vector Control District
  • Orange County Water District
  • Transportation Corridor Agency
  • Southern California Association of Governments

It’s unfortunate that the City Council’s politicians choose to put their own best interests before those of the Santa Ana residents they took an oath to serve, when our city has:

  • Too few parks
  • Crumbling streets and sidewalks
  • Near-nightly shootings add to an out of control crime rate

“There has been more than one shooting per day in Santa Ana in 2016.” – CBS 2 News

Why is the City Council trying to enrich itself when Santa Ana is being featured on CBS 2 News for our violent crime?

According to data from the Orange County Register, violent crime in Santa Ana increased faster than in 29 other Orange County cities last year!

A 2015 study by a Duke University professor and a Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill concluded that paying politicians more doesn’t improve results, stating that “representation of the working class is the same or worse in areas that pay legislators higher salaries.”

Serving on Santa Ana City Council should be considered an honor, not a financially lucrative payday for politicians.

We urge you to vote No on Measure PP!

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4 thoughts on “The Santa Ana City Council’s Measure PP will give them a 700% pay raise!”
  1. The same city council folks who want a raise cant even meet their obligations. How are they suppose to get a raise? They have failed to meet for various committee/board meetings. When is the last time the council members meet for a public safety committee meeting? I as a long time resident & have been trying to attend a public safety committee meeting since March 2016, come to find out the meetings have been cancelled month after month (March, May, July). I encourage you all to attend the public safety meeting in September to voice your concerns in regards to all the shootings & gang violence. Hopefully these same council folks asking for a raise can finally meet and face the problems we are having in our community!

  2. These idiots have no respect!!!!!!!!!! Their fault they paid Cavazos all that money in salary and bonuses. They allowed the SAPD to go down from 400 officers to about 280. Many of them have left or are leaving to Anaheim PD or OCDA’s Office. Not all is about money but about Chief Rojas and the stupid decisions of these council parasites.

    1. as of today the budget for FY2017 is $12,400.00 annual cost. If this measure passes, the cost will raise up to $72,600.00 a year, in total the Salary cost will be $84,000.00 a year.
      That cost comes close to the TOTAL cost for our Personnel budget, which is $76,600.00.

      please do not let this measure pass!! There are other ways we can raise the pay wage but not at unacceptable increase that the city did not budget for

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