Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

The Garden Grove Police Department got a tip about a suspect who was selling narcotics in their city.

Garden Grove Community Impact Unit (CIU) officers initiated an investigation and over the weekend, the suspect was seen leaving his residence. A vehicle was stopped and a search was conducted.

With the assistance of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU), a search warrant was then served on his house.

The SIU officers found 1,078 grams of cocaine hydrochloride, 309 grams of cocaine base, 66 MDMA pills, $4,670 in cash and evidence indicative of a cocaine conversion lab was also located and seized.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and booked.

The suspect was not identified by the Garden Grove Police.

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2 thoughts on “The Garden Grove Police made a big drug bust”
    1. Many of our residents work in that city or have relatives there. Soon you will be able to take the new OC Streetcar from DTSA to Garden Grove.

      BTW this is our top post today.

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