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Marroquin gang

Have you seen the Solorio Turned his Back on Us billboard?  You know the one with that fellow with a heavy beard?  Well it turns out the entire campaign is a complete fraud.  The people featured on the Solorio Turned his Back on Us campaign are all part of an extended family – of a young lady named Maribel Marroquin.  And she is the Latino Engagement Coordinator at the Lincoln Club of Orange County, a conservative business organization that generally supports Republicans, not Democrats.

Pictured on the website are:

  • Jose Marroquin, who is Maribel’s dad (the guy in the beard) – he used a different name on the website, Jose Bejar
  • Jazzlyn Lozano is Maribel’s sister in law and the guy next to her is Jose Marroquin, Jr.
  • Loreline Marroquin is Maribel’s sister
  • Dirissy Doan is the Community Affairs Administrator for the Orange County Association of Realtors.  She is heavily involved in OC Republican politics.
  • Alyssa Foster’s Facebook Page says she is a member of the California Republican Assembly.  She is another GOP operative.
  • I could not find ANY information about the fellows named Tuong Ngo, Tam To and Luu Vo or the lady named Diem Pham. Jannies I am sure but really obscure ones – perhaps they are among the 60 unemployed people who have donated campaign contributions to Janet Nguyen?
  • Scott Weimer has been the head of the Garden Grove Business Association for years and he was at Janet Nguyen’s election night party in 2007, according to the LA Times

It's a Jannie cookout with Maribel Marroquin!

 It’s a Jannie cookout with Maribel Marroquin!

These are not random residents of the 34th State Senate District that Republican candidate Janet Nguyen and Democratic candidate Jose Solorio are running for.  These are GOP hacks and Jannies and their entire scheme is a fraud.

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43 thoughts on “Solorio didn’t turn his back on them – they’re GOP hacks and Jannies!”
  1. Imagine that ……. a political campaign that stretches the truth – I am shocked!!! (not)

  2. José was a horrible council member. He did nothing for Santa Ana. All he did was angle himself for his next move. Eventually, Jose will have to get a real job and earn a living instead of having his wife entirely support his family. Janet is no better. It’s a tough choice between the two.

      1. Solorio is not an honest man – not when he promotes himself as a veteran and saying that he supports Prop 13. Jose is a liar.

        1. Those are your words not his.

          Don’t forget that Janet tried to take over the Black Friday event in Little Saigon a few years ago.

        2. Jose has never said that he is a Veteran…He has however been a great advocate for our Veterans.

          Exactly what does Janet support Mike? Oh wait I forgot, she supports the enrichment of her friends, family, campaign donors and especially herself with taxpayer money.

          Glad to see you support the most corrupt member of the OC Board of Supes.

    1. Never mind Jose and Linn, what about Janet’s useless husband Tom Bonikowski? Did that doofus ever land another job after his last employer canned him?

    1. Janet Nguyen won’t be able to do anything if she ends up in Sacramento. She’ll be assigned a tiny office and any bill she writes will be vetoed by Gov. Brown.

  3. Did you hear Governor Browns ad for Jose, If only he pronounced his name correctly!

    I am NO Janet fan, but I can’t get over Solorio and his RSCCD post, he absolutely put his future in front of lower middle class students. THAT SUCKS.

  4. Solorio’s own words –
    “With our strong grounding in the Senate district, we didn’t have another Democrat running against us in the primary. Meanwhile, on the Republican side, there were two candidates running against each other. We decided to run a modest “Vote for Vets” campaign supporting Prop. 41 with a ballot measure committee I have, and preserved our Solorio for Senate committee dollars.”

    Sacramento Bee –
    Jun 2, 2014 – “Vote for Vets,” reads one of the Solorio-funded signs, with “Jose Solorio” in equally large type.”

    Solorio promoted himself at the expense of veterans.

    1. At the expense of Vets? How so? The measure was in support of Vets.

      Janet on the other hand has publicly funds friends and family at the expense of all of us including Vets.

      1. From the Sac Bee – “Vote for Vets,” reads one of the Solorio-funded signs, with “Jose Solorio” in equally large type.”

        He could have promoted support for Prop 41 without promoting himself – but he didn’t do that – that’s how.

  5. That is crap – he was promoting himself – Prop 41 did not need any help. There was no organized opposition to Prop 41 and everyone knew it was going to pass overwhelmingly.

  6. I can’t help but chuckle when I see folks that lose their minds over a property swap involving Mayor Pulido now cheerleading for Janet Nguyen.

    What would they say if Miguel got his brother a taxpayer funded job that paid him $73,000 a year while only working 13 hours a week? Janet did just that and not a peep from them.

  7. Editor – Have you seen the anti-Solorio tv ad that connects him with some crazy-ass blogger? That’s YOU!

    1. LOL. My reporting about Janet’s husband’s filthy restaurant got him fired from a job in food safety. She’s still pissed about that. I’m guessing she’s been supporting his lazy butt ever since.

  8. Janet and Linn both married lasy men that refuse to work. The big difference here is that one of their spouses wants to be our senator: Jose Solorio. Does anyone know where Jose works?

      1. le me rephrase
        Anyone that works and supports Janet Nguyen should know that Solorio will turn his back on them.


  9. So, I ask again. How does Jose earn his salary or compensation? Does he work at all? Or is he like Jordan Brandman, who lives off what taxpayer money Tom Daley will give him?

  10. Then Jose sounds no more honest than Jordan Brandman. Both parasites. Janet’s hubsnd is likely equally shifty and lazy, but he’s not running for office.

  11. Jose and two college kids were walking our neighborhood recently. He was going door to door down the street and I was doing yard work out front. I fly a large American flag in front of our house and was wearing a large cowboy type hat as I was working in the yard. One of the college kids he was with started to stop and talk with me, but Jose looked at me, at my house, at my flag and motioned the student to just keep walking and not engage. I found it humorous at the time, but in reality it tells me everything I need to know about the man who wants to represent our community in the Senate. He will not be receiving my vote.

    1. Yup – Solorio turned his back on you – we cannot expect much “reaching across the aisle” from him.

          1. Listen Mike your Facebook page makes it very obvious that you NEVER would have voted for the Democratic candidate so don’t be coy. BTW Solorio has a list of voters that shows what their registration is. So they can target Democrats. Why would they waste their time on Republicans?

          2. As a matter of fact I have voted for Lou Correa the last two elections. Lou is a stand up guy who will have a conversation with you and did his best to represent his district to the best of his ability. The problem with you guys is that if I disagree with one of you for sound reasons then I must automatically be a “Hack”. That is a major problem, and I believe a real reason that this state and this country don’t make much progress. It is much easier to dismiss a different idea for being crazy, then engage that idea and see if there is some mutual ground to be had.

          3. If you’re supporting Janet despite her longtime record of corruption then there is no common ground to be had.

            And I called you a hack based on what I saw on your Facebook page.

            I’m a Libertarian so I have no inclination toward the red and blue parties. I vote for the individual and while Solorio is a bit liberal he’s better than Janet who tried to stick a homeless shelter in a poor Latino neighborhood without their input and then refused to meet with them.

        1. So based upon my interaction with Jose, I am left to conclude that Jose is no Lou Correa, and that Janet will get my vote.

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